Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Noah's yochien yearbook

The week of Branden's and Noah's elementary school undokai, I was given Noah's yochien yearbook while at swim school. Remember how there were 2 teams/clubs. One team was the graduation party/shaon kai team/committee (I was on that one) and the other team was yearbook. Up until now us shaon kai members have been waiting for the yearbook to be made. The mother's of the yearbook committee actually finished it, but had waited to push the order through until they could capture their graduation photos for the yearbook and then it would take many months for the yearbook maker to make the yearbooks but all the tough and hard work the mom's did. This is what Noah's outside cover looks like for his yearbook this is what the actual yearbook sits in/is placed in.
The front cover of Noah's yochien yearbook! Isn't that cute? A drawn little boy and girl wearing their yochien uniform.
Year 2009-2012. Noah's class. : )
You open it up and this is on the first page. A collage of every one's face. A very good picture of Noah on the bottom left side of the page wearing his winter vest and white shirt underneath. There are also a few more of him in this collage and I see his yochien best friend H. And many of his friends.
A real picture from the actual (very private) graduation from upstairs, so private in fact, that no pictures were allowed to be taken by any of us, except this one from the school photographer they hire for all the events. No siblings invited, no extended family invited, just mother and father only allowed. And no cameras or video cameras allowed to be used upstairs during the graduation ceremony (though I did have one in my purse but I didn't dare open my purse at all while upstairs.) The shaon kai/party pics were allowed of course. and after graduation pics downstairs were allowed but nothing during the actual real ceremony allowed, so I am glad I can share this picture with you. Also notice everyone was given a flower pinned to their jackets on graduation day. This is a private Catholic yochien, so they were indeed praying at the start which is what Noah and the rest of his classmates were doing in this picture.
Yellow badge and red badge. Yellow badge was for pre-yochien students. I think there was only 9 yellow badges. Noah was one of them. : )
All of these pics on this page are from yellow and red badge years. The next 2 pages is of more red badge years also.
Only 9 yellow badges. Look at the 2 crying at the far right! Noah and a little girl. Oh my dear sweet baby! It's okay...no need to cry. Noah was very afraid being on the stage with so many people in the crowd watching. But, I understood that it was quite scary being on that stage only being 3 years old. Best friend H 3rd from the left doing an Ultra Man pose, not scared or crying one bit, ha ha ha. They grew up to be besties, as you know. Yep, the crying boy who was very afraid of being on the stage (Noah) and the ultraman poser, ha ha ha. These are the memories that will be saved and waiting for you when you are all grown up Noah. And you can look back, see these pictures and smile.
Hmm, they all had cake that day!
Noah's first yochien undokai ever! And his first medal for sports day! By the way, Noah and the little boy in front of him, they swim together to this very day! He is very sweet and Noah and K are very good friends. And K's mom is very awesome too.
I was so happy this picture made it's way into the yochien yearbook. 3 teeny tiny sheep. Noah's first Christmas play! Sniffle sniffle. : )
Pink badge!
Everything on these pages are from the pink badge years. And a few other pages as well. There are actually a few pages for the red badge years and a few for each year.
My my my, those tears from Noah's yellow badge years are long gone! Replaced by tons of smiles and laughs! Look at Noah in Summer as a pink badge playing and squirting some water. And yep best friend H in the pic up above with the red and blue rash guard. One thing I am super glad about is the bond these kids had to one another. From yellow and red badge all the way through pink and to blue. They got super tight/close!
Noah at the back in this pic closest to the Yayoi-sensei. They pulled the dashi and screamed...washoi...washoi!!!! You can see a snippet to the right of the school performance our school did for 'Respect for the Elderly/Aged Day". And a group class picture snip at the top of this pic.

And our bittersweet year! Noah's final year. His blue badge year. Nencho year! The year I was busy as all heck with my shaon kai stuff and all that. But it was honestly really worth it.  No regrets at all. So many great memories Noah has from this school. Me too.
This picture was taken during Noah's overnight stay. The Yayoi sensei and everyone said Noah should be Peter Pan! So Noah was Peter Pan. Captain Hook was in another picture, ha ha ha. And K was Aladdin.
Noah during his blue badge undokai. Second row in this pic.
Noah's final and last Christmas play at the yochien. With best friend H to the right of Noah.
I was also glad someone in the yearbook committee put the picture of Noah giving a speech in the yearbook. I was really happy they put it in the yochien yearbook.
A few random photos of Noah at yochien. I love this picture. It's of Noah being his regular ol' helpful self. Filling up drinks for everyone in his class. : ) He's got a good heart, this kid.
And the final page. All the kids are balloons. They are soaring! But needing to be let go and set free. : ( The Yayoi sensei is holding half and the encho-sensei who retired was holding that side of balloons/kids. And they were about to let go and let them soar! And time to move on. The words say, "Habatake oozorae" Which means basically...flying into the big sky. Meaning....they are letting you go...they are releasing you to go and soar and fly and do bigger and better things. They let go.....Please don't laugh at me, but when I got to this page, tears just fell. I got it. I so totally got this! I am so glad the first time I opened this was in my kitchen at the table when no one was home. Ha ha ha. : ) We had gotten home so late from swimming that we forgot to look at this and so I looked at this on Friday morning while the boys were at school. Noah was swimming Thursday's that month.
Last picture close-up, the ballon picture and they specifically asked to have each child write in their own handwriting their own first name. So that is indeed Noah's signature and the last picture the yochien will have of Noah. They let you go Noah....they let you go last March is when you graduated. So you could soar and fly into the big sky that is called life or in our case, elementary school. Ha ha ha. ; )

And the back of the book.  Anyway, I really think the "yearbook mom's" did a fantastic job with the yearbooks. I think Noah's yearbook came out really awesome. The way the yearbook started with the collage, all the pics in chronological order and then the balloon/kid release at the end.  Noboru looked at the yearbook really well, I looked at it twice really well. Branden went through it and compared it to his yochien yearbook because Branden has one also, Branden liked Noah's and he also really likes his too. Me too, I like both yearbooks. : ) And Noah went through it very slowly and pointed...and said, I remember this! And I remember that! : ) The second time I went through the yearbook, no tears at all. Just total happiness. Good memories and fun times for Noah and for all of us! Anyway, I just thought I would share with you, what a Japanese yochien yearbook here in Japan, can look like. This is what Noah's looks like. It will be an amazing keepsake throughout the years. : )  Onwards and upwards! And now Noah is busy creating new memories at a new school. And he's doing pretty good. : )