Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Black Friday

Last Friday, was a holiday for us in Japan.  Labor Day type of holiday for Japan.  Meanwhile, our town has an event every Japanese Labor Day. So since my dad is usually here celebrating Thanksgiving with us, the five of us going to the town bazaar is something we usually enjoy all together. Last year was a nice crisp Fall day, but the sun was shining. This year however, was cold and drizzly type rain.  It's held at the plaza parking lot.
Sanma/samma/ and also on the plate was radish. Noboru loved eating this.
Noboru loves ozoni, so he had this also.
I had asked Noah to hold my caramel machiatto so I could get my camera out and he had a sip. My family never let me have coffee while growing up, something about stunting your growth. Yada yada. Again, not sure if it's true or not.... but just to be sure.... I really don't let the boys drink coffee. So this sneaky sip surprised me. Hahaha. : )
The coffee vendor/seller/maker....had his own grinder and was making specialty coffees he had all sorts of flavors. My dad (pictured) and I had a hot caramel machiatto each. It was so good!
I had a hot coffee and this choco banana. These are the only 2 things I had while there. But to be fair I just wasn't hungry plus I was waiting for lunch and dinner at home (Thanksgiving leftovers)
Branden and Noah went and had french fries. My dad got into line with them to make sure they were alright. They were of course, but my dad's just always cautious and protective of his grandsons. Plus he loves talking with them so much. : )
You could choose flavorings like curry etc. but they chose just regular salt. The boys seemed to really like them. Also Branden had some mochi, same as he got last year too.
Most of the folks from our town were there off and on all day. We saw many people we knew. Noah's classmates, Branden's classmates. My recycle fellow mom pals/friends. Mom's from the 5th grade class and 1st grade class.  The 5 of us had a really great time.
Yep, we seem to buy the handmade sewing projects and pottery every single year here and this year we did also. My dad bought some and brought them back to Guam for gifts. And these are what I got. 1 leaf plate (200 yen) and 1 crab plate (100 yen). And 1 tissue cover hand sewn for 50 yen.  All made by the school kids here so for a really good cause....the local school. : )
Back to the title of this post......meanwhile being American, I grew up with Black Friday.  Black Friday was always just something you did. If you wanted the best prices on something for Christmas this was *the* day to buy it!  With living in Japan, I have only had the chance to do this once, when Branden was about age 2 or 3. One day I'll go back and do this for real with the family. But this year same as most years what I do is take advantage of the Black Friday deals to be had on What I did was, I had a small list of DVD's/games the boys had mentioned since Summer that they'd like to have. If they mention something a few times, I'd write it down.  And so 2 weeks ago, I sat online with a cup of coffee after the boys went to school and I went through the list. And put whatever I knew they'd really love getting as a Christmas gift in my Amazon shopping basket/bag. And I let it sit there for the 2 weeks. And then I waited for Black Friday to come into effect and then I took advantage of the Black Friday deals to be had. I did not get these movies up above but if you see the movie in the middle was indeed 96 cents/under a US dollar. About 85 yen or so give or take the exchange rate. The newer Mission Impossible on the left $4.95 US. Again this is the day to get the best deals.  Especially if you have a region free DVD player or an American DVD player.
The Amityvillle remake again 96 cents.  I didn't buy more then what was on my list. I stuck to my list. And no I didn't buy the Amityville remake. : )
The Lorax DVD was just $3.99 US so about 370 yen or so? 380 yen or so. The new Sherlock Holmes movie again $3.99 US.  I did buy the Lorax but then it was on my list. My dad also bought the boys a little order from Amazon also. And the boys also got stuff from Old Navy again taking advantage of the Black Friday deals. The Cyber Monday deals we got, I'll post about on the Cyber Monday post coming up. : )
Soft delicious bread, thick sliced provolone cheese, fresh crisp lettuce and turkey with a sprinkling of salt and pepper.
My lunch last Friday. Everyone had sandwiches last Friday for lunch and we had basically Thanksgiving dinner all over again on Friday night also. Mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing and the whole bit again. Right down to the pumpkin pie.  Meanwhile the deals online we got, we were all like....right on!!!!! So yeah, Black Friday/Japanese Labor Day was pretty cool! And also weather wise it was pretty cool too. lol.  The boys have zero idea what they got online and again when Black Friday took effect and the prices were all cut in half or even less. I checked out! Pressed the order button. Got my fantastic superly cheap deals. When the boys were in the shower, my dad got online and he had an idea too and thrown a few things in his Amazon basket prior too. Because we talked about Black Friday way before he got here. So his basket was pretty much set. When the boys went to shower, he pushed...the order button and everything was done.  So yeah we were all really happy we all got everything at the best and cheapest prices possible. The dollar and yen can really stretch on Black Friday. Making the most of our money and purchases so yeah we were really happy with the deals we got.
Goodies my dad brought to Japan for us. Swiss cheese for the sandwiches. String cheese for the boys. My dad always wants to make sure they get enough calcium hahaha. And then a sliced cheese pack with 4 types of cheese, Swiss, Colby jack, Monterrey jack and cheddar.
Frozen burritos. Yumm.
Homestyle popcorn.
Unfrosted Pop Tarts. Blueberry and strawberry.  These are so good.

Over 2 lbs, 2 lbs 8 ounces to be exact. Of.....
Reese's peanut butter cups! These will last us a year I think! But wow, movie nights with popcorn and also some of these will go down pretty great! Can't wait for family movie night this weekend! : )
My dad also brought us 2 extra boxes of Cap N Crunch Peanut Butter cereal and an extra box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Now we have 3 boxes of peanut butter cereal. We are well stocked in the cereal department now. : )
And he also brought the boys some extra cans of mini ravioli. If they're rushing from school to Kumon, they can share a quick can of this. Enough to fill their tummy's until Kumon is done and they can have supper.
These are a few sneak peeks of the other Black Friday deals we got. You know, I got pjs growing up as one of my Christmas presents always...every year. So the boys have always gotten new pjs for Christmas too. I was debating between the flannel or the fleece pj bottoms until some kind woman/mom left a comment on Old Navy's website and said the flannel wasn't even really flannel material and that she was totally disappointed. That helpful comment helped me, because I didn't buy the flannel pjs then at all. I went for the fleece pjs instead. So, I did ask the boys earlier in the week what pattern they liked best. I said pick 2 patterns. Branden picked these skulls. So Branden got this pair of skull fleece pj bottoms.
Branden also liked this snowboard pair so he got this pair as well. And they are fleece. Noah liked this pair also, so he also got this pair in his size.
And Noah liked this polar bear Christmas type fleece. So he got this pair too. I did pick basic plain long sleeve tops to go with their bottoms. Such as navy blue top long sleeves to go with the snowboard pair. Black long sleeve to go with the skull pair and a red long sleeve to go with this pair.
Plus you already know about this Christmas type Noah got a few weeks back. These pjs will be wrapped. This pair I'll wrap soon. and the other stuff is already at my dad's condo as we speak. Can't believe it shipped already and arrived already (yesterday)
This lamb sweater is so cool. I ordered this on Black Friday. And I will wear this with skinny jeans, my Ugg black boots I got for Christmas last year and a black puffy vest or my fleece peacoat.  Super straight hair (flat iron) length now right at my shoulders currently.
And I liked the boys Old Navy fleece tops so much, that I ordered this in black for myself and it's at my dad's house already too. Wow, less then 1 week to get to my dad's. Unbelievable. We were shocked when my dad got home and my cute lamb sweater and black ON fleece and Branden and Noah's pjs were there the following day is when the package arrived. They arrived Wednesday/yesterday.