Thursday, February 21, 2013

Guam trip. February 2013

Friday evening, Branden, Noah and myself flew to Guam. Our flight was at 6pm-ish. And we were at the airport at 2:50pm. A little early but perfect time to check in while nobody else much was there. Get through the TSA with zero line. And basically breeze to the gate and then just wait. The boys played their 3DS XL. I did buy them 2 cheeseburgers each from McD's and they shared a medium french fries. I meanwhile the only thing I ate all Friday was a banana. @_@ I was busy all that day and plus we picked the boys up early from school and left immediately to the airport. I didn't feel like eating McD's at all. However I did buy a jasmine tea (no sugar) and the boys and I shared that at the gate.  And I meanwhile read my book, I got for valentine's day. It's not a heavy deep book. It's just purely comic relief and if you are a mom it will make you laugh out loud for sure. The huge windows at Narita airport were all fogged and we wondered is it snowing outside or just still drizzling rain? Friday was bitterly cold. We caught our flight. 3 hours later we were in Guam. The 2nd I exited the airplane, heat and humidity hit me, it felt great. I could feel it as I walked the Jetway. Definitely different then the weather I just left. My dad was waiting and all smiles to see us. We went right to my dad's condo. And we went right to sleep. It was 11pm-11:30pm and I was exhausted. Both Branden and Noah went to their bed and were zonked out in 5 minutes or less. Me too. The next morning, I woke up feeling refreshed. And starving! We went to Denny's for breakfast. Branden had a Grand Slam, Noah had the kids chocolate chip pancakes with bacon and sausage. And my dad had an omelet. We were stuffed. We were deciding to shop first or hit the movie first. I decided to get the shopping done and out of the way, so we could just play and enjoy afterwards. Oh yeah I had the banana pecan wheat pancakes with crispy bacon and scrambled eggs.
Cost u less near GPO, right away. You do not need a membership. This is like Costco and no, Guam doesn't have an actual Costco. There are 2 Cost U less stores and they carry different things so it is worth looking at both. Such as Cost U less near GPO doesn't carry the bean and cheese burritos where the other one does. And vice versa on many things.
Girl Scout cookie season! Yay!! Love these cookies so much! Knew we'd buy some on our way out of the store.
The moms and Girl Scouts were so nice! So many Japanese were snapping pictures. And I did ask them, do you mind if I take a picture and they said "go right ahead!" : ) They were awesome!
Like the sign says $4 a box and it's for a great cause! So yeah, I will always buy these, whenever I see them! I ran to 2 Cost U less stores, Kmart and Payless Micronesia mall. I also got an eyebrow wax. : ) We dropped off all the food back at my dad's condo. And I didn't really buy all too much.
Right on time for the movie. Called "Warm Bodies." A comedy zombie movie. Where the zombies could be turned back to real people again. So many families and kids enjoying this movie. The movie was actually pretty full. But we were first in the theater and we got the best seats, dead center and perfect row too. We had a large popcorn and 2 large sodas.  When we got out of the movie it was still good timing.
Before the movie before us, let out, both Branden and Noah played the Terminator game at the movies while we waited for the show before ours to let out.
The 3:35pm showing. February 16th.
Noah wanted some tacos. So 3 tacos for Noah.
Branden had chicken strips and mashed potatoes. My dad had 1 chicken breast.
I had 2 bean burritos. This was not really dinner more so a snack. A light meal, because if we had left Guam without the boys tasting/having tacos or chicken strips they'd be sad, so we had to squish this in there somehow. : )
Many many tourists. Given the horrible tragedy, it was still very nice to see so many tourists still out and about. That made me feel happy seeing them, still enjoying themselves.
This is a pic of the sign of the ABC store where it happened. We did drive down that road during one of our comings and goings that day. I did see all the stuffed animals, water and notes of condolence on that road. To see it first hand was honestly very shattering, to be honest with you. I took no pictures from the actual site out of resepect. And no, we never left our car we just happened to be driving down the road.
I wasn't hungry at all, and I mean at all. The burritos were enough for me. However Noah started to get hungry around 7pm-ish. Saturday night. We were by now at my dad's condo just resting. Then around 7:30pm Branden started to get hungry. Again, I wasn't hungry, neither was my dad. But if my kids are hungry, feed them, I will. ; ) We went to Pizza Hut. 1 pan pizza, pepperoni and mushrooms.
Being silly these boys. After dinner we went back to my dad's condo and we all said good night at 9pm. And yes, my dad and I did end up eating pizza too, hahaha. I was exhausted. And I knew my flight was leaving the next morning at 10:30am. So I had to be there (at the airport) around 7:30am. Because the tour buses that bring the Japanese back to the airport and they come in groups of like 200 or 300 or more. Get there around 8am. And then the lines get insanely long, so me getting there *before* the tour buses is best.
