Monday, October 01, 2012

Weekly update

So was everyone safe when the typhoon came? For us, it was rather mild around our area in Japan, not sure how it was in other areas but our area did get mild to medium winds and rains, they happened Sunday evening versus Monday, but really really tame around here. Anyway, this is a "what I did" for the past 7 days, starting from last Monday and all the way up until yesterday morning. So a full 7 days of what we were up to in our neck of the woods. Last Monday, as soon as the boys were safely at school. I started in on the kitchen. I cleaned the patio windows with window cleaner. I had the laundry hung outside on the left side of the patio already and on this side of the patio I put the kitchen chairs outside, so I could vacuum and mop the kitchen floors.
I dusted the ceiling fan and blinds and lights first, then I brought out the vacuum.
I had music going in the kitchen and jammed to the music and cleaned up a storm I went.
Hot soapy sudsy water and a hot scrub of the kitchen floor and the genkan floor/tiles also.
See the soap bubbles on the red part. I scrubbed the floors, went over them twice with hot soapy water and a lot of elbow grease. And then I drained the water and then put in fresh hot water and I rinsed twice and called it done!
By the time the washer beeped, I had finished the mopping. Ran outside and hung the kitchen mats on the fence, second load of laundry of the day.
Same day Monday of last week, had a full load of jean shorts hanging also, first load of the day. At 10:30am, last Monday I was done with the kitchen. I quickly vacuumed the living room and toilet room. Swooshed the downstairs toilet and I left!
I got a note on the Friday before, that, that Branden needed rain boots for Tuesday because it was time to harvest the schools rice field. The rice Branden and his class planted and have cared for all this time! I kept putting off running to look for them. Because I didn't need to leave my town for a while. But, I knew I had only last Monday, so I better hurry up. I also knew I didn't want to spend a lot of money. These will most likely be used for fishing, and for playing in the rice fields, so no name brand, brand x is more then fine. I ran to a local DIY and for 950 yen picked these up. Then I decided since I was already in the car might as well make the trek to Cainz. It's a bit of a drive from where we live. So from DIY to Cainz, I went last Monday.
I usually buy a few cases of jasmine tea and they only had 5 singles 2liter bottles, no cases at all. Oh that just figures! I drive all that way! grrr! So, I took the 5 and threw them into my cart, was lucky to get the 5. Anyway, bought citrus toilet cleaner plus a refill for the price of the bottle, so that was a great deal and I love the way this smells. Toilet tabs for the upstairs and downstairs toilet. And shower room cleaning supplies, that yellow bottled one, works amazing. I love that bathroom cleaner a lot.
Like, I said, we ran out of our shampoo purchased in Guam. We do love Japanese shampoo, it's just the cost, I'm not so crazy about. But, I was glad to get Dove on sale. And the Biore refill body wash smells good and is a fair price. Went and checked out at Besia and drove all the way home unpacked quickly and then ran and picked up Noah last Monday. We drove home, he had time to go to the restroom real super fast, wash his hands and then grab their keitei (cell) and 2 Kumon bags 1 for him and his brother each. And then we rushed back tot he plaza to get Branden from school at 3;45pm and we headed directly to Kumon. I did however have a bakery baguette 1 each and sliced it and put butter on it so they each ate something before heading off to Kumon. I meanwhile made dinner. And swung back and picked them up and brought them home.
Tuesday found me, hanging the laundry after sending the boys to school. Vacuuming both the downstairs and upstairs. dusting the bedrooms upstairs. And I left the house once again. This time to head to Hanamasa. Their teacher said a typhoon might be coming and that made me think...roasted chicken. I guess I thought if we were going to be riding out a typhoon, comfort food might be nice. Frozen veggies.Corn, green beans and broccoli are pretty cheap at Hanamasa. I buy fresh veg form my closer store.
Two whole chickens, first plan was to have roasted chicken Saturday, but we ended up having it Sunday. We just had a lot of curry, so we had leftover curry last Saturday.
Fried pork chop night.
