Sunday, December 16, 2012

The elementary school marathon 2012! A first for Noah

December 8th, 2012. Saturday was our elementary school's marathon.  I had sent both Branden and Noah with a nice obento with onigiri inside. Since the note said to send "onigiri only" and nothing else. And an empty bowl and a spoon, which I did send them both off with those as well. One thing we were worried about was, would the weather cooperate that day? It was raining off and on, all the week we were a bit worried. If by any chance it would rain that day and the marathon would be postponed for the following day then our trip to Guam would be most definitely canceled. : ( So yeah, it was a little worry at the back of our minds. However Saturday morning as luck would have it, the sun was shining. Still bitterly cold granted, but no rain and that was good enough for me! : )
The kids would be running all the way around a huge rice field area. Way in the background in this pic. The 5th and 6th graders would run it twice, making a double lap. The younger grades ran it only once but wow it was a far run anyway!
That's the goal line in the distance, that I was approaching.
And then in the distance, I saw them! The kids get bigger as the line went on. Started with the first graders, 2nd graders directly behind, followed by the 3rd, 4th, 5th and finally the 6th graders.
Same sensei as when Branden was a 1st grader. The Yuka-sensei! And I can see that pinch of a yellow coat right there, I knew it was Noah!
The first graders got right down to business. They laid their stuff down, where their designated spot was. And they went right to the start line. They were stretched already and ready! It was really quick...all happened in a matter of minutes from the first spotting of them coming down the road.
This picture is called "look at all those proud parents taking pictures of their kids!" Bless their hearts! : ) This was a first for Noah and for all of these kiddos running in the marathon like this. So, we all snapped away. Me too! : )
Noah, calm as a cucumber.
One of Noah's friends chatting with him.
More chattering from Noah's friend. I love this picture of Noah!
I also like this picture a lot too. About 15 seconds after I snapped this picture they screamed basically...on your mark, get set....go! And they shot that cap gun or whatever it's called and blammo! The first graders all ran and took off. All of them, girls and boys together! But they did pull the top 3 boys and top 3 girls to the side who placed for a medal.
This pic was taken when the sensei's were screaming the...on your mark...get set...part! And then like I said...blammo they went running down the roads along the tanbo/rice fields.
As fast as they ran we barely had time to run to the finish area though they did run a 1K race. But they were so fast, we had almost no time at all. Because you could hear murmurs from the crowd..."they're coming!"..."far off in the distance, but they are coming!!!" Parents scrambling for their cameras, they had tucked away. I had mine in hand.  And thought for a split second..."Oh gee, what will the outcome be." yeah, I wondered. Too bad, I can't see what's happening way way way over there, I thought.
Number one kid came zooming past me about 3 seconds before Noah and #2. And as soon as I could see this picture, honestly I knew Noah had it in the bag! He would most definitely take 3rd place. Because he was literally right on the heels on #2. In fact if he could have ran a bit faster Noah might have had the chance to beat #2 and come in 2nd. And as for #4 he was honestly quite back there (sorry #4 gomen ne~). So yeah, I knew when I saw this that...Noah would indeed medal this time/year. That he indeed took 3rd place. Parents are shouting by the way. Go go insert name. So clearly I too had to cheer on my son too. So, I screamed in English...go Noah go!!!! And right there, as soon as they crossed the finish line... the Ueda sensei (5th grade #1 sensei) handed each child their pink card showing what number they came in! Also, this was a first time many of the hoikuen parents got to see Noah in action because many were shouting wow...Noah's hayai....meaning fast!
Yep his card is right! Noah came in 3rd. And I am very proud of you kiddo. You ran a good race, and you won 3rd place fair and square. You did your best and that's more then I could ever hope for. So after that race. I now had a lot of free time. Many of the 1st grade parents with no older children left. Sera's parents for example left after Sera ran, because they have no older kids and that's totally understandable. But those of us with older kids too stayed. Branden was not running until the 5th graders ran. So I decided to just enjoy the other grades races.  My really good friend, her son is a ninensei. He is very fast, he placed and won a medal also. I was very proud of him. So, yeah I enjoyed watching the other grades run. 2nd grade girls ran, 2nd grade boys ran, they ran separate in all grades except 1st grade. Then all the other grades ran. When we finally got to the 5th and 6th grade girls, I knew all these girls. So, I was cheering! Go Saya-chan! And so on. And then the 5th grade boys and 6th grade boys ran. Yay finally, I thought. I was ready!
Branden ran! I could hear many of his friends screaming go Branden! I also screamed go Branden! And then the marathon for 2012 was over. Noah did well. Branden did well. And I walked to my car and drove home. Noboru was back at the school warming up the soup they made that morning. And these 3 pictures below were taken by Noboru's fellow "Father's Club" dad friend. He knew Noboru's son had won a medal and he knew Noboru didn't have his camera/my camera. : ) So, since he had a really nice camera with really nice lenses, he offered and said, "do you want me to take some pics of your son and email them to you?" I'll email them to you after we're done. Noboru said, "that's very nice of you, yes please...if it's no trouble" So the pics below are from Noboru's Father's Club friend.
Also, because Noboru was making soup that day for all the kids since he's in the Father's Club, he got to witness the medal ceremony. Where as all us parents/regular parents (like me, lol) weren't there. And they were only there because they were handing out the soup, that's why they were there. Noboru said, the entire school was outside and on the microphone they called up the top/fastest 3 boys. Awarded them their official award and heavy medal around their necks. The entire school cheered. It was very windy as you can tell by their hair and the fact they all closed their eyes protecting their eyes from getting any sand/debris kick up. : )
Noah close-up!
Well done Noah and well done all three of you! : )
The medals came with a nice box and Noah's medal is now in the nice box and it sits along his shelf area on his school desk.  Anyway, there you have it, marathon 2012.  The boys got out of school at 1pm. I was at the plaza waiting. We barely had enough time to come home, both Branden and Noah switched to regular clothes. I put their thermos and obento boxes in the dishwasher, ran them on the quick wash, opened the dishwasher before we left. And we pretty much left to the airport.  Once we checked in and went through security and were near our gate, we finally relaxed and just sorta chilled out and unwinded all of us.  We all sorta needed it, lol. We were like..."wow, what a crazy day, right?" How funny/interesting.  Hahaha. And then we boarded our flight.