Sunday, November 11, 2012

Things brought back from Guam

Alrighty, here is the ol' what we brought back from Guam post. Here is our "cleared quarantine" sticker marked November 1st, 2012.  Like I said we arrived back to Japan late in the evening.
Inside one of the suitcases was this cooler box which kept the frozen mac and cheese still frozen. It was still rock hard by the time we brought it home, same with the other frozen stuff.
This pic was taken the next morning, Friday morning because the boys were taking omiyage/gift to their class that day. Two of these were for our family though. The choice in flavor was "Now and Later" flavors. Sour gummy worms flavor of candy canes or chocolate mint. Noah picked the flavors he thought his class would like and Branden picked the flavors he thought his class would enjoy the most too.
Hershey's chocolate mint. We had some of these last year, omg they were so good!
We brought a lot of food back, but then that's because we were totally out of everything. : ( So we needed a restocking super badly.
Two huge boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch from Cost u less. And a normal size box of Peanut Butter Captain Crunch.
A 5 pack of turkey disposable roasting pans. So 5 years worth of these basically since we usually only have turkey on Thanksgiving. : )
The double packs of stuffing, chicken flavor bought from Cost u less. And a huge poultry gravy.   Our poultry gravy was almost out, so it really needed to be replaced especially with Thanksgiving coming up. And they do sell turkey stuffing, I just have always personally thought the chicken flavor stuffing tastes better, don't ask me why....I just do. : )
Thanksgiving stuff. We have 1 can of whole cranberries. 3 cans of pumpkin pie filling and the evaporated milk needed, we also have 1 extra pumpkin pie filling in the pantry so 4 pumpkins pies total for the winter. And 2 cans of jumbo sized olives.
Pasta sauce, just makes my life way easier always having these in my pantry.
Chef Boyardee for the boys. And chili beans without meat.
Tostadas, pork green chili and beans, you name it, I'm ready for Winter a bit now. Again, a taco Bell drive thru would be nice but hahaha in my dreams. So now I just make my own stuff thanks to my handy dandy cookbook. : )
Irish creamer. I bought 2 of these in July. And yep, I ran out a month and a half ago. : ( Bummer! Hopefully these will last me until whenever we get a chance to go back.
Huge size of chili mix! And corn bread/muffin mix. Winter cooking....again I am getting ready.
Chocolate pudding, not enough to last all winter but enough to enjoy November and half of December for sure. : )  They are all in the fridge now. Though they need not be thrown in the fridge they sure do taste good nice and cold though.
It's always a little hard shopping while living overseas. I have to imagine..."what I might need" or what I'd wish I had bought and now regret that I didn't buy. Hahaha. That's always a tough call. However last year I bought this same Gingerbread mix and we decided to make gingerbread cake versus cookies. And it was delicious and simple with just a dollop of whipped cream on top.  So when I saw this, I knew we had to buy one. We'll use it in December sometime. And also saw this, pumpkin spice quick bread also, Not sure if we should have this in November or December but I'm leaning on, December. Since November we'll be having pumpkin pies a plenty anyway.  So, yeah I better just hold on to this one. Maybe even first week of January would be good too.
Two packs of brownie mix and graham crackers for homemade cheesecake.
Heath toffee for toffee cookies and 2 packs of chocolate chips.  For winter cookie baking with the boys.
Expires late Jan 2014. This was literally being unloaded at Cost u less, I'm seriously kidding you not. When we were in the store. I bought a new one unfortunately even though we pretty much pack really really well. This one had a bit of a problem getting back to japan safe and sound. : ) You see, it was too big to fit in a gallon ziplock also. @_@ But yep it leaked a few oats in my luggage which was fine, they are dry oats after all. I just took it outside flipped it upside and shook them out. And 99% of them were still in the tube/cannister anyway. But I knew the oats needed to be transferred.  So, I put these oats in a gallon freezer bag minus the container.
Yep the container had to go in the trash and now these oats are in my pantry in a gallon freezer bag.
Chips for all those leftover Thanksgiving sandwiches.
Extra popcorn even though we bought that case at Costco and have most of it still. And popcorn salt. We tried this popcorn salt, it tastes weird. Which is funny because we have tasted and liked other brands of popcorn salt before. Hmm. Oh well, live and learn I have already made a mental note of not buying this particular brand of popcorn salt in the future. : (
We use the Progresso Italian style breadcrumbs often for chicken Parmesan.  So needed the two big ones. And Lawry's garlic spread, this is the best flavor for garlic bread. And parmesan cheese for sprinkling on foods. Like pizza and pasta ykwim. : )
A big jar of Miracle Whip. Again Thanksgiving sandwiches in mind.
Syrup, my fave. Mustard powder for homemade from scratch mac and cheese. Pure vanilla extract thinking about those Christmas cookies coming up next month. And pickles, for grilled cheese sandwich etc etc.
