Monday, December 03, 2012

Proud of you Noah! A new level in swimming and a new level in English Kumon

Last Friday evening November 30th, 2012, our family took Noah to swim club. All of us went. It turned out to be a test day. Noah looks so small and tiny compared to the others in his swim lane. But he tested and he passed! So Noah is now a level 4! And you know this kid swims every single week, Winter, Summer, Spring and Fall. He has certainly put in all the hours. And so yeah, he deserves it! And I just want to say well done kiddo! You are our little fish and we're so proud of you! Sera's mom was there and H's mom was there (Noah old best friend from his yochien days, his mom) and they all congratulated Noah a lot downstairs. And he was pretty excited. And stuff. So that was really good news for our family last Friday. : )
You know again, certificate of achievements and advancement are something I should be putting on here. because again he worked hard for it. It didn't just come easily, it was hard earned.  Anyway Noah advanced another level in English, reading and writing at Kumon. He is now a level F.  Starting from A-1. All the way down the alphabet. That's a lot of hard work he's put into his English study. Noah is currently reading and writing at the same level as his American peers/same age in the US. And he has been putting in the hard work since age 3 when he started Kumon. Plus all the nightly readings I do with both of the boys. And English workbooks we do together at home too.  And the boys are going to a Japanese elementary school.  Not an international school. So for them to get up to this level. I am just really proud.  So enough said but....well done Noah. And I'm sorry I took so long to put this up, this says October 11th, shame on me for waiting so long to put this up. : ) I'm sorry. : )
And like I mentioned, the boys run at the school track every morning and for gym. Since it's marathon season at many elementary schools here in Japan. However last Wednesday was a practice marathon on the same roads, country roads they'll be running on this coming Saturday. For our real shogakko marathon day. Anyway, Noah loves to run. He loves all sports.  He's 100% jock all the way. Loves soccer, loves football, loves swimming. And he loves running. He loves it! Always has. Anyway he had been telling me and also his brother Branden had also been telling me, Noah's been running and coming in #1 and some days #2 and #3 most days at the school. However, Noah injured his leg last Monday. So we were uncertain if Noah should run last week? And if he should run in the "practice" marathon at all, last Wednesday. He's not hugely injured just a pulled muscle type and the nurse did recommend he stay off the leg. So last Wednesday, I asked Noah.  "Do you wanna run, if not I'll call the school and also not sign/stamp your running card" But Noah insisted....he wanted to run. @_@ Anyway so with injured leg and all he came in #4. I think he did pretty well. And personally like I always say and I really mean it. I wouldn't care if he was #4 or #54. But yeah anyway, Noah will be having his first marathon this coming Saturday. He is 1 thousand percent looking forward to it. So we will see what happens this coming Saturday. Also, any nervousness? None, while I tend to get nervous or butterflies before something big like this. Both boys don't get nervous at all. Not nervous with speaking in front of groups, zero nervousness about swimming in a swim meet like Branden did this Summer. No, neither of them get butterflies or nervous at all. Which is a good thing. : )
Branden came in 22nd. Branden did pretty good. He's racing with the 6th grade boys and his fellow 5th grade boys.  I think about 48 total boys both grades both classes.  So not the fastest but still, definitely not the slowest either. Branden loves sports and is a jock too. But he hates running. Absolutely hates it. : ) Branden loves swimming and could swim forever if you let him. He also *loves* soccer.  He could go outside and play soccer for hours running back and forth.  But running. He's very....meh~ About the whole running thing. @_@  he however loves walking and could walk forever too. I also love walking and hate running.  And running and coming in 22 isn't so bad. So what will Saturday marathon day look like? How will each of the boys do? Hmm, not sure yet. We will see. However, we are hoping for no rain. Because then it would be delayed another day and yadayadayada and that's crazy. So hopefully we can just get it over and done with this Saturday. : )

So nothing too major to say except, Noah's doing well in swimming, and his English studies are going well too. And he's so totally eager and can't wait for Saturday! He's so ready!

Branden is doing awesome in school. And we're considering letting Branden start swimming again or perhaps another sport in the Spring but it all depends on time.  Do we have the time to commit? That type of thing.

Anyway, I better go upstairs to my closet and see what I'm going to wear today for observation day today, And it's not a "come any time during the day" type observation day. It's instead a come the last 50 minutes and then stay for 2-3 meetings after that.  It's raining today, it's cold and the sky is gray. Tonight we are bbq'ing outside. Crazy right, hahaha.  This last weekend, Noboru said, you know what we haven't had in a long time? I said what? yakiniku.  So, we will cook outside today rain or shine and then just bring it in the house immediately afterwards. : )  Noboru will go to one class and I'll go to the other and then we'll switch mid class. : )

Can you just imagine us this Saturday? Noboru serving hot miso soup with his Father's Club guys. Meanwhile, me standing with the other bunch and crowd of parents all shivering in the freezing cold. Hope the street isn't frozen with black ice like how it was last Wednesday. Those kids could get really hurt, you know. : (  Running over that stuff. : (  The mornings here are real cold. yesterday morning was 31 F, which is below freezing, since freezing is 32F. So yeah it will be a cold morning watching the race, this coming Saturday. Hope my pictures don't come out all blurry since my hands will be shivering so much. : ) Ha ha ha.  Have a good race, Branden and Noah, and I hope nobody gets injured running over any possible black ice. Stay safe is all I ask and hope for.