Sunday, October 07, 2012

Movie with friends, The Bourne Legacy

Thursday, October 4, 2012 was my morning movie with Noriko and the Jogo-san. The movie started at 9:50am and we had planned to meet up at 9:30am. So Thursday morning, I made sure both Branden and Noah had a nice breakfast, dropped them off with umbrella in hand for the both of them and a drop off at the front of the school since it was drizzling rain, but the forcast said by noon it would be clear skies, which it was. And back home, for a slice of toast and a cup of hot coffee. Then I quickly got myself dressed and make up on and I then drove to the movies. We went to see the Bourne Legacy. It was a pretty good movie and Jeremy Renner is *so* easy on the eyes. After the movie we went to have lunch. We decided to have Saizeriya. Yep, Noriko and I went there the week before, but it's delicious and cheap and there are just so many different things to choose from, so we went there, the 3 of us.  After lunch, I went directly to pick up both Branden and Noah from school.
Also last week, my really good friend Rumi who lives on the next block/street. She lives literally 1 minute away. Anyway we often chit chat at the plaza while we pick up our kids after school. I enjoy chatting with her and look forward to my afternoon chats. Anyway last week she brought me some potatoes. We love potatoes.
I made a pork roast last week. And gratin potatoes from scratch.
These were so good! We had pork roast, gratin potatoes and veggie, that night.

Pulled out Noah's yellow Asics from the shoe closet, cut the tags off and he wore them to Disney Sea on Friday.  Anyway, there you have it, my movie with friends and a few extra bits thrown in as well.