Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The turkey arrived Sunday. What an awesome football game, go Broncos! And grandpa gets here Thursday

Our turkey arrived on schedule. Sunday November 18th around noon.  A Butterball Premium turkey! He was delivered frozen and was rock hard. So he's been in the fridge since Sunday. And he is very slowly defrosting. He'll be ready by Thursday morning though, so he can be rinsed clean and thrown in the oven.
We ordered an 18 lb-20lb one. And after throwing him on the scale, he is slightly over 20 pounds verging on 21 pounds. So he's huge!
Being an American, I grew up watching football.  For the most part whatever city or state you come from, that's "your team" of course some states don't have teams or some states have a few teams like California, and yes you could have a different team altogether from where you are from, I guess, if you want to. But I was raised in Denver, Colorado. Everyone in my family was and is a Denver Broncos fan. And so that's just always been my team. And when Branden was born, teeny tiny Denver Broncos hat for him. When Noah was born little Denver Broncos sweatshirt for him and so on. Anyway, the good news is the Broncos have been having an amazing season this year. We are leading the AFC so far. And I hope we stay that way.... fingers crossed! This Monday morning for us in Japan, but Sunday night football for Denver. It was held at Mile High Stadium in Colorado. And I watched the game here at home after getting the boys sent to school. It was a fantastic game. The Denver Broncos played San Diego. And we won.
Go Broncos go!!! : ) Anyway, not much to say except. The turkey is here, has been here since Sunday. I am in Fall/Winter mode happily watching football. I do love watching a good game! And tomorrow/Wednesday is pumpkin pie baking day as soon as Branden and Noah go to school. My dad is flying in Thursday for Thanksgiving. We are so happy about that. And he is staying until next Tuesday.  : )