Saturday, December 01, 2012

Christmas party, the boys practice “marathon” and their 2nd and final flu shot for this season done and taken

Okay, I last left off at Black Friday/Japanese Labor Day.   So this is what happened next....Saturday, Noboru worked. And so my dad and Branden and Noah and I stayed home inside the warm house. It wasn't raining last Saturday like how it did the day before. But it was *really* cold last Saturday. And we had more then enough food here at the house so we stayed inside and watched TV, ate, talked. The boys did Kumon homework. We had lunch. The boys went and played in the backyard.  But for the most part, we all stood inside.  Sunday however the boys had a kodomo kai/ kids party but a Christmas one. This was held at the plaza of course. : ) But it was a Christmas kids party and was only for our housing community kids who go to shogakko. I mention this because I thought it was an elementary school, everyone is invited Christmas kai/party. And my dad and I went into the plaza. I was thinking we could chit chat with Sera's mom and a few of my mom friends. And I realized hmmm, there's nobody here except for who lives in our housing community. What's up with that? Hahaha.  And the only mom's present were the 6th grade mom's because they have to host it as a 6th grade/final year mom. That I do know.... since next year I'll be working that.  So, I did chit chat with the 2 mom's whose daughters represented our country town school in swim club like Branden did....they live in our housing community and both have 6th grade daughters. I greeted them and my dad and I left. Noah and Branden stayed with all the other shogakko kids from our housing community. So, since the boys were off enjoying the Christmas dad and I went and picked up some things for Sunday's/that nights supper. And then we swung around and picked up the boys from the Christmas kai/party. This is what Branden got, a snack bag and they have a drawing each year and last year Branden won a Spongebob cup. This year Branden won the One Piece cup. He was quite happy about winning the cup.
This is what Noah brought back, and his Christmas present he won was a badminton racket.  It's a Christmas raffle and you draw a number and that's how you know what you won. Sunday, Noboru came home, dinner was all ready for him. He saw that the boys enjoyed the Christmas party. "Daddy daddy look at my cup!!!! Daddy daddy look at my racket!!!!" So Noboru knew they had a pretty great time at their Christmas party.  Sunday was really nice. It was nice quiet and pretty cold outside.
Monday was just a day for my dad and I. Because, Noboru had to work. Both Branden and Noah had school. And so this was our day together, my dad and I. : ) We lingered here at home until 9:30am drinking a nice cup of coffee or two....enjoying ourselves and chatting away.... until the malls opened at 10am but we left the house at 9:30am.  We went to the nearest mall in the small city near our town.  We walked around the mall my dad and I. He looked at the men's clothing department. We looked at all sorts of things. We stopped at the Daiso. My dad bought a few things at the Daiso and also at the mall. Just a few omiyage type things.  Meanwhile, Noah had asked me for stickers the other day. And said a few of his classmates are trading stickers and could I get some next time I'm out and about. And I said sure. I had it written on my list so I picked up some Pokemon and One Piece stickers and he's been trading them since.  Also, they both were near out of tape and needed more Zousan-/elephant tape. So I crossed that off the list also. I also crossed a few stocking stuffer type gifts off my list as well. And so my dad and I enjoyed walking around and around 11:50am we went to Saizeriya for lunch. My dad had a pizza and the drink bar. I had a pasta dish and the drink bar too.  We must have sat there for an hour enjoying our conversation and drink bar.  I enjoyed my day with my dad a lot. And I knew he was leaving Tuesday/the next morning. We left the mall around 1:30pm-ish and headed back to my town. We unloaded our stuff. I need to hide the stocking stuffer stuff really well. And then we went and picked up the boys from the plaza.  We had dinner. We had a really great last night. The boys went to sleep around 8:30pm but Noboru and my dad and I stood awake watching TV and talking until 11:30pm. I went to sleep and the next morning, we got up, dressed and the boys had to go to school early since we were dropping my dad off the airport afterwards. We dropped the boys off at 7:18am-ish. And headed straight for the airport. Waved my dad a "see you later" since good byes are always sad. And we went home. Feeling pretty good that the time with my dad was so fun. The boys were super bummed out grandpa was leaving. But they know they'll be seeing him soon anyway so that helps.
While my dad was still in the airplane on his way to Guam. I ordered my dad some stuff on Cyber Monday (though it was Tuesday for us in Japan) Stuff I knew he'd love! And as you can see, the message says...Merry Christmas Grandpa (though you can't see the grandpa part, but it's on there. And it says Love, Branden and Noah.  So my dad is well taken care of for Christmas.  The boys, Branden and Noah are 98% done too,
This is a back track, sorry. This happened 2 days before my dad arrived. Tuesday. I  went into the attic and pulled out a few of my small Christmas trees that we usually have around the house both downstairs and upstairs. This one pictured is an advent tree and it has advent ornaments and it has colored lights, this is now out and upstairs.  And the tree with clear lights I put into the genkan/entrance area/hall area.
All my holidays I have in separate plastic boxes. This is one of my Christmas boxes, just one of them. The others I haven't pulled out yet.
