Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bits and pieces from the week.

Alrighty, everything in this post has happened within the last week (7 days) The last Broncos game of the season for us. We lost. It was a very close game. Very very close game. So close that for most of the game we were ahead. It finally came to a head when we tied. And we went into over time twice. Yes, 2 overtimes! Because the first overtime nobody could score either team. So it was a real nail biter of a game. Edge of your seat type game. We had a lot of hopes. We would have loved to advance further in the playoffs! But not going to happen for us this year unfortunately. However and I want to say, The Denver Broncos had an incredible season 13 wins and 3 losses this year, so yeah we did play pretty great this year though unfortunately we didn't play good enough to go further. : (  I look forward to watching the superbowl. Wish we were in it of course! Haha. But love football to my core anyway. : )
In other news see this package sent to Branden...
Remember the 25,000 yen each of the boys received for otoshidama this year. Well, Branden loves Noboru's. And Noboru managed to convince me to let Branden buy one. 19,000 yen or so for it. And the rest of his money went into savings for him, he has a good amount in there. Noah meanwhile the miser hasn't spent even 1 yen of it yet. hahaha. : )  Little random story here about this. Branden accidentally left one of his dictionary's at school when he needed it at home this week. Instead of turning on his computer in his room, he just turned on his tablet and looked up the 1 kanji he was looking for and he found it in a snap. : ) I did tell him though don't forget your dictionary tomorrow! And he hasn't the rest of the week.
Let's see what else have I been doing this past week?  The new season of The Biggest Loser started and look who's back! Jillian Michaels!!! The contestants were surprised! Hahaha. I have her DVDs and I really like her so it was nice for me that she's back.  If you're somehow worried about a possible spoiler about the BL show, please skip these paragraphs.
This season looks like it's going to be a wild season! Jackson here, walked on the treadmill about 30 seconds and fell right off! They had to run and go help him. Poor Jackson! : (
This guy too! Like 2 seconds after Jackson fell, this guy fell right off too. The 3 coaches were like! @_@ What the heck?!!! The part that grossed me out to the bone was some person was vomiting in the gym/work out room. Bleh just thinking about the sight or smell of vomit. I felt sorry for everyone in that room.  So yeah it looks like it's going to be a very interesting season.
You already know about the snow we were hit with. This isn't even the end of the snow we got. We ended up with more then this. Not Colorado amounts of snow. But a big amount for this area. But yeah it's been so cold around here all week.
Tuesday night of this week immediately after the boys got out of school, we went directly to Costco Makuhari. Lucky for us it was as dead as a doornail. We skipped the top floor and went straight for the basement where the food is. We bought this pizza for dinner that night. Since the drive takes us so long, cooking dinner that night wasn't an option.
Rotisserie chicken for dinner for the next night. Perfect for us since Noah swims Wednesdays.
Big bag of potatoes so cheap. We use potatoes a lot in our household. Mashed potatoes, gratin potatoes from scratch, baked potatoes. Breakfast type potatoes. You name it, we need them. : )  We are actually thinking about growing potatoes this year.
Misc pic of stuff. Pasta sauce. Bug hunk of cheese. Fine ground black pepper and mixed nuts.
Frozen waffles for quick mornings Monday through Friday. And dinner rolls (half are frozen in the freezer)
1 pack of shrimp and 2 packs of lean ground beef. I split each pack of beef into thirds and put them in freezer bags and threw them in the freezer. So 6 packs of ground beef in the freezer now. I was disappointed that they were out of 2 things. I was wanting/wishing/hoping to buy the tiramisu (we love this) and I walked around the bakery looking but, didn't see it. I mean I walked by good. And I could tell it wasn't there but still hoping against hope it was somehow there so I asked a bakery lady. And she said we don't have them in today come back tomorrow! @_@ We live so far away that's pretty much impossible.But again not her fault. So, I smiled and said thank you. And walked away. Man, what a bummer. What are the odds really. Anyway then went to the next aisle to get corn tortillas. Nope didn't have them either. I really need them we really use them. Enchiladas and tostadas. Again, I made sure to walk the aisles very good, Noboru was looking too. However no worries because I ordered them online from the same place I buy tortillas. So, since we ordered anyway we bought 3 dozen flour tortillas and 2 packs of corn (each pack has 24 corn tortillas) Anyway we quickly checked out, ordered the pizza and before you know it we were in the MPV heading home. From the time we arrived at Costco in the parking lot and were leaving the parking lot of Costco only 50 minutes, so we really are quite fast in there, hahaha but we also know of the long drive so that's why we hurry. Time was short for us, so we paid the toll ways both ways so we could get home as fast as possible. Still took the whole evening though. But it was faster taking the highway. I know, I keep saying it, but I can't wait until Costco opens in Inzai/Chiba New Town. We will probably go to Costco Makuhari 1-2 more times and then after that Costco in Inzai opens in August 2013. So hopefully we can hold off on going as much as possible until our closer one opens.
Picture taken from Thursday/yesterday. Says 4:09pm or something.  The boys just got home from Kumon. They get off school at 2:45-3pm Thursdays. They called me at Kumon around 3:45pm and I hopped in the car to get them. They came home, switched into sweatpants and house clothes and had a snack at the table and then did their homework. They were done in like 5-10 minutes and were off playing with friends outside until 5pm. I meanwhile snapped this pic at 4:09pm and started cooking dinner.
Chicken chow mein/sara udon. Lots of veggies, some chicken.
The sauce packets in here and the crunchy noodles and we had it all with white rice. It was a good dinner. The boys and I sat and ate, we talked about their day, my day. Noboru was meanwhile at work. But, I packed him 2 sandwiches I made for him as a snack and stuffed him before he left too and he had dinner waiting for him at home when he got home. He also had sara udon. We had 2 packs of this sara udon, I'm only showing one though in the pic. : )
I'm still treadmilling like a maniac. And I did so many crunches yesterday, my tummy is a little sore today.

Anything else to say? Hmm. American Idol comes on for our family tonight and for the folks in Guam. So, I can't wait! I love all the music Nicki Minaj makes and I wonder how she and Mariah are going to get along. So, I can't wait for that tonight. Today is Noboru's birthday, he's 41 this year. I bought him a new motorcycle helmet which he picked out and he loves it! He's going to be using it today for the first time. He's working a swing shift today so going out to dinner isn't something we can do time wise. But I told him, whatever you'd like me to make, I'll cook it for your birthday dinner. He said "your spaghetti and meatballs" and I said consider it done! So he'll get home in enough time to quickly shower, and come and sit down eat his dinner and watch American Idol with us. : ) Spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread and salad for us here tonight. : )  TGIF everyone, we all made it. Enjoy your weekend. We will be enjoying here too. Plans for us for this weekend? Nothing, just staying home and relaxing. : )