I can never sleep well or deeply when I know I have an early flight to catch. My alarm was set at 6am, but I woke up around 4:50am. Laid in bed staring at the ceiling for about 10 minutes then I went into my bathroom and started brushing my teeth, putting my makeup on and flat ironing my hair. At 5:40am when I was done, I woke up both Branden and Noah. They have done this a million times, so they woke up quickly, went to the bathroom, washed hands, brushed teeth, got dressed. and at 6am, I went to my dad's bedroom door and knocked, and said I was dressed. He was awake too, he was reading in his bed. At 6:20am we went to Denny's for breakfast. I had a veggie and cheese omelet, hashbrowns and toast and coffee. Branden and Noah had chocolate chip pancakes. Noah had this for the 2nd time this trip. ; ) We went back to my dad's and I started pulling things from the fridge. I knew the time I wanted to be at the airport, 7:30am. So, I had 30 minutes to pack up. And we left. The boys did not miss a single day of school. They did get out an hour early Friday but they didn't miss the whole day at all. I hugged my dad a great big bear hug at the drop off area at the airport. He said, I love you to Branden and Noah and they him. And we left. Check in was empty, thank goodness! And we checked in, went through the TSA's fast. And then sat at our gate yet again. And I went back to my book at the gate yet again.
Noah getting ready to sit down on his seat.
Next to the reading light is all sorts of chargers. You can charge your ipod or whatever you'd like. I didn't need it, but it was nice knowing it was there at least.
TV screen.
Branden getting settled and about to drink his orange juice. He sat next to Noah flying to Guam.  But, Branden said he might sleep this flight and he asked not to sit next to Noah for flying back home to Japan. Which is fine, no worries. Noah is a little happy smiling chatterbox. And maybe Branden would like to watch a movie without having someone nudge you and tell you something 100 times. : )  I was going to sit alone but since he asked, I said okay. So, Branden took my seat.  And he had just the best time.
So, I sat next to my delightful little chatterbox extraordinaire. hahaha. : )
You can't really even see my bag. The boys put their backpacks in their spots too.
This is a very big area for us passengers. You just saw there's a fairly big cubby to place your bag if you want to. And there's also a place for your feet to go when you sleep or want your feet up. The leg room is amazing.
Also, you can get a nonstop massage if you want. Branden and Noah didn't want one, but I must admit, I got a fantastic massage for 3 hours. For the entire flight. Oh, it was heaven, free of course. My shoulders, my back, my thighs and butt. Hahaha. I felt like putty by the time I got off the airplane.
The pic that says "zzz" and it is a picture of 1 lone line, that means it lays flat to a bed and it really does.
Branden did take a little nap after he ordered his meal, but he woke up before the meal cart rolled around.
And like a Lazy Boy or recliner, more of the actual seat rolls out and your legs are elevated on a cushy couch piece for the flight.
Curry chicken breast, mashed potatoes, bok choy, cesar salad, shrimp salad, dinner roll and a tart.
They had about 60-80 movies easy. They had the classics like Bridget Jones's Diary and Breakfast at Tiffany's and the original Willy Wonka. And they also had all the new releases you could imagine. And the kids movies choices were amazing.
Noah eating his meal. Nobody sitting to the left on the other row near Noah nobody sitting in front of Branden or me either, the first class was pretty dead/open.
Branden smartly watched as many movies as he could fit into the amount of time he had. Me too. : ) 
After dinner and watching a little bit of a movie, Noah wanted to sleep. So, he slept the whole flight. Aww, he wasn't even a little chatter box this time, bless his heart.  And he is a very good boy he just loves to chit chat, "look at this part of the movie" "This is the best part, watch this" "what are you doing?" lol those types of things. : ) What movies did I watch on the plane back and forth. I watched, "Devil" About 5or 6 people trapped inside an elevator and 1 of them is the devil, you must figure out who it is! @_@ I also watched, "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" This had the actress all grown up now of course, but she played Hermoine Granger in the Harry Potter movies. Emma Watson. This movie was fantastic. I also watched House at the End of the Street.With the actress who played Katniss Everdeen, from the Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence. I watched 1/2 of the "House at the End of the Street" there and the other 1/2 back home to Japan. : ) So anyway that's our trip in a nutshell. It was super short, from Friday night to Sunday morning. So really we only had the whole Saturday to enjoy, but honestly that was enough to unwind a little and to get to enjoy a movie and the day with my dad and the boys. And Branden and Noah enjoyed themselves a lot and me too.  All in all, it was totally worth it for us to go and get away for the weekend. And this whole week, we are back to the land of the bitterly cold winter season. It snowed the other day but turned to rain after a few hours of snow (melted now of course). : ) And school schedules, Kumon schedule and swim class. hahaha. So yeah it was a nice weekend getaway, at least. : )

Also side note: I clearly must have been suffering from a serious brain fart the other day! Because I was under the assumption/impression we were heading to Hakone this Friday/tomorrow. The other night, I was speaking to Noboru and I mentioned grabbing a few snacks for Friday's trip. Judging by his facial expression. Clearly I was off on my dates. I said, "are we not leaving Friday." he said, baby we aren't leaving this week. I hate getting things wrong like this. Gah! This mix up caused me to recheck everything in my calendar for February, just in case. Everything else is fine. But yeah weird I got the dates mixed up. I'm usually really on top of things like this. So we are not leaving this week. Soon, really really soon, but not tomorrow type soon, lol.