Saturday, November 17, 2012

Paranormal Activity 4

Wednesday as soon as we sent the boys off to school. We came home, got ready real quick and we headed to the movies. It's a 40-45 minute drive to this particular movie theater.  There is a closer-ish one but it wasn't playing Paranormal Activity 4. See the big cardboard advertisement for Les Mis.
I loved the Hobbit as a child! I do mean loved it! I can't wait to see this!
We bought a popcorn and drink set. And we brought/snuck in the chocolate almonds and Noboru brought in some honey or slightly sweet Pretz (one of his favorite snacks in the red box).
We were the first people in the movie so I could take these pics quickly without anyone noticing. About 6 other people came in about 5-10 minutes later. A husband and wife duo. And then 2 sets of women who sat elsewhere. So including us, only 8 people in this particular movie...first movie showing of the day. So not so bad.
After the movie we had time for a quick lunch, I had a foot long veggie and cheese sandwich from Subway. No fries or anything, just the vegetable sandwich with cheese and vinegar (no oil) and salt and pepper. Noboru had Sukiya at the mall in the food court and we still had leftover melon soda left from the movie.  We ate quickly and then drove back to our small town. And about 30 minutes later, we went and picked up Noah from school and then 45 minutes after that I went back for Branden.
What did we think of the movie? On a scale from 1-10. 10 being the best movie ever! I told Noboru..."I'd give it a 6." Noboru was surprised because he asked me during our lunch of Subway and Sukiya. He said, ""you'd rate it that high?" LOL. "I would rate it a 3. And that's being generous." I added..."well I definitely do agree with you, it definitely was the worst of the 4 Paranormal Movies. But....I'm still glad I saw it because that way....when we see the final installment next year or whenever I'll be all caught up. But yes...won't be buying the DVD to this one at all." And I own #1 and #3. Not sure if I own #2.  So  we debated each movie during lunch. He talked about the powdery foot prints on the first movie/one. I agreed "yeah that was scary!" But then I added, "I still feel #3 was the best movie. Because of the sheet ghost. Just so many scary points in #3. The whole Bloody Mary escapade in the bathroom for example. That freaked me out during Paranormal 3 and the ending that got me the most." So yeah it was an excellent conversation during lunch. We had fun. Just a lively friendly, debate over our favorite Paranormal Activity. And fwiw, Noboru, did end up agreeing that #3 was the most scary of the Paranormal Activity's. And then I also agreed and said maybe a 6 score for Paranormal 4 one was perhaps too maybe a 5 would be more fair. : )  Best part of the movie and our lunch time debate about which  Paranormal Activity movie was indeed the best.  Because it kept Noboru from worrying too much about his grandma even if for a few hours. And it gave us something to focus on, even debate about. So yeah the movie was really good in that way. Because it helped. And lunch was good.

Update about Noboru's grandma. She is alive. So many back and forth phones calls between our family here in Chiba and Osaka all this week. The first good news we got was from his aunt that she was awake and seemed to be aware of everything going on and stuff. And that made us here breath a sigh of relief. Alert is good. : ) Then Noboru and I called my MIL/his mom. And she said his grandma is awake and speaking, but that she is paralyzed on her left side. That was pretty bad news to hear. I mean, clearly nobody wants to be paralyzed. And again how paralyzed is she, we were wondering. Like really severely?  Or more like mildly, you can barely tell? We don't know. All this week though his family went from sad, despair. telling us to be prepared. To... bits of feeling better and saying. Looks like she's going to pull through. Will she back to 100%? I really am not sure. And probably won't know more for a while or until we see her for ourselves, if we can still go to Osaka at New Years (which we'd love to). But it depends how well she's feeling. I think emotional roller coaster type of week for everyone in Noboru's family including us. : ( And so the weekend here now is so appreciated. Just so we can sorta chill and collect our thoughts. And be grateful. Count our blessings time. : )

Oh and what happened? Again from way over here...where we get second hand news (though everyone tries their best of course to give us the latest and most reliable).... it is sometimes hard to figure out....what caused this...what was it?  Ykwim, was it a heart attack or stroke? She apparently had a blood clot burst in her head type stroke. That's what Noboru explained to me. So really scary stuff. : (

Anyway, I have so many things I wnat to talk to you all about. Stories. Updates and even a few funny stories thrown in here and there. But for now I'll get this update up. It's a start at least. : )

I had the recycle pick ups today. I drove.  It covered all the areas of our shogakko/elementary school. 5 drivers for our housing community. I was one of them. : ) I drove a route twice then dropped off at the school. Then we all got a can of green tea. Otsukare sama-ed everyone.  But there is a whole bunch more details to tell you regarding that. And tonight is Noboru's "Father's Club" meeting. So, the boys and I are having that Stouffer's lasagna for dinner tonight (easy) : ) Since I was up at the crack of dawn for the recycle thing, I sorta am happy I won't be cooking tonight. Unless you count putting the frozen lasagna in the oven and making garlic bread out of the bakery loaf of bread I bought this afternoon. : )   I'll update again soon. I promise. Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Raining and cold and cloudy here today. Brrr. : )