Friday, October 26, 2012

Pumpkin ice cream

I hope everyone reading has been enjoying the Fall and the Halloween season. : ) I know we have been. : ) Anyway, this is what we ate yesterday for lunch, Thursday afternoon when Noboru and I went on our lunch date this week. We went to Cocoichi curry.  I had the chicken sasami cutlet curry. Noboru had the keema curry with shrimp. Noboru loved it.  After our lunch and hour long chit chat, Noboru said....I'm really full, but I feel like having some takoyaki. Let's go and you can have some ice cream while I enjoy my takoyaki. Ice cream from Baskin Robbins? Absolutely! I totally said, yes! So we hopped into my little red car and we went to the small mall in the city nearest us. Same city, where Noah's former yochien is located.
Noboru enjoyed his takoyaki. And I enjoyed my small double. It's called a small double or a large double., I went with the small double. 1 scoop of cheesecake ice cream and 1 scoop of pumpkin ice cream. So good! The pumpkin icecream was perfect and very fitting for the Halloween season for sure. Then we headed to the meat store to get some beef for beef stew and some pork for niku jaga.
I think in this pic you can see 5 bikes, there is indeed a bike between Branden's yellow bike and the blue bike. However there were 2 extra bikes closer to the front porch not shown. Just a typical pic of the boys friends here at the house.  So there were 7 bikes total. Two of the bikes were Branden and Noah's. So that left 5 bikes that were friends. 2 of the bikes were ichinensei/1st grade friends of Noah's. And 3 were friends of Branden's.  Noah's friends that came are Naoki-kun and Yamato-kun, they come to our house every single week to play with Noah. They go off collecting bugs together and mantis. They play soccer and bike ride. Or play kori oni and soccer. Branden's friends that came are the Jinbei boy and Genki-kun and Keita (Kei-chan) on this day they had a huge soccer match with everyone at the play area/park on the next block/street. By the way, the Jinbei boy is going to Australia for a few weeks next Summer for an English immersion type thing, he told  Branden he's really scared. I'm sure he'll do just fine. He's such a smart boy and nice boy, he's going to do great! ; )
When my dad asked Branden what he'd like for his birthday this year he said a few DS cards.  He picked 4 DS cards. However 1 is too new still and hasn't come out yet. But it will ship as soon as it is released.
Good thing these were ordered early. Pokemon Black 2. Super Mario Bros. 2, for 3DS and the Angry Birds 3DS. My dad also sent Branden a very nice card.
This says Higashi-yodogawa. This came near grandma's main bento shop in Osaka. : ) Yep grandma Mitsuko also called and asked Branden at the start of October,  what he'd like. He said he'd like to buy something from Guam so she said, is money okay then? That way you can pick what you want? He said thanks grandma. He's going to use some of that money to cover the remaining cost of the 3DS XL. So that's covered completely now.
A little letter from grandma for Branden and an envelop of money for Branden. Not to mention his bike we bought him early that was also for his birthday. Plus he's going to enjoy some things in Guam also. So, I think he did okay. : )
There has been something called a "Fear Fest" all October on the AMC channel. They have been airing all the Friday the 13th movies for 2 days. And they also aired all Halloween movies. This is what this is! This pic is of the original Halloween in this pic. Jamie Lee Curtis is the baby sitter and she is cautiously going into a house. I have been enjoying all these really scary movies all October long after the boys go to bed. Branden and Noah have been enjoying the Charlie Brown Halloween DVD (it's a classic) and The Nightmare Before Christmas and Hocus Pocus. And if you see the words on the left it says The Walking Dead. this has been on TV a lot lately and seems to be popular, I haven't watched it yet.
Yesterday, Friday after school and after Noah's swim school, we went and bought some pizza in Narita. I know we aren't celebrating Branden's birthday until we go to Guam with the cake and all that but, we still wanted to celebrate his special day anyway here quietly. So we ordered 2 large pepperoni and mushroom pan pizzas from Pizza Hut last night.
We had sodas and pizza and just relaxed here at home.
After dinner, the boys  and Noboru went to shower and then they soaked in the tub with this bath powder in it. It smells amazing. Shea butter. I could hear them singing and talking loudly from downstairs. : ) Then I went up...showered and shampooed and scrubbed my body and then I reheated the bath and made it pretty hot and I soaked in there for about 30 minutes. My hands were raisins by the time I came out of the tub. I threw my night gown on and went down stairs with a towel on my head. Went through my emails real fast and turned the computer down early and we just enjoyed TV and some quiet family time. I did blow dry my hair on commercials though. That's it basically. A quiet week for us here.

What's the plan now? Noboru is taking the boys for a haircut today. And next Saturday is when we have our family flu shot appointment. : )  Tonight we're having beef stew. Alrighty, time for the haircut, I'm going with them, since I've got a few errands to do also. Like getting some mushrooms and other veggies for the stew for tonight and some baguettes of bread from the bakery for the stew. We are also carving our pumpkin today/tonight and roasting our pumpkin seeds.  Have a nice weekend. : )