Thursday, December 20, 2012

Guam trip (part 2) Wreck It Ralph, feeding the fish and more ocean and pool fun

Okay this was taken on Monday. The boys had no school Monday since they had school Saturday for the marathon. We had fun in the ocean and pool earlier, same day which was on the last post. And now we were at the Micronesia Mall for lunch and to see Wreck It Ralph.
But first check these out, eggnog latte, peppermint mocha and pumpkin spice latte. Holy goodness! Yumm. Didn't have time to try any, hahaha.
Good ol' trusty Taco Bell.
Branden had the chili cheese fries.
Noah had tacos of course and I had bean and cheese burritos. Hahaha. We are so predictable, Noah and I. : )  Noboru had nachos.
You've got taco smudge on your chin area Noah! : )
We enjoyed the movie a lot. Really funny.
And look at this version of the upcoming movie, "Oz the Great and Powerful." This poster looks a bit scarier then the other poster, right?
So Monday after the movie let out. We sorta just strolled around the mall some. We had a bit of time before our last dinner in Guam. After a while we headed back to the hotel, freshened up before dinner and then the 4 of us went to dinner. We went to Tony Romas. We had an e coupon for the fried coconut shrimp. Delicious coconut shrimp and free, so score. And the garlic butter with fresh warm bread was great too.
Noah still wearing his Hilton swim band. ; ) Ate his dinner. Chicken strips and fries.
Branden had the adults ribs and 2 sides.
My meal, ribs and my 2 sides were baked potatoes with butter and cheese.
Noboru about ready to dig into his as well.  After dinner it was still pretty early, but we headed back to the hotel and called it a night. We watched TV and channel surfed again. The next morning, Tuesday morning, our final morning, we woke up around 6:45am.
Tuesday morning, we woke up early. Got dressed brushed our teeth. And headed downstairs to the beach first thing. My dad was also set to meet us there.
Branden and Noah walking through the lobby.
Noah relaxing on a chair. Love this picture!
2 loaves of bread. The lifeguard watching the ocean part that's sectioned off, for the Hilton only guests told us the day before...the fish love bread. It's a favorite of theirs. So he smiled when we brought them some bread Tuesday.
The fish come all around you when you feed them. And the pieces need to be in teeny tiny pieces for their teeny tiny mouths. Hahaha. : ) Though some bigger fishes have bigger mouths, but we all just put them in tiny pieces.
Love you Noah!
Noah having the time of his life feeding the fish.
Noah's, really getting into it face! ; )
Still missing your 2 front teeth, eh? : )

Getting to see grandpa so often, such a blessing.
After the feeding the fish in the ocean was done, Branden and Noboru were swimming in the infinity pool. meanwhile my dad was warming up in the hot tub. Noah went into the hot tub, because he knew he would have to say good bye to grandpa that day. And he said he would miss him lots and lots. I understood. : )
My dad went to his condo and quickly showered and changed into clothes from swim trunks. And we all also showered quickly and changed clothes. We all went to lunch at the GPO before we would head to the airport.
Noah wanted to sit right in front of grandpa, so he could see him and chat with him before we left.
Branden meanwhile wanted to sit right next to grandpa and he chatted with him non stop. Grandpa/my dad got chatter boxed from the both of them. Hahaha. : ) Did you notice Noah had 4 tacos. Four! Yet he's such a toothpick. : ) Branden enjoyed KFC and so did I. And that was that. We packed up and headed to the airport. Hugged and kissed grandpa/my dad. And a see you later. And we were in line checking into Delta. We zipped through the TSA, the line wasn't long when we got there. And at the gate we waited. We talked..."wow what a relaxing trip it was, wasn't it?" Yes, yes it was.  And then we boarded our flight.
The first class/business class seats that don't lay down to a bed. And no TV monitor for each seat, like how the airplane we took there had. : (  Oh well, the food was still fantastic and the service was amazing.
We take turns sitting with the boys. The flight over to Guam, I sat with Noah. The flight home to Japan, I sat with Branden.
Probably my favorite meal I've ever had on a flight so far! It was very basic. Salad. Dinner roll with butter. Blueberry cheesecake (heavenly) and roasted chicken breast with rosemary and basic pasta, and steamed peppers and broccoli. So delicious and simple. I loved this meal. The boys, both of them, ate it all. Minus their crab  cake. Noboru ended up eating 4 crab cakes. Hahaha. Same how he ate 4 scallop servings on the flight there.

I enjoyed this while watching the movie on the big screen at the front. "What To Expect When You're Expecting" I saw this before on a different flight, didn't really think it was all too good the first time, but since I had nothing else to watch, I watched it again.
We brought home a big box of caramel pecan cinnamon rolls.
We had these the next morning warmed up in the microwave. With coffee and the boys had theirs with milk. These are long gone now of course. but wow, these were definitely worth bringing back to Japan.
Anyway, that's our trip in a nutshell, you guys. Sorry about breaking it up into 2 posts. : )