Sunday, November 04, 2012

October 2012 Guam trip

We flew to Guam last Monday, October 29th. It was an evening flight. We arrived in Guam around 11pm. The rental car folks were waiting for us, we got in our car, we were 90% tired and 10% hungry. So we drove through the 24 hour open Wendy's drive thru and got something light not too much food, just a sandwich/cheeseburger each. We shared one huge drink (raspberry lemonade). And we ate this in the hotel. After we checked in. Everyone brushed their teeth, the boys showered quickly. And went right to dreamland. The next morning, October 30th. Was our 1 day to get all of our shopping , done, finished and out of the way. We figured the 30th would be "shop day" and the 31st would be "relax day". So, we all knew way in advance what that day would be and we were ready! We started off with a good breakfast at Denny's. Here is what Noah had, apple juice, chocolate chip pancakes and sausages.
Branden enjoyed the junior grand slam. pancakes, scrambled eggs and all bacon. Extra crispy. And an apple juice also.
I had my usual. pecan banana wheat pancakes. Yummm! It comes with egg white omelet and turkey bacon, but I always ask for regular scramble eggs and regular bacon. Extra crispy on the bacon. And I had a hot coffee.
Noboru had a breakfast skillet. With lots of Tabasco on it, he loves Tabasco. He also had a hot coffee. So, after we all ate and were stuffed, we immediately hit the 2 Cost u less stores. Got what was on the list. Huge bottle of powder gravy needed to be replaced since my last one was almost out. Huge bottle of chili powder for making chili all Fall and Winter. Just many many things. We also hit 2 Payless grocery stores. Again went right down the list. Crossing things off. Halloween costumes also bought first thing.
We made a couple toilet breaks/ pit stops at the hotel throughout the day and of course they also used public toilets also, but we did this when we had to drop off things in our hotel room. We also dropped off the freezer/fridge things at my dad's condo. We dropped things off at his condo twice on the 30th. We were just super busy. Not "stress us out busy" at all...more like... "fun busy" actually. All the things we ran out of, food wise, we got to restock. Underwear for the boys they got to pick out for themselves.
We also had time to have some delicious frozen yogurt before we stopped at the 2nd Cost u less. So we just got our fro-yo. And we just relaxed. For about 30 minutes. Chatting. The boys were having a blast, so were we. Here's Branden enjoying his frozen yogurt.
Noah enjoying his too. : )
Noah loves chocolate, so he picked Belgium chocolate frozen yogurt, with chocolate toppings and M&M's too. 
Branden had cheesecake and also coconut frozen yogurt and toppings.
This was mine, coconut frozen yogurt and some granola and coconut toppings. So freaking good btw.
Noboru picked coconut and pina colada. He said the coconut was better then the pina colada and next time he won't be getting pina colada. : )
When we had gotten all the food shopped and picked and put at either our hotel or my dad's condo. And we had 1 stop left....Kmart. We decided it was time to have some lunch. We went to the food court and somehow we all picked Taco Bell. First time that's ever happened we usually pick different restaurants. : )
We all got nice and full and felt recharged. And ready to take on Kmart.
A sad shocker of sorts! The Nintendo 3ds LL is available in Japan. And the Nintendo 3ds XL is available in the US mainland. Because we see the commercials for it since we have American TV. However, we didn't check Guam's release date. @_@ Branden as you know sold his regular 3DS. Money accounted for and he was ready to buy. Ahem until we saw this staring back at us at the store. @_@ Ummm yeah. Talk about a wrench being thrown in. No worries though, when we go back to Guam at Christmas we can get it then. He said he'll wait.  Anyway after that we went to Kmart and spent 2 full hours in there. You go in there and you come out hours later. It always seems to happen. We had meds to buy. Shampoo. All that stuff. Underwear for the kids and myself.  Socks for Noboru. Yada yada yada before you know it...whammo it's like you've been sucked into a vortex and hours have elapsed. Same thing happens to us, when we go inside a Target in the mainland or Hawaii too. : )
Costumes also bought on October 30th  one of our first things of the day we did also. Kmart had diddly they were 98% sold out of costumes. However, 3 cheers for having Guam TV because we've been seeing commercials for Twinkles and the Dungeon all month. So we went to the Dungeon and they had fully stocked amounts of costumes. They had Spiderman costumes, Michael Myers from Halloween., But Noboru suggested whatever costume they get.... make sure we can actually see their faces. And I agreed. And if you note, that picture...that is indeed a boy angel. And according to my dad all angels are indeed boys/males anyway. Not sure if that's true or not, but I'll take his word for it, not that it matters really it's just a Halloween costume for crying out loud. ; )Anyway....We got Noah's costume. And the girl angel costume was indeed different from the boy angel costume. Size 8 so Noah could wear again if he chooses.
Elf costume size 12. By the time we had lunch, Taco Bell, we had our costumes. Because my dad thankfully gave us a heads up and said while we were still in Japan....he told us that Kmart was sold out (costume wise) and after we had lunch and we went there/to Kmart sure enough he was exactly right (we checked too) and we could breath a huge sigh of relief that we already had costumes since around ours were bought and safely in our hotel room from earlier in the day. We had Subway for supper October 30th. And we took it to go to eat in our room. We were a bit tired. We ate, and we then went and soaked in the hotels hot tub for an hour and watched the sunset from there.... then we went up to our room and showered and then got jammies on and watched TV until we fell asleep. I was the last to fall asleep as always. : )
October 31st, Halloween day. Was our day of fun! And we knew it. All the work/shopping done and out of the way. That was our day before. But Oct 31st was our day of fun. I went outside and watched the waves roll in and out. I watched the man clean the pool in the morning. I quickly got dressed brushed my teeth. Woke the boys and then Noboru. They quickly brushed their teeth got dressed.
