Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Easter goodies, huge Gap Spring/Summer order for the boys. And Garnier Fructis Pure Clean shampoo and other various things brought back from Guam

There is so much going on at the moment regarding the PTA at the local school. Keep in mind Branden will be the new 6th grader starting from April, so us "soon to be 6th grade mom's" need to take lead shortly. Also, in Japan, each street/block has a block leader if you will, the block/street kaicho. And well that's us this year. And we're also the Vice president of the whole housing community starting from April also, so I am also the fuku-kaicho this year for the entire housing community also starting in April. @_@  Yep. So there are so many behind the curtain type things happening here. And so from April 1st many of us are gearing up for our new roles. So, I'll post all about that sometime this week. I know I'm a little behind on my posts. But at least you have a sneak peek/idea of what's been up here at our house. : ) Also this is both Branden and Noah's last week of school, they go on break this coming Friday. Plus today is the 6th graders graduation so the entire school let out at 11:30am today, so I am hoping against hope I can get this post up today. Noah also swims tonight. Also tomorrow is no school for our school. Anyway this is what I brought back. Not so much. But a good amount.
Bacon, the big packs from Cost u Less. These are 3 packs per box so 9 packs total. A good amount. So I feel sort of comfortable for the "weekend breakfasts" that our family looks forward. : )
Family size/party size lasagna, sitting nicely in the freezer. Kraft singles for grilled cheese for lunches since the boys will be on break soon. Huge hunks of Colby/Jack for Mexican foods and whatnot. Yumm. We are cheese freaks, I tell you. : ) Pepperoni for pizza and also 1 pack of  hot dogs.
Turkey pan for upcoming turkey Easter dinner.
Front porch light replacements. One of our front porch lights, looks like brand new and the other ones finish is looking a tad spotty, so Noboru wants to just replace them both. Bought at Home Depot.
Giant box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. We still have over half of the box we bought a few weeks back also.
Since spring is almost here, 1 giant Country Time lemonade to start drinking like it's Spring and Summer. ; ) Garlic salt. Bread crumbs for butterfly American style shrimp/ Sorry but after seeing so many Red Lobster fried shrimp commercials, I need to make some. : ) And Miracle Whip for sammy's/sandwiches. : )
Again the boys will be on break. Mac and cheese, ravioli. And we needed some parmesan cheese.
Enchiladas enough for 4 times, 2 green and 2 red. Beans for tostadas or pork green chili and beans. And I also use them in my chili con carne/Texas style chili.
Guacamole dip season is about here for our family. And buffalo wings since I bought so many wings on sale for 500 yen lol.
They had so many character eggs, I had the boys pick their own. Noah picked Spiderman and Branden picked Angry Birds. They have candy and stickers inside.
Easter treats. You know, every year I buy way too many treats. To the point of, should we throw some away? Give some away? I always give some to my neighbors. However this year, I kept that in mind and I tried to just buy what both Branden and Noah would eat. Not be wasteful. And they also each have a big Easter bunny in foil and some cute lady bugs chocolates as well. I'll put up on another post. But for this pic, they have Easter Almond Joy, Easter M&M's Easter Reese's Pieces. Angry Birds and Easter Spiderman eggs. Marhsmallow eggs (I want to eat a couple of these) and Easter gum and jelly beans and whatnots. So not too shabby. : )
Extra toothpaste. I love the cinnamon kick in the mornings. 1 deodorant for me, same scent as always. Deodorant for Noboru. Antacids for any adult needing one. And Angry Birds toothbrushes. the boys love them so much since we bought some 3 weeks ago, we bought another pack. The packs were $1.59 each, or something like that.  Which is pretty cheap considering there is 3 in the pack. And they have the suction cups so they stand.
I also had White Day on my mind and decided to make White Day baking super simple this year. It would be cupcakes for all the girls this year.
Noboru bought some jeans from Ross. A good brand for only $16.99.
About time Guam started carrying the Gain dish soap. Love this stuff.
Toilet deodorizers these make toilets smell so good but are so strong they need to be wrapped in a bag plus a ziplock bag also.
6 total, so a 3 month supply for the downstairs and a 3 month supply for the upstairs toilet too.
Sleek cream, knock off of the Matrix stuff. Not sure if I'll like it, but we'll see.
My main #1 shampoo and conditioners that I have always went back to since I was in high school. And even before that. I recall being a little girl even and my mom would buy the Pantene and it had the fancy gold caps, lol. So, yeah Pantene is my fall back shampoo brand.... always because it works so well for my hair. But, with American TV, I see the Garnier Fructis commercials all the time. Like the shampoo commercials and styling product commercials both. This time, we just happened to be walking up the shampoo aisles. Guam's Kmart has 2 shampoo/conditioner aisles. The selection is huge. They also have tons of styling stuff too. So, anyway we keep seeing the Garnier bright green products on TV. And we were walking right past them and I said to the boys. You know, we see the commercials all the time let's smell them. They had sleek and shine. Long and something. A whole bunch of varieties. But this one smelled the best. The Pure Clean. Like fresh green apples. Way way better then Suaves green apple shampoo. This smells like OMG! And Noboru is a guys guy he really doesn't care what sort of shampoo we use, as long as it lathers. Hahaha. But we had him smell this and he seriously went....ohhh ohhh. we all thought this smells freaking fantastic. They had a normal sized bottle and a huge bottle. Like family sized bottle. And we went with the huge bottle.