These two very long good sized pork roasts for 320 yen and 420 yen or something. One was used for niku jaga and the other ones still in the freezer, it can become pork curry, you can be turned into anything and I am glad this one pork loin is still in the freezer.This came from Besia the day before actually which is why I froze it.
98 yen or 100 yen a bag. These bags of pasta are good sizes. The top ones can be used to have with meatballs and sauce type meal and the bottom ones can be turned into homemade mac and cheese baked in the oven or American goulash everyone has their own recipe for this, I use ground beef, a little corn, a little colby or red cheddar and a bit of pasta sauce but not too much. ; )
Pepper also from Hanamasa.
This picture should have been up with the Cainz/Beisa pictures above. Totally out of American cereals which is fine because this is a family favorite it tastes so good.
These are what I hung out Wednesday, not much. I was just caught up with the laundry. Branden's inside comforter, his comforter cover/duvet and sheets and pillow cases were in the dryer upstairs. But his white inside comforter was so fat and fluffy from hanging outside all day.
Branden brought us a few pieces of rice so we could see it. It's heavy, in case you've never felt one before. : )
Wednesday nights dinner. Niku jaga, I used the 420 yen pork loin the amount of pork was so much, an onion I had in the fridge, plus a 67 yen pack of potatoes and a 1/3 of the pack of frozen green beans I had. A pretty economical dinner. And very filling for everyone.  Thursday, there are no pictures because I gave myself a free day. My friend, Noriko emailed me on Wednesday asking if I'd like to get together for lunch the next day! I emailed her right back and said for sure. And so we went the next day, last Thursday. We met at Saizeriya at 11am. So, I did, have a nice hot cup of coffee Thursday morning. And I did do 1 load of laundry and put it into the dryer. I also scrubbed the sink upstairs and wiped the laundry room/sink room floor down really good and vacuumed the upstairs. That didn't take me very long at all, 10-15 minutes really. The laundry did itself. Since it was in the dryer, I just folded it when I came home (towels). ; ) I then sat on the couch with a yogurt and watched TV.  And at 10am, I went upstairs to get myself ready for lunch with my friend. I did my hair, put on my makeup. And threw on a pair of shorts and ballet flats before leaving the house. We met. When I got into the shopette, Noriko was chit chatting with 2 other yochien mom's, one had a child who graduated 1 year before Noah and she was one of the few awesome mom's who held signs saying...congratulations!!!! On Noah's graduation day! : ) The other one, I couldn't put a name to her face for the life of me, but she knew me. So, I smiled and greeted them and we then parted and Noriko and I left to Saizeriya. We stayed at Saizeriya from 11am until 1:45pm? Somewhere around there. We chitted and we chatted, then we chittered and we chattered, we laughed and we laughed some more. She's a mom of 2 lovely daughters. And I like catching up and hearing how her daughters are doing at school, what are they up to? Did they have undokai? Her older daughter is starting junior high next year and even though it's a different junior high, I asked her to give me all the info, she learns, that way I can get a heads up for when it's Branden's turn. She's just such a smart mother, great lady, kind friend. During our lunch, a mother from Branden's class walks in with her husband. She lives in the same housing community we live in. When I picked up all the recycle stuff in the MPV with Genki's mom last Spring she was the head for our area for that. Anyway, she was actually seated in our same row at Saizeriya. I did greet her as they walked in and I good byed them when they left. I think she thought my friend and I were having blast : )  we really were. ; ) Noriko and I have a movie plan this week with the Jogo-san. we are all getting together sometime this week to go to the movies. A morning movie, I can't wait. Okay so that was last Thursday. Lunch date with my friend. Oh yeah after we left Saizeriya, we walked around Kaldi together and then we parted ways and I went to the meat store, picked up a roast beef and miso pork. We had miso pork for dinner last Thursday. Because of my timing at this point, no chance to swing home before I do my afternoon pick me, the roast beef and the miso pork went directly to pick up both Branden and Noah from school, they get out at the same time on Thursdays 3pm. I dropped them off at Kumon. And I went home, put the beef in the fridge for Friday's curry. The rice I had set earlier was done, went upstairs to fold the towels, checked my email and went to pick up the boys from Kumon and then I fried up the miso pork and steamed some veggie and we had miso pork, rice and veggie Thursday. Friday we had beef curry. I washed all Noah's bedding in the washer and then into the dryer they went Friday. I also baked an easy cake mix, yellow cake. Easy dessert for Friday evening.
