Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cold Stone Creamery ice cream spotted at 7-11 in Japan. And we’re back

 I live way out in the country side/inaka, so finding this was kind of a surprise, nice surprise but a surprise nonetheless. ; ) However, yesterday when I ran into the 7-11 to pick up a carton of yuzu water. I was surprised to see Cold Stone being sold at my local 7-11 in my tiny town here in Japan. So, just wanted to share this info anyway. Not sure if any of you have spotted it yet. If so then this info will be old news for you then. However this info could hopefully help someone. My particular 7-11 had this chocolate one and a strawberry one. Not sure if they will eventually come out with the specialty flavors or not. Would love to find the flavor/combo, "This Is How I Roll" the cinnamon roll flavor one.  But anyway, hope this info can be of help to someone. : )
Size wise, it's about the same type of sizing as those teeny tiny Haagen Dazs ones, if you know what I mean, if you live in Japan, you'll for surely kwim. Cost 270 yen or around there. So a tad expensive/high. I'd probably never buy one again, unless they came out with the signature flavors like the cinnamon roll one. But anyway, just thought I'd pass this info on at least. : )

Other then that, we are home. We arrived back home Tuesday evening. We arrived around 7:20pm-ish. And by the time we got out of the plane, walked through all those immigrations etc type things. And plus we went through the quarantine area for the Christmas ham we brought back and the rice, so that took extra time. And then we went home so by the time we got home it was nearing 9pm-ish. The boys took fast 5 minute showers and went straight to sleep since they had school the next day, Wednesday/yesterday. I unpacked yesterday and did 3 loads of laundry. Load 1, swim suits. Load 2, Guam clothes minus the swimsuit load done first and Load 3.... load of socks of everyone's and underwear of everyone's and any misc t-shirts or polo type tops. I also ran to the bakery for fresh bread and to 7-11 for yuzu water (where I found the Cold Stone.)

All this week the boys have a shortened school schedule so they get off at 2:20pm all this week. Next week is their last week of school and then they begin Winter break. I also have that Christmas cake baking with Noah next week at school for cooking class for the ichinensei. I have about 2-3 posts pre Guam to get up. Hopefully I can get up the observation post next. Then the marathon one will hopefully follow. The actual Guam trip post maybe Monday? Gee, not sure. But, I better get started on the pre Guam posts now. But...yep we are home. We did get here December 11th, Tuesday evening/night.