Monday, February 11, 2013

Three day weekend. Backyard bbq

This weekend we just finished up having, it was a 3 day weekend. Yesterday/Monday the boys didn't have school or Kumon, so that was really nice. Branden and Noah played outside all day with their friends. They played with the "boy next door" and his 4th grade brother and also they played with Genki-kun too. They also played all day Saturday also. But on Saturday they played with 2 boys from Branden's class and they both have names that start with T. So, Saturday Branden and Noah played with 2 fifth grade boys named T. And they also played with the "boy next door" and his little brother Saturday too. The weather has been quite bitterly cold,  but both Branden and Noah wear sweatshirts and stuff and with all that running and play they do, they manage to keep warm.  How was our 3 day weekend? Really nice, very relaxing and restful. I made sure the house was finished and cleaned Friday. I did make last minute trips to the bakery to get bread and what not for the weekend and breakfast stuff. We were weekend ready. hahaha. : ) Every evening we had dinner together and watched TV or movies. But the day time, the boys were outside running and playing, "hide and go seek" football, and also soccer. They were zip zapping all over the block/street this weekend. : ) Anyway yesterday/Monday we decided to BBQ. Because we had nowhere we "had" to be, no running to Kumon or anything. And it was a perfect way to end the 3 day weekend.  We had beef marinating all day, chicken breast and mushrooms. We kept it very simple.
Noboru started the fire around 4:45pm, we know all the kids go home at 5pm. And when the bell rang, we heard kids all saying..."bye." See you" or  "see you tomorrow" you know that type of thing. What are the boys doing way at the back left corner of this picture? Picking up the bark. When they play in the backyard and front yard and zip back and forth all day long they sometimes kick out some bark from the jungle gym area. And so they are putting it back. : )
Ready to eat, it was around 5:30pm-ish right then. And it was by now... feeling pretty freezing cold outside.
We just ate and enjoyed dinner. Dinner clean up was easy since we cooked outside, no stove to wash and wipe down or frying pans to clean. : ) Hahaha, ykwim. And that was it basically. Every one took a turn to shower and bath. And then we watched TV last night and then went to sleep.  So good part of this week so far? It's only a 4 day week now. lol. : )
What else. You know what's good about going to observation day. Okay, well besides the getting to watch your kids. It's the perfect time to see what my kids need to be refilled, switched or need a new replacing. For example Noah told me 2 weeks before that he needed a new white hose (for lack of better word) for his pianica. Well, on observation day, I actually peeked at his pianica and okay, he could use a new hose/replacement part. So, I went to my local drugstore and bought him said  new hose for a couple hundred yen. Also, Branden has been telling me that everyone has been getting new seat covers all this past year. Fair enough. So, when I went to observation day. Hmm, seems he's right. And I noticed Branden's rubber piece that holds onto his seat was all stretched out etc. Frankly I thought Branden could be the only one still using his seat cover since the ichinensei. Everyone else's looked like it's been replaced within the last 5 years. So again, fair enough.  I could see first hand. made a mental note and remembered. I also noticed a lot of his classmates gym bags looked newer. Branden has been using his same one ,since first grade. So for 5 years. Anyway, long story short. I went online and bought this handmade Mario 3D backpack gym bag for Branden.
It said it's bigger then usual size. I thought that's perfect. A little bigger then usual, gym bag is always nice. Nice and roomy for gym clothes.
Much bigger/wider then his last one. So, I washed it and hung it to dry. He's using his new Mario gym bag starting today.
Seat cover. I was hoping to find a cool one. And lucky for me, I did.
Kids in Japan who are in the know, know these mushroom characters. It's apparently an app. You know in the US, we have Angry Birds. Here in Japan, this mushroom character is big/popular. Everyone at our school is gaga for these. A lot of the kids in Branden's class are collecting the straps for these. Meanwhile in Noah's class the kids have these mushroom stickers. @_@  Granted when I saw this character, I thought, "they look like worms" @_@ lol. Alright alright, I'm clearly not in the know. : ) But, the fact is, kids love these here in Japan. Branden plays this game. And even Noah's collecting the stickers right now along with his classmates. @_@  And like it or not, right or wrong. Kids do want to follow the same trends as their classmates. So, I saw this and I showed Branden, since we were looking for a seat cover anyway. I said Branden, you can have a Pokemon seat cover, I named off a few other characters that were being sold. And then I said or they also have 1 of those wormy weird mushroom character seat covers. Branden said, "let em see" so I showed him the pic online. He wanted it so badly. So, that's what Branden ended up with. He took this seat cover last Friday. Branden said his classmates flipped, (they loved it), when they saw his seat cover. And I thought, awww I tried my best kiddo. So that made me happy, I could find this for him. : )
The lady who made the seat cover also gave a free gift. A free face mask. Handmade also. So when/if he gets sick he can wear this. Branden says he can share his face mask with Noah, so if one of them gets sick now, they can now use this one. Hahaha. : )
Anyway that was our weekend in a nutshell. And the little story on the replacing of Branden's seat cover and his gym bag. : )