Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Goodies brought back from Guam. Front door wreath and Girl Scout cookies, etc.

I didn't bring back a lot of stuff. It wasn't a shopping trip. I spent $130 US. That's it. And the wreath was $19.99. So really not much.
                                                       Frozen things here.

                                     Single serving mac and cheese. 12 of them.

8 pack of bean and cheese burritos, 2 packs of them so 16 total. These packs are like $4 or $4.50 each so affordable.

                               Cheese ravioli 4 packs each and each pack is about 1lb or a little over a pound.

4 cheese lasagna. I think this box is the same size as the Stouffers party size lasagna but inside the amount is way way less. The volume is better and more in the Stouffers lasagna.
                                          Cheese. We seem to eat lots of cheese around here. : )
1 cake with 1 frosting. Again it wasn't a stock up for my life type trip. It was just an...the weather's still bitterly cold, I am out of cake mix and this might come in handy.
This is just for a quick meal. we had this actually last week. Added some broccoli florets in there at the last 5 minutes, it was great.

Girl Scout cookies. Thin mints are better then I remember and the Caramel deLites are as good as I remember, man these are amazing. The lemonades I had never tried and I shouldn't have bought those, they are so so. Should have bought another box of the Caramel deLites instead. If they still are selling these when we go back to Guam next week or the week after, I'll buy some more.

                        These were so great. Heaven. I hope they have these when we go back too.
This picture is coming in sideways. Sorry, not sure why that is. I use Japanese tampons, most of the time, but I happened to be having that TOM when I was in Guam, so I bought a small box in case the ones I brought to Guam with me ran out. they didn't run out. But I bought these as my back up. 1 toothpaste and aspirin.

                                                  Beans and Miracle Whip.
Kitchen hand soap cuts the smell of handling meat. And dish soap. I skimped on the dish soap. and bought this cheaper brand, it's very runny and I find I use twice the amount. I regret buying it. And fwiw, we usually use Japanese dish soap, but we rarely use it, since we have a big American dishwasher, so we use dish washing powder most. So, I usually will buy 1 bottle of Dawn and it will sit in the kitchen forever and we'll use it on the occasional pan or whatnot. However this is so runny I'm using twice more. Oh well, live and learn. : )

Noboru did ask me to get him some deodorant. He uses Axe. So, I got the 1 Axe, however, I was sniffing the new ones that just came out. Degree Adventure/Adrenaline series, lol. And this smell fantastic like CK One a little, very light and clean. But really a sexy smell. So, I picked this one for him also.

                 1 shampoo, 1 body wash and this bar soap smell amazing. Man it smells great.

This cereal we use like it's going out of style. Branden loves, it, Noah loves it and I love it.
My dad bought Branden and Noah a soccer ball. I was at Cost u less getting a few food things. And they saw this ball and my dad went and paid for it. He loves to spoil them.  He said, "the boys could use a new soccer ball." lol.  I said, alright but nothing else. : ) They are over the moon for it.
              All weather play. Granted not sure if I'd want to play in the rain anyway. But.... : )

If you know one thing about me at all.You will know how I do love a good front door wreath. I do. I also love seasonal wreaths. however I have had 1 hydrangea wreath. That is my main #1 most used wreath, meaning it is used most of the year. After our house was built, I went back to Denver visiting my family and I said, I need to buy a front door wreath. We always had a wreath on our door in the US at my house. So, I need one here. I went to Michael's. Love that place could get lost in one for days. Anyway they had already made wreaths hand made hanging for sale. I looked on the wall hoping to find "the one". And sure enough I saw it. It was purple and lovely and had hydrangea and grapes on it. It was perfect. The price was perfect too. $40. US. I knew I'd get my money's worth. I packed it in a cardboard box big enough to fit it, packed it in crumpled newspaper so it would not move in the box and break. Went to the check in at DIA. And they said I'd have to pay an extra charge for my wreath. Fine, I wanted that wreath though! $40 or whatever for the extra baggage. And so I lugged that wreath all the way to Japan. I used to tell Noboru, "that wreath came all the way from Colorado just like me!" ; ) That was my wreath and I took care of it most. That had the most sentimental value to me. the other wreaths I like, don't get me wrong like the Fall one and Christmas one. but they don't have the same, sentimental value attached. Not like the Hydrangea one does. However as years went on, the grapes fell off. I put them back on. Umpteen amount of times. I dusted her. And packed her safely when it was time for the Fall wreath to shine. Or whatnot. But this past year Noboru kept saying, "honey your purple wreath is looking a little haggard" I feel protective of my wreath and those aren't words you really want to hear really...... though I know she was looking a bit haggard I just didn't want to admit it. : ( So, for now she is resting in the shed. I will when I have the time go to a DIY and look for new hydrangea silk flowers to sort of reform her, fix her up and give her a new life. But for now I need something on my door, pronto. I checked online at Amazon and they are like $170 US, hahaha, no way. : ) Anyway, so I am at Kmart  in Guam last week or whenever and they have a huge wall of wreaths all $19.99. I looked for a new one and I found this purple one. It caught my eye. So, I grabbed this new wreath and said, "you're going to live in Japan, with me!" And so I carefully packed this new one up and she flew to Japan with me, she rode in the first class/business class over head bin, she had a nice flight, hahaha.  She's been hanging on my front door ever since I returned from Guam.
                                                       The price was more my speed.
        All the Gap/ON stuff my dad holds on to for me and I can bring them back myself.
Branden needed new sweatpants. On sale and he got 2 pair. And the gloves were on sale for $1.99. So warm and fleecy. Perfect for Chiba weather.
                  Branden is 11, so I picked him size 12's. He'll get more usage from these sweatpants.
                                                          1 long sleeve for Noah.
                                                                   My 2 dresses.
           Looks exactly like the picture. So cute and they are both hanging in the closet now.

Tabloids. Just fluff to keep me entertained while I'm sitting at the plaza picking up Branden and Noah 5 days a week. See, I told you, not much. : )