No rhyme or reason here, these were just leftover from our stay, and I can't bare throwing something new/unused away so I brought them home. : )
Value size cinnamon flavored toothpaste times 4.
Underwear for the boys. Noah picked the Transformers and Spiderman. And Branden picked simple basic undies, Hanes.
I went through my underwear drawer before we left and separated all my undies...keep or throw. Anything old looking went in the trash. And so, this trip, I picked up 10 pair of bikini undies and 6 pair of low rise undies.
Noboru needed socks.
With lots of holiday cooking, just thinking about rinsing off that turkey really well, before throwing it in the oven, this "kitchen hands" will be perfect for washing my hands afterwards. It's lemon and lime and cuts smells. And the shea butter one for the upstairs area.
Dish soap.
Three of my favorite deodorants and 2 deodorants for Noboru.
Tic Tacs in my favorite flavor. 
Our candy canes, Hershey's chocolate mint and sour gummy flavor.
Two huge bottles of Aveda knock off Almond and Shea butter shampoo and 1 bottle of conditioner, same scent.
This really does smell pretty good.
So, I'm putting my Aveda knock- off bottles into my cart. And this girl/woman/ lady. Mid 30's with gorgeous sleek soft hair, I noticed her hair right away and she bent down and without hesitation or pause....puts these bottles into her cart (without pause like/meaning she buys this particular one all the time type manner). Meanwhile between you and me....I don't want to look like I noticed her nice hair or what she bought, but yes I did. Ha ha ha. So naturally, I waited for her to leave the aisle. Because well.... I don't want to look like a lemming. lol. So when she left, I bent down pulled the shampoo out and read the label. Hmm, a knock off also I thought. I like the knock offs Suave  makes/has out and I haven't seen this one before. Then I opened the bottle took a sniff and, OMG this smells amazing! Like heaven in a bottle. I read the bottle a bit better and it said low sulfates.  That sorta seems to be "in" now in the US, because I see the commercials for order online "low sulfate" shampoos. "hmm I thought, should I????..." The cheap. Pantene at the Kmart in Guam are around $4 and $5 depending on the size. I mean they could have a sale but not that day. These Suave knock offs are like $2 something/and change (probably cheaper in the mainland but not bad for Guam plus no taxes). And yes don't forget to, factor in the exchange rate. So, I bought 1 of the shampoos and 1 of the conditioners. And I'll try it. I'm game.
Smoothing shampoo, hmm no wonder she had such smooth sleek hair. Anyway, I'll try it and let you know. lol. : ) Knock off of Keratese.
This body wash has the most simple scent. I have bought this and posted this same body wash before. I just like this. I try to buy it once or twice a year. it's heavy, so I don't buy it more then that. : )
These I have been waiting for. Looking forward to. I keep seeing the commercials for the Coco butter scented Vaseline. And the commercials for the the coco butter lotion. I even mentioned to Noboru the week before we left when the commercial came on, I said, "scented Vaseline" I mean they have had the cherry one in the tube for your lips for years but....coco butter. And with Fall and Winter. I wanted some! I put it on my list. and when we grabbed the cart, I said, "please you guys don't let me forget to look for the Coco butter Vaseline" they might not have it in Guam, I thought but I'll check! It was the first aisle we went down. When I saw it, I squealed! yep, simple things like this make me happy! What can I say. I grabbed 1 tub/pot of it, put it into my cart and also picked up the lotion. And I have been using the lotion on the left in this picture on Noah every night because he gets very dry skin in the winter. Branden is lucky in that he doesn't get dry skin like Noah does. But I do use it on  Branden's knee caps, lol. : )  This smells so good.
Like the bottle says, "caring for skin since 1870" This makes the boys skin feel really soft.
One extra box of hair dye. I have 2 boxes left now, I had bought quite a few of these last year and I had 1 here left and so I didn't want to buy too many so just bought 1 extra. Now at least I know 2 months are cool. No worries. And worst comes to worse, I do have a few colors/shades and brands I like here in Japan.
This falls under the category..."hope I don't need it of course.... but if I do, I'm glad I have it"  They had a box with 36 or whatever (I forget... sorry) tablets that was close to $8.  This was a box of 18 tablets and $2.80 or $3. I just know me.....I would never use 36 or whathaveyou before they expired. Frankly speaking I doubt I'd use 18, but this was the smallest amount they had. I'm sure I'll use 5 before they expire in a few years. But yeah, at least I have them, hope I don't need them. But peace of mind I do have them.  And yep, they are brand X, the store versions and I don't mind buying store brands/versions at all. It saves us money to spend it on something else, or to save, ykwim.
