Friday, December 14, 2012

Branden and Noah’s winter observation day! Yakiniku bbq in the backyard! And the Denver Broncos vs. Raiders game and my thermal hair straightening

 Tuesday, December 4th, 2012 was our elementary school's winter observation day. We have them in Fall, Spring, Summer and Winter, hahaha : )  I really enjoy going to observation day personally because I like to see what the kids are doing and learning. Who their friends are. etc. And it gives me a chance to talk to the other mom's and dad's. And interact with the teachers. I often say on here that my favorite observation days are the type where you can go anytime of the day. This is perfect for most of us. I have a few mom friends who work for example and one works at the local mall which opens at 10am. And this type of go anytime visiting day is perfect because even she for example can go and watch her child before work and she feels happy she got to partake in the observation day too.  This also works perfect for parents with multiple kids in the shogakko, like me who have a 5th grader *and* a first grader. This way I can go to see one son and then next class visit the next son. And they both get my full 100% attention. So yeah my favorite type of observation day is the "you can go anytime of day" observation day. My least favorite observation day is the "you go to the last class only" observation day! I really dislike this type of observation day a lot. Because Branden and Noah only get half of our attention before we are zooming off to the next child. Noboru and I take turns, I watch one son first half, meanwhile he watches the other son and we switch. This is okay-ish....but I feel often I am entering someones class where I am only understanding half of what's going on.... because the instructions were given out at the first/ start of the class. So....having said all that. December 4th was a go to the "last class only" observation day.  Noboru's and my plan was originally, I go to Noah's class first half, he go to Branden's class first half and we switch in the middle of class. However now add in this wrench into the mix. Noah's class was called "play a game with your parents" So, was I to play half a game with Noah and then Noboru enter the last half and not know what was going on at all? Do you know what I mean? Also...Branden was having English and he wanted me there for the whole thing also. After lots and lots of debate. We decided what was best was for this time....I would attend Branden's observation day only. Because he was doing English and that's clearly my strong suit out of the other mom's. Hahaha. So, yeah I was most needed for that. Noah meanwhile was fine with having daddy/Noboru being with him the whole class because it was just a bunch of active games and Noboru is perfect for that.  However, I only have 1 camera and so, since I was going to be with Branden the entire time. Noboru took my camera and took pics of Noah and his observation day. So long story short. I have no pictures of Branden's observation day because I was actually with him and Noboru took my camera to take pics of him since I couldn't be there.  Here's a pic of Noah playing with his guy friends. Best buds!
Noah taking a turn here.
I wish I could have been there and watched Noah. But, I know he had a blast with Noboru.
See, this super cute girl with the purple pony tail ball thing. That's Lily-chan. She and Noah are really good friends. Out of all the boys, Noah is her favorite boy that's a friend. And out of all the girls, Noah's favorite is most definitely her......Lily-chan. : ) She goes up to my tiny red car at the plaza everyday and waves at me or Noboru depending on who's picking him up and also waves at Noah. She's such a cutie pie. And she lives in our same housing community. According to Noboru his mom approached Noboru on observation day, when this picture was taken and said, I am so glad Noah and Lily are such good friends and please let Noah come to our house anytime to play. Noboru said same goes for Lily that she's welcome anytime. : )
Meanwhile, Branden's English class was so fun! All us mom's were there..... all us 5th grade mom's. We all watched. They did English greetings, they played Bingo. They sang songs. It was pretty funny. Us mom's were cracking up, because one of my mom friend she's just so funny The teachers said a "what's this game" and they had a picture of a shoe...we all had to scream out what it was as fast as the word came into your mind, both parents and I screamed shoe and many screamed shoe, the funny mom screamed out....slipper! Everyone turned around and laughed and just in fun they told her..."are you kidding?.... that's a shoe not a slipper." And she is so funny she said and no she wasn't mad at all....everyone was just having a ball but she said..."well I don't have my glasses on, so do I get half points for that?" hahaha! I said yes she should. And some were saying yes but some mom's were laughing some said no points! Teachers were laughing. We were all laughing. Honestly English class was so fun that day. I laughed so hard that afternoon. Especially funny mom, man she can crack up anyone! She's so funny! Literally before you knew it, class was over. The bell rang and I was glad I got to enjoy Branden's class 100%. And gee those mom's are a hoot! I had my keys to the MPV, Noboru had his keys to the MPV.  And whoever gets there first we said depending on who gets out of their meeting first. I somehow got to the MPV first. Then Noboru about 3 minutes after me. Not too far behind me. And then the boys came out and down the hill and met us at the MPV about 5 minutes after that. And we were done. Winter observation day done for 2012.
