Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine's Day

Sorry, as usual I am about 4 posts behind. hahaha. : ) Anyway, I did want to talk about Valentine's just a teeny tiny bit. Noboru asked me in January what I would like for Valentine's day. I told him, I'd like 1 book, 1 DVD and maybe a small box of chocolates or maybe a camera case. He said, get the chocolates *and* the camera case, I'll get you those no problem. He said just throw what you want into the Amazon cart and he'll take care of the rest. Bless this man! Such an awesome husband! So totally thoughtful always. And no, I don't mind in the least picking out what I'd like for Valentine's day. It saves my husband having to rack his brain. And plus he's not a psychic. I know some households might want the element of surprise and that's fine, if that's how you do it, but that's not how we roll here at our house. So, I don't mind throwing what I'd like in the cart at all. Not at all. I often do the same in return because that way no disappointments for V-day, birthdays or the like. I also kept what I would pick to about 5,000 yen to 6,000 yen most. The book and DVD, came from They were both what I had been wanting and they were both affordable. The chocolates, we both threw into the cart while we were shopping together one afternoon. He said, "oh I know you love these.", I said, "I do, I do." And they were only about 450 yen. So, again, something I really liked and loved without it costing an arm and a leg. And the book and DVD got here fairly fast. And we did order those in January. So, smart to order ahead of time. I was not disappointed come Valentine's day. : )
I found my camera case from
My old camera case was orange cost only about 800 yen and I liked it a lot but I used it to death. And I really mean pieces of the orange color material had ripped off and it looked horrible. So I needed a new one. I fell in love with this one. It's so cool. It's in a lovely caramel/camel color and it was only 1,600 yen. About $17 US. The comments on said it looks so much pricier then it really is. And I agree. It really is gorgeous in real life. I did show Noboru online and asked him what he thought. He said, he loved it so much if he had a camera he'd pick this case too! : ) So, I know I made the right choice. Also, it must be a gray day when I took this picture because it's lighter and prettier then this color. It is the color of the pic down below.
A close up. The strap is nice and long and has 3 adjustments. I was actually worried the strap would be too short and like strangle me type short. But it is actually really long and can be shortened. I am so happy with the length of this strap. I used this Friday on my trip to Guam. I had a flight attendant and the waitress at Denny's mention how cute my camera case was. So 2 compliments on the case and I have only used it since last Friday. And again it was nice and affordable. And I love it. And I also like that I can walk hands free and still carry my camera with me. Okay, okay, I'll cool it about my camera case already! : ) But, I do like it. I like it a lot. Probably one of the coolest things to have received for Valentine's day.
And inside my chocolate box was this heart. Don't laugh at me or anything, but I am so lucky to be married to my best friend in the whole world.
Branden brought home these Valentine' day treats from 2 girls from elementary school. The one on the left is from M-chan (best 5th grade swimmer girl) and the one on the right are from A-chan, the prettiest girl and most popular girl in the 5th grade class. @_@ Hahaha.
They both went very detailed this year. with heart dangle as part of their tie and the whole shebang. Oh dear, now I better start to think about White Day. Hahaha. : )
A-chan went all out with her homemade choco lollipops. And chocolate dipped heart marshmallow. And she only gave treats to 2 boys. Branden being 1 of the 2.
They also brought home a V-day surprise from yet another at Kumon. Gah! yeah, I better start thinking, White day. @_@
I bought Branden and Noah these. One Piece V-day chocolates. I had bought these end of January as soon as they started displaying V-day stuff is when I jumped on these.
Again nothing hugely expensive or fancy. I just spent 120 yen each however they loved getting these from me. And they had pirate loot inside to boot! : ) I will never forget my 2 boys on Valentine' day. Even if it's something small like how I did on Setsubun by buying those oni cream pans. : )
And no, I didn't forget Noboru. I bought him a special box of chocolates. And I also made him a pan of brownies.  He loved the brownies and he loved the chocolates. : ) Plus we're going to our special Valentine's family get away this coming week, all 4 of us. And we'll be soaking in that chocolate bath. And the other baths too. And get to stay the night at the hotel and just enjoy ourselves as a family. Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed Valentine's day with your loved ones. : )