Friday, December 07, 2012

Heading to Guam tonight

We leave to Guam this evening. Should be heading to the airport in about 30 minutes actually.

So much to update about. Observation day. The hair salon, the freezing cold bbq we did outside. Though it was eaten inside, obviously and really yumm. : )

And the marathon stuff to update about that happened today. Noah came in 3rd and got a very nice bronze medal and an award!!! The medal is really nice and super heavy!!! It’s really nice you guys. Noah is really happy. Branden did pretty good also, he came in 20th, so even 2 better then last week. So he did pretty great too.

I had spent all Thursday at the hair salon getting that thermal hair straightening and Friday I spent the day packing for that was yesterday. Which is why my blog got quiet these past few days.

Anyway, didn’t want to leave everyone in the dark. So even if it’s just a super fast 2 minute blog least I tried to get everyone updated real quick. I’ll catch up with you all, when we get back. And then I’ll get all those posts up.....Observation day post, Marathon post etc etc blah blah blah up. : )

Alrighty, catch up with you all, when we get back. : )