Big bottle of generic kids fever reducer. I also have 2 bottles here at the house also. This I like to have on hand if the boys ever should have a headache, fever or whatnot. Generic chest rub, the upper left corner says "compare to "Vicks". The Vicks in Japan isn't as strong imo. The one in the US has more oomph... more of a kick! lol. : )
I have bought these in the past before. But I made a point of going on and checking what is the highest rated chest decongestant for kids? And this was very highly rated, I read all the reviews and I had to agree. Again hope I don't need this but peace of mind if they got sick and we'd at least have something.
We have been using Dimetapp cough meds for the boys. And  though they are rarely sick. I notice The Dimetapp, doesn't stop their cough completely. So, yeah I had a wonder and thought to try something else. And so again I checked on and checked what is the highest rated cough suppressant? What do fellow parents/mom's and dad's say about it? This "Delsym" was so highly rated and loved. I read every single review. One woman said, my daughter had a horrible cough and the doctor gave her a prescription cough liquid and she was still coughing. So the mom said she bought this at the store and it completely stopped her daughters cough! @_@ Those types of reviews. One adult, said, I have had this persistent cough and I tried this on myself and my cough stopped right away. And every single person said...this is the best tasting cough medicine I've ever had. @_@ And I do mean multiple of different folks all saying the same stuff. So, I bought the biggest bottle of this for the boys and I bought 1 extra bottle so I could use it also if needed. Because I was going to get some adult cough stuff but since this seems to be so well loved for both kids and adults. Why not. And btw, commercials keep coming up on TV about this too. $14 each bottle for this huge size. And I winced buying it. But again, if anyone in my household gets sick comes down with a horrible hacking cough, at least this way I have peace of mind, I can help them and they can get some rest. So...hope to not need it.... but peace of mind knowing we have it. I think this was the most costly thing we bought this trip. : )
Carpet powder. We do have a carpet washer we brought back form the states but this is nice to use once a month. : ) Or once every few weeks.
Cheese, and I know the cheese on the right is sold here in Japan at Costco, but we do live quite a distance. And I need that sliced provolone for turkey sandwiches for after Thanksgiving. And the Colby & Jack for anything. Gratin potatoes, mac and cheese, taco night.
Party size lasagna. I am keeping this for after Thanksgiving when we're so sick out of our minds of turkey...this will be a nice surprise. : )
Family size mac and cheese, this comes in a 2 pack inside.
15 frozen mac and cheese TV dinners for quick meals. Mondays and Thursdays if the boys are hungry after school but need a quick snack before Kumon this will be perfect!
Cheese raviolis for dinner. We had this last weekend with one of the 4 cheese pasta sauce up above someplace.  And garlic bread.
Four boxes with 3 packs in each, meaning 12 packs of bacon. Every Saturday morning we'll have bacon and eggs for breakfast now.
A few more magazines.
The travel shampoos/conditioners and body wash and lotion they give us at the Hilton. And since the brand is a good brand. Peter Thomas Roth. We brought the leftover ones home with us. Next time we head to Osaka or whatnot and need a few extra travel size somethings we'll at least have plenty. So we'll bring this ziplock with us.
Cool Christmas pjs for Noah. I did order stuff from Old Navy and Gap before we got there and it was all safely waiting for us by the time we arrived.
With words like "brrrr" or 'I believe in Santa", "hope" "peace" just really cool pjs for Noah this year, bought in size 8 so he can wear 2 years.
Perfect color for Noah, orange and turquoise long sleeve.
This is 2 pair of jeans for myself and 1 boat neck top. All pictured below.
This style and color exactly.
This style and color, though I think in real life they are a pinch darker in color, I actually like them better in person.
My favorite neck on tops. Boatneck tops. Flattering, feminine.
The above stuff was in a box and I opened the box because it was too bulky and put them in the suitcase minus the box of course. This package was able to go in the suitcase as is.
Fleece tops for both Branden and Noah.
I really like this color/shade of blue on boys.
I'll never lose the boys while wearing this one. : ) And they're so warm and snuggly these fleece tops.
Noah got a few plain white tops at Nishimatsuya and Branden could not because they stopped carrying the bigger boy sizes. So, I picked 2 plain ones from ON.
Last but not least 1 black cardi and 1 skinny jeans for myself.
I picked the same color and this style of skinny jeans pictured because they were not "low rise" "show your butt crack" : ( type low pants, ladies you kwim. They are however perfect rise they are not too low cut. But these are a lot skinnier in fit then this picture.  However, I really like them, but they are true skinny jeans just not low waisted.
And the basic black cardi. Good grief. I know it looks like we brought a lot back. But the bright side is, at least we have Winter foods and baking stuff now. Thanksgiving stuff. Shampoos and meds, clothes and pjs and underwear and socks and a few gossip mags to keep me company when I go pick up the boys at the Plaza after school. And boy oh boy were we out of everything here at the house before this trip. I felt like Mother Hubbard beforehand. ha ha ha. : )  Anyway that's the long and short of it....what we brought back this trip.