Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Stepping into the Gap Tuesday night. Gap Inzai/Chiba New Town

I swear the people who read my blog are the nicest! : ) Kind,  helpful, info sharers! And I try to do the same too. Anyway, it was mentioned to me in the comments section below that ships now and was having a sale and free shipping to boot. So, I went to the website. I saw 3 things I liked. I was really on the fence on choosing a size for Noah in particular since he's so thin. And I went to sleep. The next morning, I get online to order the 2 things and decide to just go to the actual Gap shop to try the shirt in question with Noah in a day or two. However get this, the 2 things were sold out already! Bummer. You know, I have only myself to blame, I should have ordered faster.  Anyway, the info did help me a lot because it made me realize I should get myself to Gap kids and see if the sale was happening also in the stores too. Which they were. My closest Gap is Gap Inzai. Unless you count the Ami Premium Outlet.
They had 2 of the 3 things I was looking for, so a good trip down there. So feeling quite happy.
I would have never known about this sale on this particular scarf if I wouldn't have gotten the helpful comment about the Gap sale, so thank you! Originally 2,400 yen about $25 US. But we got them on sale for 390 yen about $4 US. So a great deal.
Dark navy blue about the same color as the bag, hahaha. And bright happy yellow. Fleece so it's washable. And with boys these will need a weekly washing I'm sure. : )
Pure yellow on the other side with navy border. A really good deal. This was the deal, I was most happy about when we went to Gap this Tuesday evening after the boys got out of school.
I had been eyeballing this particular long sleeved top for weeks at And the comment that  a grandma left on saying how she usually buys only Ralph Lauren for his grandsons and she loved this particular shirt etc etc. Yes I do read those Gap comments and they help me often decide which size, does it run big or small, though size wise I pretty much know anyways if it's from Gap or ON. Did it look like the picture, you know those types of questions. Anyway that grandma's words were etched in my brain. However someone also left a comment saying it ran big? @_@ That was what made me hesitate ordering from either and This was the shirt I needed Noah to actually try on. Because he's usually a 130cm. In tops however as you know, he's freakishly thin, super thin. Pants he's usually a slim, when he was 6 he wore a 6 slim. This year he got size 7's slim. So yeah someone saying this shirt ran big? Sorta made me hesitate especially for my skinny minnie. Anyway, I went to Gap Inzai and Noah tried this on and the 120 fit him width wise best. But considering arm length, he has long arms and legs. Noah's arms were a better fit for 130cm. Plus he's constantly growing not shrinking, lol. So I got the 130cm size for Noah. I will roll the sleeve a pinch at first but I think that was the best size for him. That's all we got the 2 scarves and this 1 top. I wanted sweatpants for Branden. But the pair they had were slim fit, which Branden needs a normal fit not a slim fit. And the price was absurd, 4500 on sweatpants. No way am I spending $46 US on 1 pair of sweatpants. Sorry but not happening. especially slim skin tight ones on my normal build/to athletic build older kiddo. Nope. *shakes head*
Also, this shirt was sold in one or two other colors at Gap US (some of the colors are sold out now but they had more originally). Where in Japan it's only being sold in red with blue stripe,green with white stripe and navy with yellow stripe and the cream color with navy stripe (we bought the cream for Noah). I wish they'd make all colors available here for us in Japan. So, since I had to get the sweatpants for Branden anyway from Gap or ON US. I ended up also getting this color for Noah in size medium. From the US site. I love this color and think it will look fantastic on Noah with a pair of khaki shorts and his brown leather flip flops this coming Summer. And I had a 35% off coupon and the price was $14.99 to start with so 35% off of that made it a super deal. : )
I also picked up this dress since it was affordable. The second I saw this dress I loved it. I have my Gap leather ballet flats already. And think this will be perfect for the warmer weather months. I picked this up from Old Navy.
And I like this one too and ordered this one also. 2 LBD's (little black dresses) to switch back and forth with once the weather heats up. Pair it with a little gray cardigan or pink cardi. Ballet flats. I'll be ready. I'd also love to own this dress in the orange color it's currently being sold in, but I'm holding off for now.
I have been going full throttle on my treadmill lately. I am way past this number now. But I am going strong on this.  I'm #3 now. Yay me! Go me! ; )
Two pair of these sweatpants in gray from at $16.95 each. For Branden. Picked them in size 12, he's only 11, but that way he can wear them next year also. And we got these with the 35% off coupon since Gap was having that sale, so even cheaper. I was much happier about the price after the 35% off was totalled. : )  Anyway, nothing hugely important or life altering in this post, I know. But it's what we've been up to lately. : )