Monday, January 14, 2013

Snow in Chiba

It snowed in Chiba Monday/yesterday. We heard snow was expected but often hear that so we took it with a grain of salt. It was raining a lot when we woke up Monday. if you recall it was also a holiday yesterday too.  Because of all the rain, and we were all home, we all ran to the bakery bought 2 loaves of sliced bread, then we headed to the cheap meat store and then went to 1 final shop and went to our regular grocery store to get veggies and eggs, milk and last minute things.  It wasn't snowing in the small city Noah used to go to yochien in. However, the closer and closer we got to our tiny town it started turning to snow. So city nearest us, no snow as of the time we were there (not sure if it eventually snowed there or not) but our tiny town was indeed hit with some snow. We all arrived at home and all of us quickly unloaded the car with grocery items and we ran into the house. This was at the start of it. But you can see it big flakes coming down.
Still towards the beginning stages and nothing was sticking as of yet. But boy oh boy was it coming down hard!!!!
Middle of the snow.  Noboru had bought a good amount of sashimi for his dinner for Monday. And we had bought fresh baked baguettes and a half head of lettuce for some pepperoni sandwiches the boys and i would be having Monday night.  We sat at the table during dinner watching the snow come down hard outside.
This is what the boys and I had Sunday. It was nice to have a sort of break from cooking a regular type dinner. This was certainly easier, which was nice.
After dinner the boys went outside in the backyard to play! Snow is not so common where we live in Chiba, happens maybe once or twice a year maybe. So, yeah we said, sure go and enjoy! : )  Here's Noah with snowball. At the same time, the boy next door and his brother were having a snowball fight and sledding in street at the front of our houses (not enough snow for sledding but they were giving it a go anyways.; ) So they were having fun. The only girl on our block Ayumi-chan was jumping around outside enjoying the snow, she started junior high last year. And also 2 brothers who live 2 doors down from us, on the other side of the grandma next door, Rin (4th grader) and his little brother L-kun (who will be ichinensei this April). They were in their backyard and since it's very quiet anyway and even quieter in the snow. We could hear laughter and kids playing on our quiet street last night. So yeah, the boys were enjoying themselves too.
Branden is a stocker upper and so that was his snowball stockpile. lol.
Noah clearly not a snowball stocker upper, he's more of a roll one and dart around the backyard trying to avoid his brothers snowballs type of kid! Hahaha.
And then I called my dad on skype on the computer. Lucky for me he was home. I said, I am going to call you on my itouch so I'll be calling you in 1 minute. So we hung up. And then I called him with the video feature on skype. We originally come from Denver, Colorado, a place that gets beautiful snow. So I knew he'd appreciate seeing the snow first hand and watching the boys "live and in action" getting to play around. My dad saw Branden first, Branden was holding a snowball. My dad said to Branden you're holding a snowball!!! Branden said yep. I then scanned the backyard with my itouch. So my dad could see. My dad was like, "holy goodness!" I had emailed him that morning saying it might possibly snow. He said you weren't kidding about that. : )  He saw the snow on the jungle gym and Branden went and shook it off the blue tarp. Noah meanwhile jumped in the frame and said "hi grandpa." And my dad said, "Hi Noah" Then he could see them running about. He spoke with them for a bit and they spoke with him and then they waved and we hung up. : ) That was it. And then I called the boys inside and they took a shower and hot bath. And I meanwhile put all the dinner dishes in the dishwasher. Wiped down the counter tops and table. And waited for them to come out of the tub, so I could go and jump in.

Oh yes, Noboru and I both got emails from the school and it said they will be on a special snow schedule and so school will technically start at 10am today. So as long as the boys are at school by 10am then no worries. This morning all the roads are a sheet of ice. The boys got up same as usual. I made them breakfast. And they then just enjoyed a bit longer morning then usual at home. I dropped them off at 9:30am. And it's 9:43am right now as I type and I can see the boys next door are hopping into their grandma's car and she's taking them right now. So yeah every one's on a snow schedule for today.