Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Going to the movies again, with my friends

Today, March 6th, 2013 I met up with 2 of my girlfriends/mom friends from yochien. We went to the movies last week, but we wanted to go again before the kids all go on break. We went to see, Flight with Denzel Washington, this morning. It was a really good movie. We went to the first showing of the day. Started at 10:10am. It was ladies day today, so it was just 1000 yen for each of our tickets. After the movie they had to go to observation day for the "last class type" observation day. Remember their 4 dear daughters, they each have 2 each, anyway their daughters attend the small city nearest where we live.... elementary school, same small city Noah used to go to yochien in. Where as our town had observation day last Friday, their observation day was today. The movie let out around noon. And so we didn't really have time for a nice leisurely lunch but we still wanted to chit chat too though, so we went and had a coffee and a donut at Mister Donut after the movie.
It was a wonderful chat with my friends. Both of my friends are each going with their families on a "graduation trip" since each of them has a graduating 6th grader this year. They are both going to Okinawa. They are not going on the same dates of course. But yeah, how truly very exciting to have such a fun family trip and it sounds like a special trip for both of their families and graduating daughters especially. We 3 also picked some donuts to take home. I brought these home for Noboru and Branden and Noah. And we had these for dessert tonight after we finished our roasted chicken leg quarters with the yakitori glaze/brushing, some rice and veggie. Anyway, that's what I was up to today in our neck of the woods. Just hanging out with my friends. Enjoying the Spring like weather. It was so beautiful, weatherwise today. : )