Sunday, February 03, 2013

Branden and Noah's class observation day

Thursday January 31st, was our local elementary school's observation day. This was a "go any time you want" observation day. And can I just say, three cheers for observation days like that! That way I can get myself to both Branden and also to Noah's class and watch, observe and enjoy the actual classes versus catching half of the class and zooming to the next one. I was there from the 1st class. This picture was taken right outside Noah's class. They wrote a paper and drew a picture on transportation.
Noboru was also there watching and enjoying. The kids actually had a bathroom/toilet break and that's when I had the chance to snap these few next couple pics. And I know I've said it before, but I love the way this actually looks like a 1st grade classroom. Lots of colors and art dangling. Book reports or stories the kids wrote up, are all on the wall, as well as pictures. Which is what Noboru was looking at. Each month is on here that they've been in school.
The class playing in the snow last week. Noah in the yellow jacket in this pic.
Noah throwing a snowball in this pic. The whole class made snowmen and had snowball fights. Actually the whole school did also. Branden also told me about the snowballs his class threw also. : )
January, the class playing in the snow, fun in the snow pics.
The day they all brought obento to school. Noah in the yellow on the right with his obento that day. : )
Class eating together. All for one, one for all!!! : )
Again, you know how our school is really hands on. Here the first graders are doing experiments and as the sign says "learning about mass" Our school is really big on the whole learning to cook, learning to sew, hands on experiments. Going for country walks learning about nature. Testing such and such theory out first hand type school. : )
Central heating ducts throughout the school. A toasty warm school.
The birthday train I've shown before. All the teachers pics on the back wall to familiarize the ichinensei. A wall of a who's who. : )  And the sign or words under the train says, "school is a fun place!" Yes it is. : )
July birthday's.  Hello Noah!
Where the ichinensei keep and store their randoseru and pianica. Thermos is allowed year round now at our school. A new rule started after undokai. And so you can see 3 thermos back there. I fill Noah and Branden a thermos everyday. I only fill it half way, with jasmine tea and ice.
Seats and seat cushions that double as the safety hood/cover. For earthquakes and whatnot.
Aha! And we know whose green elephant seat cover and yellow pull out tray this is. His name is on the back of his chair. And yes it is Noah's. : )
Hi kiddo.
And now I have left the 1st floor and Noah's classroom. And now I am on the 3rd floor and just outside Branden's classroom. This is Branden's artwork. I did fuzz out the 2 kanji where our last name is.
The class fish. They get their tanks cleaned every week by the kids. Fed daily by the kids. And they do pretty good these fish. : )
I love that sign above in yellow. Saying "our footprints" meaning what we have already done. Meaning their work. But yeah I thought that was cute. The stories about the mochi making was on that wall. And various other things. : ) Again, I do love how our school shows the kids this is their classroom, their stuff is displayed all over and throughout their class.
Hi kiddo. I cannot believe you guys are all 5th graders right now. I remember when you guys were teeny tiny ichinensei. Sniffle sniffle. : )  Kids really do grow in a blink of an eye, I tell ya. ; )
Branden's also doing wood carving right now, the whole class is learning this. I hear the 6th graders meanwhile are all making music boxes right now too. Branden decided to make an angry birds wood carving. He's still not finished. But I think it's looking super so far.
It's really coming along nice. And each day Branden comes home excited, telling me of the progress of his "angry bird character" and I was wondering how it was coming along. So, it was nice to see it first hand and up close.
If you remember when Branden was in the first grade, then you'll probably smile and remember when some elderly from our town, came to play with them. Because not only was January 31st observation day, it was also the day the elderly from our town came to show and share with the younger generation of Japan, what they used to play with, in the olden day. Old school type of play, if you will.
A couple kids were welcoming the older folks when I snapped this picture.
I was hoping Noah would turn around so I could take a pic of his face. : )
Now the Yuka-sensei is explaining that they will indeed break off into groups.
Explanation from the Yuka-sensei.
Hi beautiful!
Noah and Kaito on the left in the coat. You know, I remember when Branden was an ichinensei and Kaito's older brother was also an ichinensei. In fact, Noah was a tiny toddler outside, toddling around outside while Branden was outside walking with stilts and such with the older folks. And Kaito too was outside toddling around too. And now years later here THEY are and they are the ones getting to play with the older folks from our town. And what fun these kids had last Thursday too! Yeah but wow, funny. I was indeed thinking...Wow, Noah, I remember when Branden did this!!! And wow Kaito, I remember when your older brother K was outside doing this too! Wow how time flies! So proud of Noah and Kaito.
5 grandma's showing the kids how to play the games from the old days. This is truly "kickin' it old school" lol!!!! : )
We can learn a lot from the older generation. I really believe it. They have so much wisdom. And they know how to have fun too. : )
Observation day was pretty nice on Thursday. Anyway that's what our family did on the last day of January. January 31st, 2013. : )  We went and enjoyed watching Branden and Noah on class observation day.  Side note, I think March 1st is my next observation day. It's the kind where "you go to the last class only" observation day. And meetings galore after that. I'll have to split up those 50 minutes wisely. Hahaha. : ) I'm thinking about it already.