Friday after school. Noah went swimming, he's swimming Friday's now.
Yellow cake and chocolate frosting, yumm. Perfect for last Friday night.
Saturday morning, I made french toast. I did a load of laundry threw it into the dryer. And we left, the whole family, went to Nishimatsuya first and then to get some things for lunch. This place sells chicken cutlets called, "healthy cutlets" not sure if they're healthy really (don't think so), but they are all white meat with no fat. they are also sprinkled with some salt and pepper mixture on top, these are excellent and cheaper then buying 1 Mc D's combo/set. So all 3 of us can eat lunch with 2 packs of these. Noboru grabbed take out sushi for Saturdays lunch. The kids and I had chicken cutlet sandwiches.
With chips.
Saturdays easy but delicious lunch. There was so much curry leftover we had that for dinner Saturday.
Nishimatsuya run from Saturday, we went back Sunday also.
Simple basic cords in a pretty basic easy to go with anything color. For Noah for 958 yen or something like that, under 1000 yen though for sure.
These jeans are perfect for Noah they are a slimmer fit, the shade is great and the price was the best!
The basic long sleeve shirts in 130cm, the plain long sleeve tees were 349 yen or something like that. And the striped one was 530 yen or something around there. But still a great price.
And 1 pair of sweatpants for Noah. I'll get him another pair of sweats in a few weeks but this is a great start for Noah, so with the 2 pair of jeans from before, plus the cords and the 1 jeans from Nishimatsuya from Saturday 4 pair of bottoms/pants, 3 jeans and 1 cords, are a great start. 5 is preferable but 4 is not so bad either.  There is now no need or feelings to rush. If the weather suddenly dropped, I wouldn't worry now. They have something for the cooler weather now. Also important to note, there was a huge sign at the front door that said....140cm...blah blah blah. I asked Noboru about it. He said that from right now, they will be only selling 140cm and under sizes. They used to sell 160cm and under sizes, which helped with cheap affordable things for *both* boys. But now...@_@ They decided no more 150cm stuff and no more 160cm things. They are selling all quantity and getting rid of all things in those sizes for super cheap! All Saturday, I kept know, I know we went to Nishimatsuya for the sole purpose of getting some pants for Noah. However considering the cheap deals on 160cm. Hmmm. Perhaps these shouldn't be passed up! So, Sunday, we went back to Nishimatsuya. However.....first things first....I had to get the laundry out Sunday/ two days ago. Pictured below.
The typhoon was now expected to hit us Sunday night versus Monday, see how things change. However if you see this pic, not a drop of rain Sunday day. I washed both Branden and Noah's gym uniforms. Branden's lunch outfit.
White inside shoes for both Branden and Noah and orange sneakers for Noah. We all had yogurt or cereal because we had community street cleaning Sunday morning at 9am. We cleaned the street with our neighbors. Then we came in and I made lunch. And we left back to Nishimatsuya after lunch. This time, long sleeves for Branden was the focus.
2 more white long sleeves for Noah in 130 cm. Cherokee/Target brand, same store and brand that comes from the US. These basic white color go under polo type tops and everything!
See the price? 179 yen. Cherokee brand.

They shrink up some if you use a dryer. And we use a dryer full time in Winter.
This was my favorite long sleeve Branden got Sunday at Nishimatsuya. I think you can see the Cherokee tag at the right sleeve. And for 179 yen?  I am glad we went back. He can wear this shirt to school.
Let's play football. We love football, Denver Broncos fans here.
Turquoise and orange with pirate picture. Branden can cruise this to school and again for 179 yen.
Noah has this same exact color long sleeve he got at Nishimatsuya last year. Branden can wear this under a sweatshirt or whatever. For 179 yen it'll work. ; )
All Cherokee.
