Saturday, December 22, 2012

Making a Christmas cake with Noah at the local elementary school! Tons of fun for the ichinensei

Is everyone glad the elections here in Japan are all finished? Last Sunday was election day. Noboru went and voted at the local elementary school. We went with Noboru. I stayed in the car, though Branden and Noah went inside with their dad, we had plans afterwards so that's why we all went. They didn't take very long. Noboru knew who he was voting for and it didn't take but a few minutes. The boys came out with balloons. And chatted with a few of their classmates who were there with their parents as well.
Wednesday, the last official full/regular day of school. Thursday and Friday were super short days.  Anyway so Wednesday  December 19th, was Christmas cake making/decorating with the first graders.  And originally we were given notes a month before that we were to bake the actual cake. But the day before, we were given notes that the school decided they would go and buy in bulk the sponge cakes. @_@ Doesn't matter to me either way. And for what it's worth I think the reason that was changed is because "The Cooking Club", which Branden is in, was also making miso soup and rice on the stove that day and they needed the actual cooking room. Because I had to also make sure Branden was packed with apron, handkerchief and whatnot for Wednesday also.  This is the only pic I have of the class room from Wednesday. But there were all the parents and all the kids so this was a very full class.
Quite a few cases of cakes. And a huge box of whip cream. We each paid 400 yen, per family. And that paid for the supplies. What did we get for the 400 yen? 2 sponge cakes and 1 liter of whip cream. The note suggested us to bring whip cream if we needed more. I didn't think I would, but I brought it anyway, but I didn't need it (we have use for it here at home anyway). The note also said to bring fruit, and any Christmas decorations for the cake. So, I did that too.
I brought 2 knives and 1 plastic spatula thing. And in the tupperware was fresh strawberries that I washed and took the green parts off.
And I brought more things also.
I packed Noah with his bakers chef hat and matching apron. I bought 2 sets of these years ago. When Branden was a blue badge and Noah was not even in yochien yet. I knew they'd come in handy with living in Japan. Hahaha. And I was right. They were affordable and on sale when we bought them years ago. At Macy's. The Martha Stewart collection. ; )  Noah squeezing out the whip cream.
You're doing a great job kiddo!
See the flat box in the back? The brown one. Everyone was provided with a cake box too. So we did get a lot for our 400 yen, hahaha. : ) Plus the time spent with our kiddos. Was really fun!
Time for the 2nd layer.
Four dad's showed up. Noboru included. he's very hands on, he is. lol. : )  Noah and I were making it, doing very great. And then Noboru said...."can I try?"  I said, of course. So, we switched seats for about 5 minutes. And there he went.
Voila! Noah's Christmas cake! Keep in mind, for what it's worth, for most of us westerners, we grew up baking and making Christmas cookies versus Christmas cake. So this was truly my first time ever in my life making a Christmas cake. I had no experience making one at all. Literally zero. While most of the mom's in that room had years upon years of Christmas cake making skills under their belts. I was truly a newbie at it. And I just wanted Noah to have a fun time and hoped our Christmas cake would look decent enough. Hahaha. : ) And ehhh, I think we did okay. : )
Mama, had so much fun making this cake with you Noah. I hope you will remember the fun time we had, I know I will! : )
We brought the cake home and popped it in the fridge. And after supper we had the Christmas cake for dessert.
Branden was getting out of class Wednesday, exactly when Noboru and I were with Noah so the 4 of us all walked down the hill and to the tiny red car together and went home.
Also Branden came home with homemade mochi. The 5th graders pounded it on Monday and he brought it home the following day. This was the rice the 5th graders had planted. they planted regular rice and also mochi rice too.  And Branden said he enjoyed the homemade miso soup and rice they made Wednesday too. : ) Friday was their last day of school, for both of the boys. And they won't go back to school until January sometime. So our family is on Winter break now. : )