Sunday, December 02, 2012

Friday's lunch date and some Christmas shopping at Narita mall

Okay so last Thursday as you know, Branden and Noah received their final flu shot, so that is done. And then Thursday *after* the shots, I cleaned house, did laundry, prepped for dinner. And I also, colored my hair. Same color, same brand and color of hair dye for the past year, I like it. : ) Showered quickly to get the hair color out and then blew dry it and, went and picked up the boys from school and then took them home for a quick bite to eat and then to Kumon.  Meanwhile, Friday was set that Noboru and I would be going to the Narita mall. Because I wanted to get some of the Christmas only, special edition body butters and whatnots for part of my Christmas gift. Boy am I glad I didn't buy online though....though you can from The Body Shop Japan now online. But the scent, I thought I wanted most, didn't smell even remotely how I had imagined. @_@ So I picked something else. I saw online the cute body butter with cutest gingerbread man pic on the front. Oh how cute, I thought. I must have that! I have to. So, I had my heart set on it. And when I smelled it. Didn't smell like gingerbread cookie at all to me. Not a cookie at all in fact. : (  Instead to me it smelled very spicy gingery type smell and zero cookie or gingerbread man cookie smell at all. So, I admit I was a bit disappointed because the cute gingerbread man on the packaging was really cute. But yeah, the scent just wasn't what I was hoping for at all. : ( Bummer. However good thing is.....I ended up really liking the Vanilla Bliss and Cranberry Joy special edition Christmas ones though a lot. So, yeah I guess I am glad we did go to the shop and smell them first in person versus just buying online without smelling them first. Glad, glad glad about that. : )  We did some more shopping in the mall. And also, the Narita Mall has been totally revamped the downstairs part near Aeon, new shops and everything. However, if you live closer to Lalaport, stick to there. they still have better shops there of course. but for country folks like us, we are *really* happy they revamped these shops. Subway sandwich shop is now there. However Hard Rock Cafe is gone. Kaldi is gone however a bigger (meaning space wise/store shop wise then what the Kadi we used to have at Narita mall) in the mall opened a huge International market up to take Kaldi's place. What I mean is, the Kaldi at Narita mall used to be a small shop, smaller in scale but this new international shop is about triple the size of our former Kaldi. So a good thing for any of us living near here. Plus we do have a Kaldi near us at another mall anyways. So having 2 different shops now to choose from is just a bonus. This info is only helpful if you live near here, so sorry not very helpful in the long run for most reading sorry, but still worth writing it all out at least. : ) That's where I bought the boys Advent calenders from.  Anyway many shops have changed. But it's all for the better. Upgrade...not a downgrade, Narita mall. Oh they also have the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory now too. Anyway so we did our shopping and left and headed to our neck of the woods and went to lunch.
We went and had lunch at our favorite Indian restaurant. Favorite waiter was there too. He's always really nice and we chit chat with him, he's so awesome. Anyway, we enjoyed our lunch. Picked up some bread from the bakery and headed home. To hide another stocking stuffer. And then we went and picked up the boys from school.
Yes, Branden has this same exact obento box/lunch box on the left that is right/correct. However, in all fairness, I have I have to tell you guys this story.... we have 1 shelf for obento stuff. And although I did throw about 60% of the unused obento stuff we had away in Summer. Such as the winter metal obento things etc that I knew we'd never use again. But I did keep Noah's 1 regular obento and Branden of course has the long hamburger one. Anyway, one day about the start of October, Noboru was pulling something out of the dish cabinet, his obento box and he accidentally his elbow must have caught it by accident Noboru nudged Noah's obento out and off the shelf and it fell to the floor breaking the open and close piece on one side of the obento box. @_@ It was an accident so we just threw it away and called it a loss (couldn't be fixed). I did remind Noboru though, the next time Noah has an ensoku/field trip or needs a lunch we will need to buy Noah a new lunch box. But other then that, no worries. "For sure" he said. And that was that. Well...with the marathon coming up this Saturday and lunch being needed...clearly Noah needed a new obento box. So, while we were there at the mall, we picked up Noah the exact same one as Branden. Because #1 it's cute. #2 the price is really affordable on it. and #3 the space, this has a lot of space for lunch. fruit, dessert. It has a lot of space. Meanwhile they had the round obento hamburger too. And Noboru said, let's get both, that way he can switch between the 2 if he wants. I think he still felt really bad about breaking Noah's obento although he shouldn't have. Sometimes accidents just happen, you know.
