Monday, January 28, 2013

Wine bath, coffee rotenburo, green tea bath/rotenburo and a chocolate bath too. Heading to Hakone this February to enjoy the onsen

Our family is heading to Hakone in February. The hotel is booked already, we're using one of our free night stay coupons and Noboru already requested and got the day off. So we'll be there just 1 over night. But we'll have 2 days to play and enjoy there. One of those days will be spent at the Yunessun resort. A place that has fun rotenburo/outside baths. As well as inside baths too. If you see this picture from their website. Right now they currently have a nice hot chocolate bath. Lucky for us the chocolate bath will still be there when we go. I'm really excited about soaking in the chocolate bath. Also for January they also have a curry bath. This sounds heavenly to me. And I'd totally enjoy it. But Noboru was like @_@ "Curry to eat, yes curry to soak in, no thanks." hahaha. : ) Too bad the curry bath will be gone by the time we get there, otherwise I would have enjoyed it. But the chocolate one is one I am most excited about.  See the big chocolate bar above the heads on the pic top right on this picture. : )  
You know, for as long as I can remember, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory was a favorite movie of mine. The one with Gene Wilder. The heart of the factory, the chocolate room, where they had great huge gummy bears. Like Willy Wonka said everything in that room was edible. As a child watching that it would have my imagination spinning. Oh how I wish I could go to that room, I'd think. What would I eat first? That song....Pure Imagination. I also remember doing a book report on the book when I was in elementary school. : )
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. Terrific book both Branden and Noah love. And I can see their imaginations just churning when they saw the movie. Great big food, just go to work with a bowl, plate and silverware, hahaha.
Augustus Gloop took a dip in a chocolate river, okay okay it was on accident since he was trying to drink some of the chocolate. : ) But wow, knowing I'll finally get my chance to soak in chocolate this coming month. I can't wait.
I think that's why for me personally the Yunessun really got me. I loved it! Huge bottle of wine to soak in and big actual bottle of wine near the bath.
Also reminded me a bit of the Borrower's. We look like teeny tiny little people in normal sized jars. Again the imagination, the fun of it all. The Yunessun was a perfect place for a person with an imagination or love of the books and movies we like.  I have been to a few other onsens before in Japan, normal regular ones, but this place is by far my most favorite place, to soak, hang out and have fun.
Anyway, that's where we will be, this coming February. : )