Sunday, October 28, 2012

Our family pumpkin carve this year! Jack O' lantern 2012

Saturday afternoon, after haircuts and while the beef stew was a bubbling on the stove we got to work on the pumpkin carve 2012. : )  Here Branden and Noah are taking out all the pumpkin guts (seeds out and stringy bits etc)
Branden helped carve some this year! He carved 1 eyebrow. He did pretty good and next year he wants to carve more of him. He had a great time carving and thought it was easy and fun.
Noboru asked Noah if he'd like to try the other eyebrow. He was very unsure at first. But a lot of pep talks from all of us and he was willing to give it a try.  The 2 videos below are of Noah's first time carving a pumpkin! He completed 1 eyebrow but with help and guidance from Noboru. : )
Then Noboru took over after we all "good job...good job-ed to everyone" everyone felt pretty happy how the pumpkin turned out and happy everyone got a chance to do some carving. And for what it's worth I carved the nose. ; ) But Noboru did the eyes and the mouth.
Branden and Noah with Jack o lantern 2012! And Jack sat outside and we lit the candle Saturday night and Sunday night, we did blow out the candle before bed though each night. He had top honor and sat right in the center of the porch both nights, ha ha ha. Also, Branden's class and the other 5th grade class are having a Halloween party this year. Side note, I wish they would have told us before we made plans, we were given 1 weeks notice. Nobody knew. @_@ Anyway we already have plans and can't change them now. But, Branden did make the medals for whoever wins the best costume contest and other contests. They made 9 or 10 medals for all sorts of different things. : ) Branden is also bringing the Jack o lantern. So I am sure Jack will get oohed and ahhed over by 2 fifth grade classes. So he will be a happy and adored Jack o lantern pumpkin, I'm sure! : )  I'm sure all the teachers will pop in to have a look maybe take a few pics of him. So, he got a good life this little pumpkin.
A peek of our Halloween decorations. We take down our hanging baskets with red flowers for 1 month, always in October and we replace with our glowing Jack o lantern heads. The neighborhood likes them, which makes us happy! A grandma down the street with a very fluffy white dog told us on community yard cleaning a few weeks back, we look forward to your Halloween decorations every year! : ) That made me smile and really happy to hear that! : )
We have a pretty long porch so it's hard to capture all 4 floating Jack o lantern heads at once, but this gives you an idea at least! : ) It does look pretty cool at our house at night during October. : )
I roasted the pumpkin seeds and the boys enjoyed them all weekend.
Saturday night was the Halloween special many of us had been looking forward to. Anyone remember the original Munsters TV show? Anyway, they remade it and called it Mockingbird Lane it was a Saturday special on TV (could have came on Friday for those of you in the mainland US). Jerry O' Connell played Herman Munster pictured on the left. He looked pretty normal compared to the character Fred Gwyyne used to play, he was the original Herman Munster. Lily Munster was played by Portia de Rossi.
For this role Portia was a brunette pictured left in the picture. And Grandpa was on the right. Our family enjoyed this Saturday after dinner and the pumpkin carving earlier.
And this morning, Branden and Noah had to be driven to the front of the school today because of Jack Pumpkin head of course. Noah poor kid had to carry both his stuff and Branden's and Branden meanwhile had to carry Jack.  So just to make sure nobody takes a tumble and the Jack o lantern makes it there in one piece it was just easier for me to drop them off at the front.  Meanwhile, the boys will be getting off school early today, because we are all ready and set to go today, carry-ons are all packed and ready to go, the flight load looks good, so I'll catch up with you all when we get back. Happy Halloween everyone! : )