If you have ever bought a character obento, you know how expensive they are. We've bought Thomas, Pokemon, Spongebob and they can be 1500yen and up. So 504 yen type prices for these hamburger ones was honestly a pretty good deal. The bigger hamburger one was 605 yen but still a great price.
The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory hails from Colorado. Durango Colorado  to be exact.  So, I was a little surprised to see this shop open up at Narita mall. At first I was thinking...."eyes are you deceiving me?" Hahaha. Turns out, I was seeing clearly after all.  : )Next I looked into the glass looking for chocolate haystacks. And sure enough they had 3 milk chocolate ones left.
Growing up, I have clear as a bell memories. Of my mom walking me into this old mom and pop chocolate shop (not the Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory), they made everything by hand.  She'd walk me in there once every other week just a special treat for her and I. And what I remember is the sound of the bells against the glass door making a jingle sound when we'd walk in....every time. Ohh that sound. Love that sound. And the other thing I remember is the smell of the chocolate hitting you as soon as you walk in. My mom always picked 4 milk chocolate haystacks. 1 for each of us for the car ride home, for her and I and 1 each for us at home. I am sure she bought some for my dad but I always remember what she bought for us, it was our special time together. The smell of the chocolate haystacks and the texture of all the coconut you could feel in your mouth. Yumm. I also remember when I was in college, I would sometimes walk into the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in Denver and buy a haystack or two for old times sake. And I think I bought some haystacks in Honolulu from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (these are everywhere now days ; ) or another chocolate shop. I told Branden and Noah my important to me, story of when I was a little girl and how my mom/their grandma would buy these for me as a special treat. So yeah, when I saw the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, I just had to look for them. I just had to. And so when they had the 3 left, we bought them.  I even asked the lady behind the you have any more? She said, ahhh sorry we don't. : (
Friday after dinner, I gave one to Branden and 1 to Noah, I split mine with Noboru., Wish they had more haystacks but they didn't. : (  Just as good as I remember. I won't buy them often. But maybe once every 3 months or so. A little treat for the boys. : )
The Body Shop.
The prices of these is a little high imo. But I do really like them. But, I picked only 1 body butter, considering the price. 2,625 yen. It was a real debate between the cranberry one and the Vanilla Bliss one. But I picked Vanilla Bliss. Smells like vanilla custard to me. It smells really good. And light not too overpowering.
It has snowflakes and a vanilla bean on the design on it and stuff.
In Winter in Japan, I seem to really need hand cream. My hands get so dry. They don't get dry in Summer or Spring. But come Winter they're super dry. I picked both hand creams.  Cranberry Joy and Vanilla Bliss. 945 yen each for such a tiny tube (30ml/1oz). They only come in small sizes, they have no bigger sizes. But, I was happy to get these for Christmas. I love these and Noboru will wrap these things up for me this coming week.  And again, I did also get other things, clothes  a couple DVDs etc. That's why I didn't want everything from just the Body Shop only. Otherwise I would have picked more stuff. but, I only wanted a handful of things from here because I am already getting things from other places as well. : )
I cannot use these or even touch these until after Christmas. Hahaha. : )  Oh well, bright side is.....something to look forward to. : )  So that was Friday day. The next post will be Friday evening. Sorry, I know I am really behind. But I'm trying. : )

Little blurb thrown in here real quick.  Tomorrow is observation day for both the boys. I am going to that. So that's Tuesday. And Thursday is my salon appointment for my thermal hair straightening. I made my appointment for that yesterday.  I am not planning on getting any length cut off, I will let them know they can snip off any dead ends if I have any, which is fine, but I really don't want any length gone at all. : ) So that's what's sorta going on here.  Also we are heading to Guam this month.  But we will be spending Christmas here in Japan. So, I really do have lots to say and update's just trying to find the time to sit down in front of this computer and get everything up and on here. But I am trying my best. : )