This has a pic of an earth with a tree on top. No silicone. No Paraben. No Dye. And like it says, no weigh down.
10x strong, 4x healthier and so much shinier. And I have to say one more time, the way this smells. OMG! I even went to their website and there are women commenting under this shampoo and everyone is commenting how freaking good this smells. It seriously does. One girl even said, this is the best shampoo she has ever smelled in her life. : )  If I hadn't smelled it. I might not have "got that" but it really smells amazing. Oh and, Branden switched seats this week. At our Shogakko they switch seats twice during the semester. Anyway, Branden was sitting next to a boy named Daisuke. And Branden is now sitting next to the Jinbei boy from this week and will also be in effect also starting from April also. Anyway, Daisuke said to the entire class. I'm sad to change seats because Branden always smells so good. @_@ Branden came home yesterday and told me that. He was a little embarrassed the person he sits next to said that about him. Also, it didn't help that a few of the girls chimed in and said yes Branden always smells good ne~ @_@  I told Branden not to be too embarrassed that it's probably his shampoo or detergent or soap or something he smells on Branden. @_@ Noboru thinks it's the shampoo. Yep we discussed this at dinner last night. How did we end the conversation, I told both Branden and Noah, smelling good is much better then smelling bad. So good sign...good sign. : ) Anyway you guys this shampoo smells freaking amazing. And fwiw, if my memory serves me one of the boys have got that comment from a classmate before too. @_@ Oh well. : ) No worries, good thing to hear from a classmate, I suppose. : )
Gap/ON stuff.
8 slim for my little toothpick, this upcoming Summer. Sorry Noah. : )
Green cargo shorts. 12 regular, 8 slim.
Gap sweatshirts. Size 12 and size 8. For when it gets chilly. Should last a year or year and a half.
The color of the sweatshirts said "happy green."
Yellow Gap sweatshirt for Noah. Size 8.
2 Gray sweatshirts, the hoods on these are cool.
Noah wanted yellow and orange and Branden wanted that pretty blue and green color.
These preppy Gap sweatshirts have cool plaid hoods. Size 8 and size 12.
Yellow and orange undies for Noah size 8. On sale these undies. For $7 a pack. Something like that. The deal on these were awesome. Sales long over now though.
Really cute undies.
Branden also got a nice pair of khaki cargo shorts from Old Navy.
Again everything was bought using a 30% off coupon for everything. These shirts were very cool. This one is Noah's.
Noah with the orange camera and other cameras. And Branden's with the sunglasses and surfboard. Sort of like optical illusion shirts. Fun shirts.  
For Branden.
Branden's 3 new Gap sweatshirts size 12. Gray with preppy plaid hood. Happy green and preppy blue stripes. All washed and hanging in his closet.
Noah's size 8 sweatshirts. His size 6-7 are all getting too short in the arm length and waist length. So he is a normal height (granted he's certainly not the tallest or 3rd tallest of the class but he is normal height for a 7 year old) he's just not a normal weight at all.: (  But Noah's preppy Gap gray sweatshirt with plaid hood, happy green and bright yellow rubber ducky colored one.
Noah's new swim wear. Cool preppy swim trunks and super cool rash guard. Size 8.
Regularly $19.95. I bought it on a sale day for $11.97 plus with 30% off for the rash guard. The trunks were also on sale plus with the 30% off. Noah's undies up above were on sale for $8US and with the coupon were closer to $7.
Every sweatshirt was closer to $22 US versus the $32 price. Again, I wait for the sales so I can buy way more. That is one thing I am really smart about.  If it's not on sale or the 30% off, I really will hold off. When I bought this big order Old Navy was 30% off and Gap was 30% off also. Sometimes 1 of them is 15% off and 1 is 30% off. But when I see both stores on sale 30% off is when I'll make my bigger purchases.
PJ bottoms. Preppy rugby stripes. These were on sale the day I bought them, same like the rashguard was.... plus the 30% off.
Again with the 30% off. Gap had great sales for the pj's. Branden got this pj top. "Look into my eyes you are getting sleepy". My dad used to always say that to me in joking when it was time for bed.  So a cute pair for Branden.
And Branden's bottoms to go with his hypnotizing sleep T.
Noah's pj set is hilarious. Surf monkey wearing a bright orange hat.
And the matching rugby shorts. I did let each boy pick what pj's they wanted. And they can pick the same if they choose. But Noah wanted surfer monkey with orange floppy hat. And Branden wanted the funny hypnotizing pair with rugby shorts.
I got a huge order done and out of the way for the Spring/Summer. And the sweatshirts are perfect because it's still chilly in the mornings still. Or if we head to the movies. Or ykwim. Plus will be perfect for Fall too. So will come in handy. And the Summer pj's. And Noah's swimwear. Green shorts for both Branden and Noah and Branden's tan cargo shorts. So am I done 100%? No, but a jump in the right direction so far at least. : )  Anyway, that's what we brought back in a nut shell. Gah, I just glanced down and I realize I brought back some meds and some magazines but I didn't add them in here. Gah! @_@ And if I do it after the fact the pics don't align right. So, I'll throw them in another post. Nothing hugely important. I am rarely ill or sick. However my nose was runny the 2 days before I left to Guam and so I bought some meds. However when I got back to Japan, I am totally 100% fine. Go figure. Not a runny nose or watery eye in sight. Oh well, at least I can put the meds in my hall closet upstairs. : )  Anyway, Branden, Noah and Genki are out front playing soccer right now as I type. And at 3:30pm I will be cruising to the swim school.