Thursday, October 18, 2012

Trick or treat. Smell my feet. Give me something good to eat!

Anyone remember that old saying? : ) I remember in kindergarten some of the cheekier boys used to say that! Ha ha ha. Anyway....we will be taking the boys trick or treating this year! First time for Noah, second time for Branden. Needless to say, they are both super excited!
Branden has been trick or treating once when he was 3 years old. Noboru was in Japan working and Branden and I went to Denver to visit my family. The timing was perfect because we just happened to be in Denver at my dad’s house for about 4-5 weeks just to catch up with my extended family and stuff. Eat American food and as luck would have it, Branden got to spend his birthday there (Oct 26), he had a Nemo cake by the way and also got to spend Halloween there too. Anyway, sadly though I have pictures I took from an instant camera, this was before I had a digital camera. So though Branden has seen the pictures of himself. Wearing his costume before we left the house. And I have a few of us on the street about to trick or treat with his plastic pumpkin filled with candy however he has no/zero memory of doing so. I mean he knows he did trick or treat, because he’s seen the pictures but he has no memory of it at all. : ( He was a cute little Dalmatian by the way. Because we actually owned 2 Dalmatians.
Noah has never been trick or treating at all. And I feel really bad that he has never got the chance to experience the fun and magic of that.
When you live in a foreign country you sometimes give up your holidays if they aren’t celebrated there/here. Sure Japan likes Halloween, they are catching on, I see the decorations at the stores and mall and the Halloween packages of things here. But the concept of trick or treating really hasn’t caught on, at least not where we live. So we make our own holidays. The best we can and create traditions of our own in our own home. That’s why we always buy a pumpkin every year so they can enjoy the great fun of a pumpkin carve! I have vivid memories of being a little girl myself and my mom and dad and I would search for the “great pumpkin” every year we’d look for the biggest pumpkin we could find (they were dirt cheap in Colorado) and then my dad would carve it and I would get to pick the design and my mom would make the roasted pumpkin seeds, this was one of my favorite parts of the Halloween season was going to the pumpkin patch finding the perfect pumpkin for our family and then the pumpkin carve and seed roasting. Which is why I have always made it an every year event for Branden and Noah. I will also, usually buy a whole heap of mixed candy/chocolate, place it into a plastic pumpkin and let them eat it slowly and in bits throughout the month of October. We also make a point of taking Branden and Noah to one of the Disney’s for Halloween fun. So yeah we do...make our own traditions and we do pretty okay. We watch all the Halloween specials on TV and enjoy the Charlie Brown Halloween DVD we have. But one of the things I really wish is...I wish they could experience trick or treating for real at least one more time. And being this age....I’m sure they’d remember it this time. : ) And now I have a digital camera so I can hopefully take better pictures now.
So, anyway, you all know we’ve been gearing up for our Guam trip in October. We first thought about being there for Branden’s birthday. Or be there for October 31st and do trick or treating. We were on the fence and since it’s actually Branden’s birthday and not ours. We asked him. We said....”Okay your birthday is October 26th. Would you like to be in Guam for your actual birthday and we can get a cake and stuff just like Noah had in July. And that would be really fun. Or would you like to go to Guam a few days after your birthday and you can still have a birthday cake same as Noah had in July except it would be a couple days delayed *however* you would get the opportunity to go trick or treating” Noboru got a whole week off and of course we are not going to Guam for a whole week the cost for a whole week would be just too much (considering we have other things also planned for Fall also). However, we could pick 3 nights/ 4 days out of the week, sort of play around with the dates. And after we get the dates set.... Noboru will give his extra days off back that he doesn’t need.
Two weeks ago, Branden said at dinner, “you know I've thought about it and, I’d like to go trick or treating one more time.” We said, “done!” Noah is just thrilled because he’s never been trick or treating at all, unless you count at Disneyland/Sea. : ) We also mentioned to Branden he could have a Baskin Robbins cake here in Japan on his actual birthday or he can have a delayed cake but a birthday cake in Guam, he really wants a cake in Guam. ; ) So, anyway, that’s the plan.
Hotel is booked, rental car is booked. The extra days off, Noboru gave back already.
We have asked my dad the best places to trick or treat in Guam, he didn't know but he asked around at church and some of his neighbors at his condo complex. He got 2 names of areas we should go to.... recommended to him by his friends/church friends who take their kids/grandkids trick or treating there. And now....we’re just hoping they actually have some lights on houses and we have a good trick or treat turn out. *crosses fingers*  I hope there are many houses with lights on to trick or treat.  Anyway, that's what's quietly on the backburner right now....some trick or treat fun for Halloween!