We had yakiniku that same night as observation day if my memory serves me.  It was marinated all day. It was white meat chicken breast and Noboru had beef or pork. We also had mushrooms also that were well marinated.  So cold outside. But we ate inside so it didn't matter too much. We just ran outside every couple minutes, hahaha. : )
It was a simple but delicious yakiniku dinner that Tuesday. We wrapped out marinated meat with a little rice in lettuce leaves and some kimchi.
Did any of you take the "Gangnam style" poll on Yahoo, last week? Like this says, "thanks for voting", I took the poll. I voted for, "I'm over it" It was all the rage, end of Summer and maybe start of Fall. Believe me, Branden and Noah were all doing the horse dance around the house, as was I. But late Fall and up until now. Meh~ I'm over it.  Was totally good while it lasted though and fun! It was on heavy rotation on the Honolulu radio station and Guam radio station I listen to via my itouch when it first came out. Now I rarely hear it, as often anymore.  Less and less air time for sure now. But when it was sure was a hot song! : )
December 6th was the Denver Broncos vs the Oakland Raiders game. It was on Friday morning for us in Japan, December 7th though.  We were all set to watch it. Also, what was so funny is our friend. One of the guys who lived in Honolulu when we did, who was also sent there for the same amount of years as Noboru and we all lived in the same condo complex. Anyway, T, was an exchange student in California and so he was/is as hard core a Raiders fan as Noboru is about the Broncos. Anyway, one thing they have in common and they are great friends is they both like football a lot.  And working for Delta, how each employee uses or chooses to use their travel passes is always as different as the person. For example, Noboru has 1 coworker and he and his wife *love* Hawaii. They love it! He was one of the Honolulu guys too. Anyway so every chance they get, they fly to Honolulu. Not to Guam, Not to the mainland US. Nope, they go to Honolulu about 3-4 times a year. Yep but that's okay that's their hobby and #1 destination. Then there is another of Noboru's coworkers and his hobby or travel choice is he is in love with taking those ocean liner cruises, ykwim. Like the Love Boat type cruise. Except he's married he's got kids and their favorite cruise is the Disney cruise. They use their travel flight benefits and fly to Florida mostly or LA (they did that once, last time, if I remember correctly) and take the cruise out of there. They go about twice a year, for a full week at a time. And we often see the pics and those are always super cool to see. They love those Disney cruises and that's their thing. And more power to them. He also has a married coworker and he and his wife go to Europe a lot and I do mean about twice a year could be even 3 times a year, he has so much knowledge about it.  Now back to the story...T's thing is...since he's a Raiders fan, that's his thing is the Raiders and sports. He often will take his vacation days and he will fly to California and watch a football game. He also btw went to the World Cup in South Africa. So that's his hobby or thing. Sports and the Raiders. Ykwim. Noboru's and my thing. Hmm, not sure we have a particular place. We sorta go to Guam a lot or to Honolulu sometimes and Denver every once in a while but no....we don't seem to have a specific particular 1 point. Anyway...T took his days off and he was set to fly to California and watch the Broncos and Raiders game. Lots of teasing from Noboru to T back and forth. Whose team would win. T told Noboru he thought the Raiders would lose since they have lost the last 4 games in a row or something like that, so he wasn't so hopeful. But yeah so we watched the game here at home. Meanwhile we knew T was in the stands somewhere when we watched the game live.
When it was pretty much in the bag for Denver, Noboru emailed T's keitai and said..."we're watching from here. Go broncos" he wrote back right away and said bummer and all that stuff. They both laughed and stuff via their messages.... however he did send this picture to Noboru live from the stadium...down below!
He said..."Raiders always and forever!" See how they kid eachother. Noboru lol'ed to that. Anyway, T's wife is preggers right now she should be giving birth in June some time, we're all very excited. But was funny. He sent us this picture!

