Saturday, March 02, 2013

Costco Kawasaki and Joyful Honda Inzai/Chiba New Town

Monday, February 25th, 2013 after a nice leisurely breakfast at our hotel in Hakone, we started the drive back to Chiba. A definite bit of a drive, but we had nowhere we "had" to be that day. And it was a nice leisurely/slow drive back. Along the way, we stopped at Costco Kawasaki. We had never been to that particular Costco before. But since we were in that area and heck, you know how we live way way far off ,from any Costco's. Hahaha. This was our chance! Perfect opportunity. So we parked our minivan and went inside.
It was a very nice Costco. And now I can fairly say I have been to 3 of the Costco's in the Kanto area. : )  We shopped quickly and went and checked out and once again were heading towards the general direction of home. However we had 1 more pit stop to make also, Joyful Honda.
We brought home Monday nights dinner. : )
Salsa and chips.
Tiramisu, big hunk of cheese, pasta sauce and dinner rolls.
And 1 turkey.
An affordable turkey, great price and the turkey's currently in the freezer right now. : )
From Joyful Honda in Inzai/Chiba New Town we picked up 2 bags of chicken leg quarters for baking and brushing with yakitori sauce for an easy meal sometime in the week. Yumm. And fries since they're cheap for a quick lunch, like grilled cheese and fries over a weekend. And pasta and cheese/ because it's cheap there. That's it. We headed home. We were happy to be home. We unloaded the car with our overnight bags from Hakone. And our small amount of groceries. And we all unwinded and I whacked the pizza in the oven to rewarm it. So that was this past Monday. Very low key, just making our way home from Hakone, driving back home and the 2 pit stops along the way. : )