Thursday, October 11, 2012

We have our Halloween pumpkin and also the town undokai was canceled

So last Saturday we left the hotel from our Disney stay. And we decided to drive the regular roads versus catching the highway.  We did that because we wanted to get our Halloween carving pumpkin at the Joyful Honda in Chiba New Town/Inzai alogn the way.  I have blogged about buying our pumpkins from there before. The biggest one in this picture is the one our family chose. Bottom row 4th from the left.  We can't wait to carve him up really cool like and make a jack o'lantern out of him! And roast pumpkin seeds, yumm! 

Anyway so the undokai was scheduled for the following day/Sunday October 7th.  Now it rained Thursday the day before we went to Disney. But it was bone dry Friday the day we went to Disney and the weather was perfect. We knew rain was expected on Sunday/town undokai day, but what would that mean for the town undokai?  In our town over the loud speaker a woman spoke Saturday night. Think along the lines as a great big voice....almost like The Wizard of Oz making an announcement. Except it's a female voice. Anyway the great big voice said...tomorrow morning...morning...morning. Yes it does echo like that. : ) Anyway she said, "tomorrow morning rain is expected, if the undokai is to go on as planned we will shoot fireworks loudly for the whole town to hear at 6:30am." We knew the town undokai would start at 9:30am and the shoggako kids could leave this year at 11:30am so short anyway unless you want to stay until 3:30pm. Our plan was to leave at 11:30am anyway. So, we went to bed....knowing in advance we would either hear fireworks at 6:30am or not. But we were expecting something. Anyway, my alarm usually wakes me up at 5:30am on days we have something, so I set mine anyway and when I opened my eyes, I heard rain outside. Hard raining like crazy type rains. I woke Noboru...."honey honey wake you hear the rain?" " will be canceled" he said. "You think?", I said. So I went and brushed my teeth and came back to bed and laid down some. I opened one of our bedroom windows so we could either hear fireworks or not. The window I opened rain was not raining directly that way toward that particular window. Different direction completely. So anyway now it's 6:30am. 6:29am I said to Noboru since he told me to tell him when the time was, I's almost 6:30am. Noboru now opens his eyes expecting something...a go or no go sign. 6:30am came on the clock and no fireworks. You could almost feel the whole town listening at that point in time, a pin could have dropped and you could have heard was that dead quiet outside. It was dead silent. Then at 6:31am the big voice came on again...."it has been decided...decided...decided..the undokai...undokai...undokai is canceled...canceled..canceled. Not postponed." The whole town was silent. 1 minute later the big voice repeated the message yet again. Noboru day! Woohoo!  Branden woke up at this point, rubbing his eyes and said...did she just say the undokai is canceled? Yep, I said! I closed that window. Branden ran in and woke a sleeping Noah...."Noah undokai is canceled...undokai is canceled!!!" The boys woke up, went pee, washed hands and then brushed their teeth. Played wii bowling while I made french my PJ's, and didn't comb my hair until after breakfast. :" ) hey...we had no where to go. : ) We ate breakfast. And just chilled at home the whole day.  Anyway that was undokai 2012 canceled.  And Monday was a holiday, so Sunday and Monday totally free. We just stood home and relaxed.
This is what we are eating for dinner tonight. Ground beef tacos and also chicken tacos with sour cream, salsa, lettuce cheese the whole bit. Thursday is going to be taco night here tonight. And tomorrow/Friday, will be nabe.