Saturday, December 22, 2012

Things brought back from Guam

We didn't bring back a whole lot, but we were happy with what we brought back. A quick stop at the Game Stop.
Branden's long awaited (since his birthday if you remember) 3DS XL. He picked red.
Noah was lucky to get one of these also, but his is a Christmas present. Noah picked blue. It's now waiting under the tree, nicely wrapped. This is the only gift, he actually knows what it is. : )
Both Branden's birthday gift and Noah's Christmas gift.  These I kept safely in my carry-on when we came back to Japan.
A super small amount of things on the kitchen table this time around.
20 pounds of rice.
Chicken Helper.
Taco shells just cheaper buying there.
Enchilada sauce.
I love coffee! I allow myself 1 cup every morning and once in a while one cup at the end of the day. Not often at night, but about twice a week. With like dessert or what have you.
Grape jam is so hard to find in Japan, unless I drive all the way to Costco. And if I take regular roads, that's an hour and a half there and an hour and a half back. 3 hours is a little nuts for a drive to Costco imo for me personally. I could take the highway granted, but then that would be 2000 yen that way (toll roads in Japan) and 2000 yen back. So, that's why it made sense for me to get it in Guam, yeah this will last us and I hope the Costco Chiba New Town hurries and opens up. I know I keep saying it...but it will make my life 100% easier once it opens up. Baking soda.
Pasta sauce.

I let both Branden and Noah pick 1 special hot cocoa so they can have it Christmas eve. Branden picked cinnamon hot cocoa. They had caramel hot cocoa and mint hot cocoa. But the chocolate lover that Noah is, picked Chocolate Supreme. of course, what else would he pick. ; ) Ha!
Generic version of Cocoa Pebbles.
Coconut 3 Musketeers. This was a first for me, seeing this.
The mints (Tic tacs) are for me. And the rest are for family movie nights. And Country Time lemonade candy, yumm.
Pre New years oosoji is coming up. So picked these up.
Just a few things for my toe nails, and some volumizing mascara.
Fever reducer/headache meds for kids. Gee I have a bunch now. But I'm not going back until March. I think. And sunscreen SPF100+
I've mentioned on here before that Noah gets extremely dry skin every Winter. I do also. But it's Noah that I worry about versus myself having dry skin. Branden doesn't seem to get dry skin (lucky) and so I don't have to worry about Branden's skin, as much at winter time.... but he does wear lotion after his shower at night anyway. But Noah gets dry skin from his face, to his body, arms and legs. Everywhere. Every year I try new stuff on Noah. Anyway I was reading a magazine I brought back last time we were in Guam and this page, advertisement by Curel, made me think it's something I better buy and try. What this mom said in this picture convinced me to at least give it a shot. And the fact it was awarded the approval by the Eczema foundation in America.
Have been using this on Noah's skin since we got back and his skin is so soft. and on many lotions and creams before Noah would often say, "it burns mama" meaning the lotion is burning his skin perhaps some ingredient. Noah doesn't say that when I put this Curel Itch Defense on his skin. I think this is a winner for his skin. Now I can breath a sigh of relief. Because it's something I would often worry about. And Noah would often every winter, he'd itch his dry skin which only makes it worse, clearly. So, yeah for now, this "Itch Defense formula" is really perfect for Noah's dry skin.

Same color of hair dye. Bought 2 extra boxes.
Angry Birds undies for Noah. And undies for Branden.
Stocking stuffers. Santa Hubba Bubba bubble tape. Foil Santa. Hershey's miniatures.
Snapple pink lemonade jelly belly for a stocking stuffer. I thought these were cute and they'd like them.
Gingerbread flavored Peeps.
Remember this Christmas special that would air on TV. Rudolph. The boys have seen it, so I hope they'll like these as stocking stuffers too.
More different candy cane flavors. Root beer, Dr. Pepper and Orange Crush soda.
Picked up some extra wrapping paper. Thought these were really pretty.
Corn dogs for quick snacks.
These huge lasagnas are always on sale when we're there. So good to buy one and hide in the freezer.  That way, if there's ever a night when we were at swim school super late watching Noah. And didn't prep dinner, we could always throw this in. So emergency meal. lol. And not sure why this pic came out sideways, but it doesn't look sideways in my file/folder at all.
Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.
The crescent rolls are for Christmas dinner. And the cinnamon rolls are for Christmas morning.
Butter is for Christmas cookies. We are baking them today.
Pizza time. Again not sure why it looks normal but when I uploaded it, it came out sideways.
Cheese for the, from scratch gratin potatoes we will be making to go with the Christmas ham.
Yep every thing's on the up and up. This says rice. And the date we went through. Dec 11th.
This was for the ham. It was inspected and approved.
Honey glaze packet included and spiral sliced.
Over 10 pounds. 10.20 pounds. So this is a big ham. Last time we bought a ham at Costco it was about 5,000 yen and it had no honey glaze packet in it either. It was delicious too, don't get me wrong. It's just we happened to be there (Guam) and it was cheap/affordable.
A really big one. we are also going to have 2 roast chickens for Christmas dinner. We bought them at Hanamasa Thursday afternoon.
The price was right up my alley. I like to buy a cute calendar every year ,but I also don't want to spend and arm and a leg on one either though. At $4.99, it was perfect for us. This was cute and it was priced just right. Bought at Kmart.
The Wizard of Oz. One of my most favorite movies of all time. and it's a 16 month calendar.
I look forward to flipping it from month to month now. : )
And these magazines.
Our movie tickets to Wreck It Ralph. Told ya, we didn't bring back much. But, eh, we did okay. : ) we relaxed and swam a whole lot and that was our main reason for going. : )