All 179 yen. If your son or daughter is a 150cm or 160 cm and you happen to have a Nishimatsuya close by, you might want to pop in and take a look. They are getting rid of all 150cm and 160cm clothes. And the prices are really good, they had Cherokee jeans in 150 and 160 for 779 yen or around there. Anyway just a FYI. Hope this info can be of help to someone. : )
Not a bad assortment. And to be honest, I am toying with the idea of cruising to 2 other farther Nishimatsuya's and having a look see for some 160cm things for Branden. Since they are closing out the stock. Hmm.  Anyway....what else happened this past week?
Oh yeah so, I was given this safety flag, last Thursday, when I picked up the boys after my lunch date with my good friend. It is/was for Monday/yesterday. October 1st. And Friday Branden brought a note saying if the typhoon should come Monday the "Monday greeting" of the kids would be cancelled not postponed but cancelled! Well, the typhoon came Sunday night, so the Monday greeting was still on. That was yesterday from 6:50am to 7:30am. : )
There was so much beef curry left over from Friday, we had half for Saturday, like i already mentioned, so we had beef curry and a salad for Saturday nights supper. So, that's why the roasted chicken dinner was pushed back to Sunday. We had roasted chicken, homemade mashed potatoes, stuffing and green beans. And we still have 1/3 of the green beans still in the freezer. : ) 1 bag of green beans can go into 3 meals. Ha ha ha. : )  So that was Sunday night family dinner at our house. We had this with Fanta orange soda. We don't drink soda all too much so it was a treat. The rains started around dinner time. We had the windows opened and got some lovely nice cool breezes and then the rain started and then we all ran around and closed the windows. Branden and Noah closed all the windows upstairs and shut the blinds. Noboru closed the two patio windows though we kept the blinds open. And I closed all the other downstairs windows. And then we finished dinner looking out the big patio window watching the rains. We have double paned anti shatter proof windows so we like to look out our windows.  During typhoons and we don't have to worry about breaking glass since they're not glass and they're super durable.
Noah wiped down the table and put away the mats. Branden started transferring food into smaller containers... putting mashed potatoes in a smaller container, stuffing in smaller container and wrapping with plastic wrap. I started wiping the stove down and Noboru loaded the dish washer. We were done so fast since we all pitched in and then we all played Uno. Noboru's suggestion. We played 2 rounds and I won both times, I was honestly just lucky. : )
Noah got a very good haircut this past week also. Hmm, do you have a colored green card Noah? Or can you match that number?
My cards.
Whoops, Noah didn't have that color or number, draw a new card Noah! : ) Anyway that was last night. After Uno, the 3 of them took a shower. And I then took a shower alone. Which is fine, I washed my hair and face and body. Rinsed up and then came down stairs.  We watched TV. The boys went to sleep after a while. Noboru and I stayed up. He rubbed my feet as we both sat on the couch. : ) It was a nice night. Nice weekend, Good week really. I got to have a wonderful lunch date with one of my really good friends. We have a movie date with all 3 of us this coming week. I can't wait! And onto a new week! : )
First picture of October 1st, 2012, yesterday! The wreath change. Good bye Hydrangea wreath. See you in January! : )
Hello Mr. And Mrs. Scarecrow, respectively of course! ; ) This is your time to shine! This is your month! Seeing you every time we enter our front door, will give us smile all month!
Happy Fall! : )

So this week is a bit busy. But then, I am often out and about. I mean, I don't just sit here at home twiddling my thumbs most days, I like to be out and about, having lunch with friends or going to a morning movie or whatever. This week, in no particular order, we have "a day at Disney" and we will spend the night at the hotel afterwards. I also have that movie date with my gal pals this week too. I also had the street greet for the elementary kids, that was yesterday. And I also have Fall, parent observation day this week also. : ) And if you add in, weekly grinds like laundry, house cleaning, grocery run, dinner prep, Kumon runs, and homework checks. But it's okay. A little busy hasn't hurt me yet. Anyway, that's all for now. : )  Have a great week everyone and happy October! ; )