Friday, February 08, 2013

Lunch date. Yoyo Market. Turkey dinner. Family board game night. The Super Bowl, what a game, what a half time! And American Idol, Hollywood Week

As usual, so much to say and stories to share. But so little time to get online and actually say them. Hahaha. : ) But, I'll try my best right now. Everything on this particular post either happened this week or happened last week. Last Thursday, Noboru and I went on an afternoon lunch date, just the two of us. We went to our favorite Indian restaurants and had a curry set, with salad,, naan and chicken. I had the kabocha curry as usual. ; ) This was so good. This week, when we went on our weekly date, we went and had ramen.
Yoyo Market was mentioned to me in one of the posts down below. I think it was in the Gap post. Anyway, I did look over their website and I liked what I saw and I wanted to give it a shot ordering from them. Especially considering the good review, I got in my comments section about them. What did we think of Yoyo Market?  They totally rock! Would I order from them again in the future? You betcha! I also like their shipping prices much better then Flying Pig. I also love how their website is all in English. I also felt their website was easy to navigate too. 
Noboru's credit card was used so the order came to him, in his name. Which is why the note starts off with "Dear Noboru." But they took the time and wrote him this hand written note. Saying they were very thankful he ordered from them and they hoped he would enjoy the turkey and provolone. This little personal touch, completely won me over. To me that little extra bit of care really got me. In a busy world, when Old Navy and Gap is known to have robots do their packaging for their orders (and if you caught 20/20 last week or two weeks ago, lots of companies in the US do that now). I often wonder in Japan, who packed this? A human? A robot? Or Conveyor belt packaging style. It was nice to get that hand written sentiment in there though. Just a really nice extra touch. : )
My first order, just kept it simple, just ordered 1 turkey. And...
This was shipped and packed separately and even wrapped in paper.
It was cheese. Provolone cheese for leftover turkey sandwiches.  Anyway, 3 cheers for Yoyo Market. And 3 cheers for a turkey dinner and it not needing to be Thanksgiving. : )
What else have we been up to? Well Saturday evening. The night before the big town marathon on Setsubun/Sunday. After shower and bath time both Branden, Noah and myself played our family favorite board game. We played Sorry!
We have floor heating, so the floors downstairs stay at a constant 40 degrees C all winter long. So it feels kind of toasty good and comfortable to sit on the floor and have a good little board game going. Both boys in their jammies/pjs. : )
People always ask me. Doesn't matter if I'm Skyping with a girlfriend of mine from back home in Denver. Or if I'm skyping my friend in Osaka. The question always comes up. "Watching anything good lately?" So here's what I have been watching. I am still enjoying the Oprah Winfrey celebrity interviews. 2 weeks ago, I think it was or a week ago. I caught the Drew Barrymore interview! With her husband and adorable daughter Olive! Love Drew Barrymore btw, she seems so down to earth, she's a free spirit and she seems genuine and that's rare now days. She's also beautiful. Plus, all her movies are awesome.Some of my most favorites are,  Never Been Kissed. The Wedding Singer. Irreconcilable Differences. Poison Ivy, E.T. Just all her movies but those are my favorites. And I can always tell her voice on Family Guy when she voices the character Jillian, Brian's ex-girlfriend. lol.
She seems like such a cool girl. And I'm so glad she's found happiness, she totally deserves it. Fantastic interview.
