Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Guam trip (part 1) The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, and the upcoming movie "Oz the Great and Powerful" And beach and pool fun

So December 8th evening we had boarded our flight.  The airplane took off without any delay. And before you know it, the flight attendant passed out the menus and complimentary champagne or orange juice, I don't drink, so I picked an OJ. And then the flight attendant started coming around with her notepad. "What would you like this evening?" The boys and I picked the vegetable chicken curry. Noboru picked the fish.  The seats are the good seats meaning the seats that lay down to a bed. But the flight home to Japan were the crappier first class seats. lol.  Oh well. So, the good seats Delta has for our flight there to Guam.  The flight is barely 3 hours long. If you look closely at this picture you can see it says 2hr 56 min. So yeah as soon as you get to the level that you can watch movies it's under 3 hours already. So the problem (not really a problem problem ykwim) was the flights so short and the movies selection is so good. So, what movie to choose. This pic is the good and new kids movie "The Odd Life Of Timothy Green" or something like that. Paranorman (we picked this DVD for the boys Christmas present, lol.) People Like us. Rock of Ages.
Ted, omg! I have literally been "dying" to see this movie. In fact I haven't wanted to see a movie this badly in....forever! However I had asked for this movie for Christmas, so I managed not to watch it. Not watching this was so hard. And fwiw, some of my favorite shows are Family Guy and American Dad, and the guys who makes those made this movie, so yeah I really wanted to watch Ted. : ( Also I picked "The Watch" for a Christmas present also so again, really badly wanted to watch it but I held off. I think Jonah Hill is hilarious, so I am looking forward to this movie.
Brave. Again so many new kids movies for the boys to choose from.
The newest Diary Of a Wimpy Kids movie. This is the 3rd one so far. Branden reads all the books and loves all these movies. Noah likes these movies too. Noah watched Diary Of a Wimpy Kid flying to Guam this time. And Branden picked the movie at the right in this pic. Frankenweenie. lol. Branden said it was so good!
The newest Ice Age (the boys also are getting this DVD for Christmas.) Again there were just so many movies to pick. They also have the new episodes of Dexter on there too. I was considering watching that.  However I picked the new Batman movie.
Chicken vegetable curry with fried cashews. Loved the zucchini in this. This curry was delicious. Dinner rolls with butter. Chocolate cake and a yummy salad with goma dressing. The scallops, Noboru ate mine and the boys too. : )
You know, that morning, I woke up at a freakishly early time for a Saturday morning, stood in the freezing cold. The boys ran in freezing cold temps. And now...it was time to just rest and relax.  Boy oh boy did we all need it. : ) I watched The Dark Knight Rises and ate my supper. This movie was so long! Great but long. That would you believe, I watched the entire movie minus the last 3-5 minutes!!!! @_@ Gah!!! at the end, they said to everyone time to put your seats up and trays back yadayadayada. I thought OMG! Please let me finish the end of this. I tried to just finish it. The lady started collecting every ones headsets. And then that was it. : ( How did this movie end? Well, I assume Batman won and the world was a better place in the end. But as for specifics? I have no idea! Grrrr!  Anyway we deplaned. It was around 11pm at night. We went right through and collected our empty luggage right away. We got our rental car, picked up some drinks and went right to the hotel and right to bed for us all. We were pretty tired.
The Guam movie schedules are all online now days. As long a you know the names of the movie theaters. I have all the movie theaters names locked into my brain, lol. So, to cut time. I checked online to see the time schedule.  There were 3 main movies we had hoped to see. The last and final Twilight. Wreck It Ralph. And Rise of the Guardians. However since it was only a 3 day trip, we all knew it more then likely would be bumped down to 2 movies versus 3. So, we all looked online. I asked the boys, if you can pick only 1 movie, which do you pick? Rise of the Guardians or Wreck It Ralph. They both picked Wreck It Ralph and said it looked funnier. Okay, done and done. Then next was the last movie, what do we choose. Noboru jumped in and solved it for us right away. He said, what movie would you be most disappointed if you couldn't see. And I automatically said...Twilight. The boys have also seen the Twilight DVDs, here at home. They're not scary to my boys.... not even in the least or slightest.  I think for all of us, we all know our own kids better then anybody and it's a ymmv type thing.  So anyway....The Rise of the Guardians we'll just rent on DVD when it comes out or watch it on the next airplane flight, since it'll more then likely be on there next time. So yeah we picked the 2 movies that were the best fit for our family and then we checked the schedule. 2 movie theaters started Twilight at 11:45am. That sorta wastes a lot of the day. However the Agana movie theater started Twilight at 10:05am. Perfect! Saves time a morning movie! So we could get in Sunday morning first thing and watch it. Still have time for lunch even. So yeah we knew even before we left Japan Saturday..... that Sunday morning would be Twilight at 10:05am.  So, we woke up around 8am which is late for us. We all quickly brushed teeth, took turns jumping in the shower for  a fast 5 minute shower. And by 9:30am we were in the parking lot of the mall. Waiting. We even considered having breakfast first but no...we were going to have popcorn and nachos and drinks. Crazy first thing to eat in the morning yes, but that's okay. We were ready.  We were at the mall so early, we stopped to see the new flavors that Yogurtland had for the holidays. All the holiday flavors were listed, yumm.
