Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bits and pieces from the week and thank goodness for the weekends

How's every one's week been going? Ours over here has been pretty good. We're into the school routine. It's been a quiet week. School as usual, Kumon as usual and of course swimming for Noah. We did go to the Gap Tuesday evening, but other then that, we've been just hanging here at home. Weather wise? Super cold, but no snow. Watched American Idol last night. I did see the argument/debate between Nicki Minaj and the other judges last night, when she got up and walked off set. I hope they can get along better as the season wears on, we'll see. Time will tell, but I hope so. I like all the judges but I could see what Nicki Minaj was saying regarding the lady auditioning.
Ran to the shops this week. DIY type store to pick up toilet paper and Kleenex and bar soap. However they were also have a super deal on the bath powders. The kind we use here at home. So, I bought 2, 1 is the shea butter that our family uses. And the other one looks like mikans by the look of the picture, right? But it's yuzu. Love yuzu. : ) They both smell fantastic. We do take a lot of baths after showers in the winter time.
And today I woke up, sent the boys to school. Feeling so glad today is Friday. Made sure they were bundled up in jeans, long sleeve tops, sweatshirts, puffer winter vests and scarf and hats. Dropped them off, waved good bye.  Let's see, 2 days ago, I went to the DIY in Ibaraki in the day time and also the cheap meat shop also in Ibaraki. I bought meats for about 5 days worth, still had some meat in the freezer already too. And this morning, I stayed in Chiba. : ) But I ran into the small city nearest our town and went to the bakery, to buy 2 fresh loaves of bread pictured here, they were so hot and fresh she gave them to me and said to not tie the top of the bread yet (I tied the bread around noon after it cooled all the way). We need bread every Friday, because I always make bacon and eggs Saturday mornings, so we need toast too, so we needed this and we also buy bread every Monday for the week also. And then I ran to my regular grocery store and picked up last minute ingredients. Tonight we're having chicken enchiladas for supper. Only thing I needed for that from the store today is a half head of lettuce. Did lettuce prices go up or what. And tomorrow we will be having karaage, macaroni salad, steamed veggie and miso soup and rice. Again the meat for that came from the cheap meat store so all I needed was flour and karaage liquid and macaroni salad from the deli. What else. We will more then likely have karaage the next night too since the amount of chicken on sale was huge, 2kg for 500 yen. We haven't had karaage in about 2 months. And Monday we will be having beef stew. I have the beef already for that, that I picked up in Ibaraki (cheap meat store) and have thrown in the freezer. So, for that I picked up beef stew roux today for 99 yen on sale. And some mushrooms and 1 carrot (already have potatoes and onions). The rest of everything else I have. I also picked up Kirin lemon tea for Noboru and the kids, Kirin straight tea for myself and 2 bottles of Mitsuya Cider (dinner treat/drink) and some jasmine tea and some yuzu mikan juice. And yogurt our family is lost without yogurt. lol.
Noboru says tonight is expected to be superly cold around where we live. He said the coldest of the year so far. Will be tonight. @_@ Yikes! Which is why I ran to the store, made sure I had every last minute thing, we might need for the whole weekend. That way we can just tuck ourselves in here at home. And not go anywhere. : ) Today is Friday. Thank goodness! The boys have nothing after school today, so I imagine they'll either play with friends on our street/around the neighborhood or Branden and Noah will be indoors here at home. I have a load in the dryer right now, underwear, long sleeve tee shirts, sweatshirts and socks. I did no treadmill today. I'm kind of just resting today. I have the TV on right now, I hear Dr. Phil talking in the background. And the 2 chicken breasts are boiling on the stove right now that I'm getting ready for dinner tonight. Soon, I will grate some of the cheese we bought at Costco. And then skillet fry the corn tortillas real quick and then I'll get everything rolled and stuff so that by the time 3pm rolls around, and the boys get home, I can just bring the boys home and whack dinner in the oven.  Stay warm everyone. Except for you dad, you're nice and warm in paradise already, hahaha, you can stay cool and breezy. : )  Have a nice weekend everyone. And we'll do the same. : )  ahh, my lunch I had today. Since I was at the store already, I picked up 1 croissant and 1 half egg salad sandwich. While watching Dr. Phil. : ) He's on for a few hours in the afternoons. And then I had this 1 donut from the bakery with a cup of coffee.  Anyway, have a good one, everyone. : )