Sorry for this little blurb but, Wendy's uses sea salt now. Cool. Anyway, yeah we noticed, lol. : )
Wendy's is only about a 5 minute drive from our hotel so we quickly ate. Noah had an island breakfast, scrambled eggs, crispy bacon and rice. We shared a raspberry lemonade, Noah and I.
I had the same thing except I had a biscuit with mine. The biscuit wasn't as good as I thought/hoped it would be. Next time I'll just get what Noah had, minus the biscuit. Branden had a breakfast sandwich and homestyle potatoes and a raspberry tea.
One quick stop to Cost u less which is right next door to Wendy's to pick up Branden's birthday cake, Cost u less's holiday hours means it opens at 8am we were there right when it opened. We also picked up the syrups we forgot yesterday and the turkey pans and candy canes. We bought a huge amount of candy canes the day before for omiyage for Branden and Noah's classmates. But these were for home use. And Branden's birthday cake. And gallon bags to hold all liquids in, like shampoo, syrup etc.
Happy Birthday Branden. Happy 11th birthday sweetie pie. My first born. : )
In swimsuit because after all, this is your day of fun! ; ) 
Birthday family photo. And we sang below.
The cake was delicious. And then we went down stairs to swim. From around 8:40am to 12:45pm is when we swam. We had a movie to catch at 1:40pm.
You've got a good little life Noah!
I sure do love you kiddo!
And I sure do love you too, sweet cakes! ; )
Noah having fun!
Hi cutie pie!
All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth. ; ) He's so happy and so smiley. A little goofball and a total cuddle bug. We all went upstairs and quickly and I do mean quickly showered. Shampooed and soaped up. And to the movies we went.
First movie of the day, $5 each person to get in. Super cheap! We got a large popcorn and 2 large sodas. Hotel Transylvania. The boys could have picked. Hotel Transylvania or Frankenweenie. They picked Hotel Transylvania. The voices, Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez. So many great people doing voices in this.
Yep 10/31/2012. Halloween day. By the way the person who handed us our popcorn and drinks was a "nurse", yep she was dressed up for Halloween. : )  We went back to the hotel, for about an hour, all four of us took an hour nap, rest, we had some down time and then we started getting ready for Trick or Treating. We got the boys all dressed and ready. And we had the time of our lives! It was better then imagined! So much fun, both Branden and Noah came back with a ton of candy. I will have a Halloween 2012 post coming up, because it deserves it's own post.
November 1st. Sadly our last day, we would be catching the 4pm flight back to Narita. So we still had the morning and afternoon. Our plan is to go to the airport at 1pm always so we can beat the huge crowds. We didn't go to breakfast, we slowly got dressed and all packed although Noboru and I, 80% packed the night before. We loaded up the car and stuff. Checked out of the hotel around 10:30am. We went to the GPO. I went to the book store and bought a few more magazines. Though I did buy some at Payless and also 2 from Kmart. However I did buy 4 more. And after that we went to have our last meal in Guam. We had lunch. Branden, Noah and I had KFC.
Noah picked the chicken strips and mashed potato meal.
We keep seeing the "Chicken Littles" commercial with an "s" if you see the package on this pic.
Branden picked the Chicken Littles combo, 2 Chicken Littles sandwiches and 2 mashed potatoes. Branden and I shared a large drink and Noah's meal came with a small drink.
Mashed potatoes and 2 chicken breasts and 1 delicious biscuit. Noboru had his favorite Mongolian stir fry. We then went to my dad's condo and loaded up the frozen and fridge stuff into the 1 empty suitcase. And then we said our good byes and we checked in and hopped on our flight. Also important to mention, there was only 1 other family in first class (family of 2). And they were around 60 years old, white/Caucasian husband and Japanese wife. So the economy was full completely but it was quiet and empty as all heck in first class.
Tandoori chicken, chocolate cheese cake. Etc etc. On the flight over to Guam, I watched "What to Expect When You're Expecting" with Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez.  I thought it was an okay movie, nothing I'd rush out and buy though. Wouldn't ever want to see it again either, but I am glad for curiosity's sake, I did see it. And on the flight back to Japan, I saw "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel". Such an amazing movie. I would definitely see it again (wouldn't buy it, but would definitely see it again for sure.) Sad parts, funny as heck parts, I laughed out loud twice, thank goodness no one was sitting near us. : )  Anyway, as we landed in Japan, and were waiting for the door to open to deplane. The older American man turned around saw Noah standing there with his treat bag and he said in English, "did you go trick or treating?" "yes, I did!!!!" Noah said with a huge missing his 2 front teeth type smile. : ) Then he asked me, where did they go trick or treating? I told him the area. And I said, "we live in Japan, he's never been trick or treating before, my older son has once, but doesn't remember and we thought it was important for them to at least have the experience" Then he said, "we used to live in Japan for many years" We have two grown daughters now. I used to decorate our house for Christmas every year" he said with a smile and a "remembering" face. But (he said) "we never took the girls trick or treating" "he sighed. And then looked at Noah again and smiled. And he Japanese, "what grade are you in? Noah said, "ichinensei". Then the man asked, "what color randoseru do you have?" Noah said in Japanese, I picked caramel brown. The older man said with a smile and now he switched back to English, "good you didn't go with the typical black or red" as he shook his head up and down and smiling. Our daughters both picked purple so they picked a different color as well." He stood there just smiling at both the boys. I think remembering his time of when his children were young too. His wife was nice also and smiling and chatting with Noboru. And then we deboarded and we were off. We did see each other at the luggage carousal and he said...."nice talking with you" and he waved. I said, "same here" and I waved and smiled.  Anyway, there you have it, our October 2012 Guam trip in a nut shell. : )