My hair straightening went great. December 6th. My appointment was set for 10am, the first appointment of the day since they open at 10am. I was waiting in the parking lot since 9:45am-ish. with the car heater on. Left at 1pm! OMG it's such a long appointment and long time to be sitting in a seat. I brought a stack of American magazines and read them, every last paragraph. So the mags I bought November 1st when we got back from that Guam trip were read 100%. They washed my hair, conditioned it first thing blow dried it. Then they put solution on my hair for 10 minutes or so, wasn't really paying attention could even have been longer. Then they washed it again. Blow dried it, flat ironed it. Every last piece this took forever, them flat ironing it....took 2 ladies to flat iron my hair... then they put warm solution over the freshly flat ironed hair and let it sit like that.... for another set time. then they washed it all over again gave me another conditioning treatment. Massaged my head and shoulders which felt really fantastic btw. Especially after sitting there for what felt like forever! Then they blow dried my hair and cut it, just the tiniest trim, I did mention please do not cut my hair ,unless it's dead ends, because I am growing it out. So she cut only like the tiniest amount. A mm, lol.  Then she blow dried it on cool to take any hair bits off and then she flat ironed it for real this time and I left. On one hand, hate getting it done, because it's so time consuming. But on the other hand, love getting it done because then my hair is so easy to do at home for the next 4 months. Until it gets regrowth at the root area. So it's really feeling getting myself to the salon for me. But as always glad it's now done and won't have to think about it now : ) Met Noboru at Saizeriya (same mall as the hair salon) for lunch (he had went fishing earlier) left an email for me and said he was at the same mall at the bookstore and if I had time let's go to lunch, so I called him after I was out and we had a fast lunch since we had to pick up Noah at 2:30pm.  Noboru said, "wow your hair got longer, didn't it?" I said, I know right? When wave is uncurled it does get longer. It's now definitely below my shoulders. About 1-2cm below my shoulders but below my shoulders it is. My hair appointment was Thursday December 6th. This was the only time I could fit it in. Because  we were set to head to Guam Saturday evening December 8th. And considering this was a "relax swimming by the pool" type holiday coming up for us, and considering you can't wash your hair for 24 hours after getting a hair straightening. So I had to either get it done on Thursday or....wait until after we got back from Guam. Friday was the football game and I wasn't available Friday, lol. Plus I wanted freshly clean hair for the marathon also, didn't want to show up all grease pit looking, kwim. Also consider when the boys start winter break, they won't be in school and there for me getting to the salon when the boys are home isn't so good either. Though I guess I could do it on Noboru's day off but...sometimes we like to have a family outing.  Plus the other day I had open/available I was busy at observation day. So yeah...this was really one of the few days that worked for me. So this was the day...the best day for me to head to the salon. that way, I wouldn't wash my hair Thursday night. I waited until Friday night to wash it. First time since my thermal hair straightening. And then next time I washed it was in Guam Saturday night after we arrived. So yeah...this was the only day that perfectly fit for my hair appointment.  So glad the ol' hair is done. it's sleek and straight, below my shoulders a pinch already and growing. It's actually a very fun length for my hair right now.  I had us all packed and ready to leave to Guam since Thursday night. And Friday, I had the football game in the morning and prepping for the boys obento for Saturday's marathon. They each needed to bring onigiri. And an empty bowl for the soup that Noboru and the Father's Club would be serving to the entire kid population at school Saturday.  So any nori or sprinkles, I needed to pick up at the store, I had to make sure I had what I needed. Friday night we all went to sleep super super early. Noboru needed to be at the school by 7am. And I needed to have the boys at the school by 7:20am, and from there I was heading to the marathon area/rice field area they were running at. I had to be awake by 5:30am Saturday make the boys breakfast. Pack their thermos. Onigiri. I only wore MAC under eye concealer and MAC Studio Fix (powder foundation) and nothing else makeup wise. It was way too early Saturday morning to wear anything else. I had on a black long sleeve top, a pair of boot cut jeans and my fleece peacoat and a pair of New Balance sneakers. I dropped off the boys and I went directly to park my car along a tanbo/rice field, where Noboru suggested I park the day before. Which was the perfect spot. But more on the marathon in the next post. I got some excellent pictures from that day. : )

In the news.  A Justin Bieber murder plot? OMG! Did anyone hear that, I saw that on Entertainment Tonight last night! I was shocked. I was like...seriously? @_@  Yikes!  And then there's the whole.... DJ's calling the hospital and the nurse who committed suicide after that. All very sad news. I heard the DJ's have since been fired/let go. Just so much going on in the world now days. And this morning, I wake up read yahoo news and....a deadly shooting in Conn. At an elementary school : ( Hold your loved ones close, you guys. Take care all of you. Please. And plus wasn't there a shooting at the mall earlier this week also. Wow. Just be careful everyone. Please.  Our plans this weekend? Staying home. Christmas shopping's all done. We're finished with everything, now we're just in relax and enjoy the holidays type mode. : )