The commercials for this interview ran all week. It got me interested. Oprah interviewed, Whitney Houston's mother and her brother. Whitney Houston was warm funny and when I caught her Oprah interview years before she seemed open. Her mother was very different. I remember even during the funeral on TV they mentioned that Whitney's mother was tough. Etc. So anyway I watched the interview. She did seem tough. I forget now what was said between Oprah and her. I believe they were talking about toxicology, what types of drugs were found in Whitney's body. And Oprah said like 4 and she said 3. And Oprah said it was because of drugs that she died and the mother corrected Oprah and said she died of a heart attack. And it was like an awkward 30 seconds there for a bit. @_@ Ahem. And I could tell Oprah bit her tongue on that one. Another time, the mom, said, "Whitney was too nice. Now, I'm not so nice, if you come at me, I'll say something, I won't go for it" I'm paraphrasing but that was the gist of it. Don't get me wrong she wasn't rude during the inetrview. But she was just really different then you'd expect. Then Whitney's brother came out, that's him in this pic. She had 2 brothers and this was her closest. They were often mistaken for twins? I never heard that before the interview. Anyway that's what they said during the interview. The biggest shocker for me, was Oprah asked Whitney's brother point blank. "Did Bobby Brown get her hooked on drugs or was she doing this with you before she met Bobby Brown" Oprah also said, "America's assumption is she was America's sweetheart and she married that very bad Bobby Brown who ruined her, is that true?" ..silence and then.......Her brother said, she was doing drugs before Bobby Brown. @_@ My face was like...what???? That totally took me by surprise completely. A very very interesting interview. Oh and the mom of Whitney said she and Whitney's daughter Bobbi Christina are not very close, when she calls her granddaughter she often can't get her on the phone and she heard Bobbi Christina wasn't too happy the grandma wrote the book. She was on the interview promoting her book btw. Anyway interesting interview.
Apples were 50 yen each. I thought that was a fair deal, for where we live. So I baked an apple crisp, of course. : )
Oh goodness, it was so good.
Did anyone catch the Super Bowl? How about the half time? Beyonce rocked it! She was freaking amazing!
It was like a mini concert, so many of her hits! And then...
A mini Destiny's Child reunion on stage! Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland. Kelly Rowland is amazing on her own also. She of course has sung hits like the song Dilemma with Nelly a few years back. And she remade that song with Michael Buble, "How Deep is Your Love", anyway was pleasantly surprised by the half time. Beyonce did amazing and happy to see Destiny's Child back, even if it's just for the super bowl.
In the actual football part of the Super Bowl, it came on for us Monday morning Japan time. I had just thrown in my turkey into the oven. And enjoyed the football game. There was a power outage during the actual football game in the stadium. Before the blackout, during the football game, the Ravens were beating the 49ers quite badly. But after the power outage, it's like the 49ers got their power back too. lol. Because they came back fighting! It was an extremely good game and close game after the black out was over.
This player was so happy he made a confetti angel on the field. Sort of like a snow angel. Hahaha.
Pulling the turkey out of the oven Monday evening.
It was not a fancy Thanksgiving dinner. Not that our Thanksgivings are really over the top anyways, but... It was a simple turkey dinner. We had the plastic dinner mats out. Regular plates. Just a regular dinner.
Our dinner from this Monday. Again even paper cups that wink at you! Yep, we put no airs on here! lol. ; ) But gosh was dinner good. Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy, green beans and black olives.
Lunch this past Tuesday afternoon. We have been eating turkey all this week. We're done with it now of course. But yep, that's what we've been doing this week. Finishing up and enjoying the turkey.
Tuesdays lunch done and bread cut and I went on the couch and I enjoyed my lunch while watching Dr. Phil. (talk show) lol.
It's Hollywood Week on American Idol now. If you're in Japan and worried about spoilers stop reading now. : ) Anyway this kiddo was in a group they said which was the youngest bunch, so these kids went on together.
4 teens, trying their best, they sang the Billy Joel song. "The Longest Time"
They did a pretty good job. I don't show videos too often on here. but it's worth a watch down below of them singing. And it's not too long of a video either. And somebody from the group of young teens did not make it. But to be fair, I am not saying who was cut. : )
Anyway, that's what we've been doing the past 2 weeks at our place.  I'm so happy today is Friday. Yes!!!! The weekend is here. And we have nothing to do this weekend. No community clean up, no marathon to run. Ahhh weekends are bliss, aren't they. : ) Have a lovely weekend all of you.