Monday, February 04, 2013

Oniwa~ soto! Fukuwa~ uchi! Setsubun 2013

February 3rd/yesterday was Setsubun! I've been blogging about that every year for years, so my older posts are on here explaining what it is so I won't go into detail about it today. Here's one from Setsubun 2009  Also, I thought that because Noah was now in elementary school, there'd be no more celebrating Setsubun, school wise like how they did in elementary school. Ykwim. Sure we could celebrate at home but I'm talking about celebrating at the school. Ykwim. So, imagine how pleasantly surprised I was when all the first graders came running down the hill Friday after school. All wearing these oni masks! Us mom's that were waiting were all pleasantly surprised. I thought, how cool! Anyway these 2 pics here were taken yesterday February 3rd. I didn't get around to posting it yesterday because Noah ran a marathon yesterday hahaha. Post coming for that one soon. : ) So these pics were from actual Setsubun day after the marathon. : )
Noah, Setsubun 2013. I know you're 7 years young kiddo. But you are going to be my baby forever. And I think for most of us mom's especially for our last kids, you'll get/understand what I mean.
My closest bakery (not in our town) always sells these cream pans. And makes oni ones around Setsubun/ I went and bought these Friday afternoon to surprise both Branden and Noah with them. I didn't know about the masks they'd be bringing home of course. But, I thought, you know Setsubun is coming and I think I should buy them something special, even if it's just a 100 yen cream pan. At least they'll know I was thinking about them. They did love them! : )
Some Setsubun pics from the past. that always give me a smile when I see them. Noah age 3. February 2009.
Setsubun 2011.
And this one was just taken 12 months ago! This was taken February 2012!
And this is Branden's 2008 Setsubun pic!