Cinnamon roll, egg nog! Omg! I wish I was in Guam during those dates. Brownie batter. Strawberry rhubarb tart? Yumm.
Sticky toffee pudding, gingerbread (this sounds delicious) tiramisu.
Breaking Dawn was awesome! I feel we came full circle. And it did not disappoint. Definitely we were all happy getting to see it.  However and I must say this...you know how they show you commercials/trailers of upcoming movies? Who didn't *love* The Wizard of Oz" growing up. American country girl (Dorothy) dreaming of far away lands far away from Kansas, like when she sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow. And then all she wants to do is get back home. Gee, I think the Wizard of Oz played on TV in the US, around Easter, around Fall and winter. It played a few times a year. I think most of us had the VHS or DVD. We have the DVD here in Japan even. I have read that book  to both Branden and Noah countless times. And we also have Return to Oz. Imagine my surprise when we are just sitting in our seats waiting for Twilight. La Di dah! And blammo. I knew the first second I saw it...it was a movie about Oz! I am not a person who just gets chills for no reason or at the drop of a hat. But it gave me goosebumps right away. I am usually a quiet movie watcher but I squealed a bit and quietly said/whispered ...Omg Oz! And then I was quiet but yeah I was totally excited seeing the commercial! Gave me chills. It did. ; )
Look at the movie poster. The movie is about how the Wizard came to Oz and his experiences with that. James Franco is The Wizard. Look at the 3 witches.... Glinda is played by Michelle Phillips. Theodora is played by Mila Kunis and Evanora is played by Rachel Weisz. I cannot wait to see this movie you guys! And goodness the monkeys look a lot meaner then they did in the original movie. ; )
Starts March 8th in the US. I hope it starts for us in Japan then too. This is my next "must see" I can't wait.  The trailers are online if you want to see a peek of it. It's called.... Oz The Great And Powerful.
Anyway so after leaving the movie theater in Agana we were ready for lunch so we headed to the other mall Micronesia Mall. However, I popped into get my eye brow wax at the mall first. It's all at Micronesia mall anyway and my eyebrow waxes don't take but 10 minutes. Noboru and the boys sat while I quickly had my eyebrow wax. After I was done. We went to the food court and look at this. Hot Dog on a Stick is coming to Guam!!!! Micronesia Mall. It is coming! My favorite is the fried cheese on a stick. The boys love hot dogs and they love Hot Dog On a Stick. And I love their lemonade. Yumm. So Hot Dog On a Stick coming to Guam. Yay.
Subway and Taco Bell.  So by now lunch is done, it's 12:30pm-ish. and we already went to a movie, my eyebrow wax and lunch. We decided before ever getting to Guam this would not be a shopping grocery haul trip. Yes we would bring back a small amount. But we would limit our shopping to 2 hours only and anything else would have to wait until next time. Maybe in March or something.
We quickly went to 1 Payless grocery store, 1 Cost u less. And anything frozen or needing a fridge we dropped off at my dad's condo. Knowing we had a set time, helped because we very quickly went into Cost u less (we weren't in there longer then 15 minutes honestly.) Payless we spent about 25-30 minutes tops in. And then we dropped whatever like I said at my dad's. And then we had about an hour or so time left to spend at Kmart. We did. I think we were in and out in under an hour which was good. Really didn't need much...because we did our big shopping haul the month prior. And to make sure I stayed on track...the track I set. I purposely only took 2 suitcases with us. So we got the basic of basic things we needed or replaced. And we were done. When we left Kmart Sunday afternoon, but knew we'd still be in Guam until Tuesday evening. It felt nice just being done. Shopping done. Over. And now just rest and fun. Family time. Both Branden and Noah outside of the Hilton Guam. They always put up the prettiest holiday decorations in Guam. : )
Our family time. : )
Hi kiddos.