I wanted all the Christmas door hanger-on folks on, before my dad got here for Thanksgiving.  Santa and snowmen are on all the doors throughout the house now. And as you know all the Christmas lights are on and done for outside.
This is the tiny Christmas tree with white/clear bulbs in the genkan area. The ornaments for this are fantastic. The detailing. This Santa for example has real glitter on parts of him.
The white "frosting" for this gingerbread man is really glitter. All the ornaments are pretty cool and this tree is, like I said,  in the genkan area. The only tree not up right now is my big tree that stands in the living room and I'll get him up this coming week.  But everything else Christmas wise the decorations are all done. Mini tree upstairs, mini tree in the genkan area, door knocker type decorations are on all the doors inside and the outside lighting is long done. Last will be the big tree in the living room.
Also before my dad got here I went to Sanki.  When I first moved to Japan a friend of mine told me, to get towels and blankets go to Sanki. So, if I didn't pick it up in the US I always went to Sanki. Anyway, I cruised over to my nearest Sanki and they had the fleece blankets that fit the twin bed type sizes 140cmx200cm.  For 999 yen. So hmm 1000 yen seems about the going rate. These were a nice weight thicker then the Nissen ones. Though to be fair, fwiw, both Branden and Noah love their Nissen ones go figure and say they are the perfect thickness for their beds. Anyway these Sanki ones were super cute colors and patterns the price was cheap/great and the size is great. I like something big enough it could cover you from head to toe type.  So I bought 2 from Sanki, because they were cute designs.
I like this one. It's eye catching, and really warm. And the price...loved the price.
This one was the same size and also 999 yen.
I liked the colors and pattern on this one also. Black with white flowers.  Anyway we have plenty of fleecy blankets now for cuddling on the couch.  Or if we do end up driving to Osaka at New Years we'll definitely have enough blankets for the road trip, hahaha.  Pack some pillows some snacks. It would be pretty fun if we go.
One day after my dad left. Wednesday. This was a practice run for the "marathon" our elementary school does every Winter.  This was just a practice run. 5th graders and 6th graders are running together.  I saw Branden walking up the road.  I was in my car and parked. I didn't exit my car I just watched from afar.
They all warmed up and stretched first. I know a few kids saw me. Again, I just wanted to see. And no one else was there mom/parent wise.  Branden is in the orange vest in this pic wearing his school gym clothes/pants and school gym sweatshirt.
And then in the distance...I see a bunch of teeny tiny shrimps walking my way! : ) Could it be? Could it be? While yes it was.....the ichinensei's!!! Yay Noah-chan! Go go go kiddo! But, again I just sit in my car. Trying not to bring any attention.... that yes I was there. I watched the kids stretch, and then they took off running. The 5th and 6th graders together first.  And then the first graders. the other grades ran/practiced a different day.
I saw them start running and then I went and ran my errands for the day. Store run and whatnot. Both the boys did see me. And that's okay.  As long as they know mom always tries her best to be there no matter what. of course I wouldn't want to embarrass them and ...their friends think I'm cool anyway. But yeah...I just wanted to see my boys practice their run.  And I'm glad I got to see it.
Noboru wanted heated grips for his bike. So that's what he's got so far Christmas present wise. Again, I listen to everyone and write down things they'd like.  He's gonna flip when he sees this.  During his commute to and from work each day he often says how cold his hands are. How he'd wish to have some hot grips. So, yeah....anyway I know he'll love these. And I'm still listening to him for any other ideas also. He mentioned yesterday he needs a new fleece so, I might pop down to Uniqlo Narita this coming week.
This has been my favorite drink for the past 2 weeks now. It's Yuzu Mikan. And I love anything and everything yuzu anyway.... but this drink is so freaking delicious! I'm thinking about buying a case next time I go to the grocery store. And when I stick one in the freezer and it turns semi slushy. OMG! Even better. Love this drink! I taste more yuzu then I do mikan and I do love both. But yeah this is my favorite drink this Fall/Winter 2012 for sure right now. : )
A Charlie Brown Christmas was on ABC the other night. Of course we watched it! And while my dad was here, we watched Frosty the Snowman. I am loving being able to catch all these Christmas specials on TV.  Even though yes we do own the DVD's for them.
Linus using his blanket to wrap the bottom of the tree with it.
Endings always cute!
I also made sure to have both Branden and Noah's Advent calendar ready. Looking for the chocolate in the boxes each day is always a special treat.
The numbers are all mixed up so they're really going to have to look very good to find the right date. : )

What else, basically my dad left Tuesday. Wednesday was the boys "practice marathon" and Thursday morning the boys went and got their final flu shot! So they are 100% done flu shot wise! And Noboru always gets reimbursed from Delta for our flu shots so for us they're free basically since he gets reimbursed for all 4 of us.  Anyway that's it for now.

Oh yeah it rained and turned to snow here about 30 minutes ago. Big heavy watery type snow but turned back to rain when it hit the back patio. Started picking up faster and faster. Started to wonder if it would start to stick but just stopped. Now it's not raining or snowing. @_@. But yeah it's a cold one here today.