After we dropped off any toiletries or magazines whatever at the hotel and everyone went pee/to the restroom and washed up. We all headed to Yogurtland. Noboru's fave is always the basic coconut with no toppings. That's just his preference. Noah is the choco maniac so his is the far back one...belguim chocolate with chocolate chips and chocolate m&m's and this time he added gummy bears. Branden picked 3 flavors. Coconut, Amaretto Cookies and I think thin mint cookie flavor or something. And he picked cookie dough toppings, cinnamon toast crunch and chocolate chip toppings. I pick the same as always coconut with real shredded coconut toppings and granola toppings and the other half of my yogurt choice was Amaretto cookie flavor.I always pick the same topping and half is always coconut but the other half is always something different. We sat and lingered and just enjoying our yogurt. We talked about the flight over. We talked about the marathon race. We were laughing remember some stuff from that morning. We talked about Oz. Noboru says we should fly back to Guam for that. I said okay. : ) We talked about Hot Dog on a Stick.  The movie Wreck it Ralph that we would be seeing the next day. Should we swim first then movie? Or movie then swim? We talked about all sorts of stuff. : )
The simple things. Just the boys sitting with their mom and dad eating yogurt. Happy conversation. No real place we *have* to be. Just truly chillin'.
Man, this flavor was so good! : )  We later went to Pizza Hut for dinner and my dad came with us. We had ordered 2 medium pan pizzas and drink bar. Sorry I have no pictures from that. Again, we were just chillin'. I didn't even think to take a pic. But dinner was fantastic. Conversation was fantastic too. We dropped my dad off at his condo, versus us taking 2 cars just to go to Pizza Hut. And at 8pm-ish we called it a night. we had drinks we bought earlier from Payless for our trip. And we went back to the room. And Noboru went and got a bucket of ice. The boys took showers. Then I showered, we all took turns. And we all watched TV. The boys had Guava juice and lots of ice. I had a raspberry tea and lots of ice. Noboru had a soda with ice. We all watched TV, channel surfed until we got tired. We had planned a day of fun at the pool and the movie after.
Monday morning, time to wake up family!!! : )  Noah is waking up in this picture. Everyone else is zonkered to the world still! It was around 7am-ish. We all had a good nights sleep/ felt refreshed.
That ocean view from our room, the ocean is so crystal clear and so gorgeous. We headed to Wendys' for breakfast. And then right to the pools.
Branden playing!
Noah ready to catch the ball!
Family time, for the boys. Catch the ball Noah!
Go Branden.
Ball flying through the air. ; )
Hi dad.
My dad and Noboru chatting away as always.
They spotted me! : ) I wave and smile. : )
My dad would toss his sunglasses in the water and ask the boys "can you find grandpa's glasses?" It was a fun game for the boys. Noah found them in this pic.
My dad chatting with Noah.
My dad chatting with Branden. And now time for some ocean fun!
We can see the fish so well.
My dad kidding around with his grandsons. He's saying..."Noah help me" Somethings got me, come quick." Good thing nobody was around within ears shot. Hahaha, my dad the kidder. : ) Noah did rush right over though. : ) Branden was looking at the fish underwater at the time.
Noboru just relaxing.
I see 2 boys going up to the slide area.
Swoosh! Noah slid down.
Branden sliding down as well. At this point Noboru says, you should go too. I say, you know what, I should! Hold this camera please. And swoosh! I went down again and again.
The biggest Gingerbread house we've ever seen! lol. Every year they turn the ice cream and deli area in the lobby into a giant gingerbread house. : )
And yep, it is possible to get a fresh cut tree in Guam. : )  My dad had plans that evening and we also had the Wreck It Ralph movie plan.  So we waved a good bye in the hotel lobby and a see you tomorrow. : )  I'll finish up the trip in the next post. : )  I don't usually cut a trip in half but I have the Christmas cake, baking and decorating this afternoon at the school with Noah today and I better put a motor on it, if I hope to make it in time. : )