Saturday, October 13, 2012

Homemade chocolate chip pecan cookies, Nexus 7 tablet, lunch date with my husband and a few other this and that's thrown in for good measure!

This picture was taken from last Monday. It was a holiday of sorts here in Japan, which is why Branden and Noah didn't have school last Monday.  Their friends came to our house first thing in the morning and they went out to play from about 9am-noon when the lunch bell rang throughout our town and neighborhood. They rode their bikes home via the ped/bike paths. And at noon, we had lunch (grilled cheese sandwich and that quick/instant Italian pasta cup of soup  by Knorr (Ajinomoto?) and I had the butter on the counter softening and after lunch we 3 made homemade chocolate chip cookies together. But first they took a pic with our Jack Pumpkin Head of 2012!
Getting ready for chocolate chip pecan cookies!
We could fit 22 cookies per tray at a time and we had 2 trays baking at the same time/together. So these got done pretty fast with baking around 44-45 cookies in 1 fell swoop. : )
First batch of cookies for Fall 2012! Baked last Monday, by Branden, Noah and myself.
Kumon was also closed last Monday. And so it was really just a "do nothing" type day. Day of leisure, relax or do what you want. We did bake the cookies already like I said. And dinner was very easy.  Chicken teriyaki. I baked 6 chicken leg quarters in the oven when they were nearly done I brushed on some teriyaki sauce on them. We had rice and steamed veggie/broccoli and macaroni salad. The boys and Noboru had miso soup with it also. So that was last Monday. Oh yeah the boys did go out and play after the cookies were done. They went riding bikes with friends for another hour. But when they came to check in, I told them we had to leave to pop over to the bakery to get some fresh baguettes for their obento on Tuesday.  The baguettes I bought on Saturday for the undokai, honestly would have been as stale as heck if we would have tried to keep them for Tuesdays we turned those into garlic bread as a snack Sunday afternoon. So we needed fresh ones.
No, this isn't mine! ; ) This is Noboru's. He was wanting to get a tablet. Considered getting an ipad, but when he heard talks online about this coming he held off and waited for this. He watched all the reviews for this on Youtube, read all the reviews online for this and he was sold. I think this was for sale in the US in July of this year? Don't quote me on that. : ) But it was released here in Japan September 25, 2012. As soon as it came out in Japan, Noboru ordered it right away. He waited a week and it finally got here last Sunday or Monday. He loves it! The newest Transformers came with it automatically, Noah loves that of course since he's a Transformers fan. Noboru has been reading books on there and everything.
Branden and Noah's obento for last Tuesday.  Branden's obento is the hamburger obento at the back and Noah's obento is the whole Spongebob cast, Squidward, Patrick, Spongebob and Mr. Crabs. Aha and I see Gary in there too. You see, they were supposed to have "town undokai" on Sunday *however* since it was canceled due to rain. They had to go to school Tuesday. If they were to have undokai as planned then Tuesday would have been an off from school day. Which is why the lunch ladies were given the day off. However since "town undokai" was canceled, they all had school Tuesday after all and since the lunch ladies had the day off, our whole town had to make obento for Tuesday. : ) Which is totally fine. After making obento so many years, it's second nature at this point. I kept it pretty simple to be honest, toasted pepperoni and mozzarella cheese sandwich on a bakery baguette with lettuce. Steamed broccoli, french fries, diced apples and homemade chocolate chip pecan cookies. Notice the Halloween sticks I used. lol. Halloween pumpkin stick for the apples and Halloween ghost with witch's hat for the fries. Noah said the Yuka-sensei took a picture of his lunch after saying how cool it was @_@  Gee, I hope it doesn't wind up on the wall in his class. @_@.  And to be fair, I'm pretty sure, this lunch wouldn't raise an eyebrow in the US (meaning we all bake Toll house in America and we're all very good sandwich makers also, lol).  But anyway, yeah Noah said his class ran over to peek inside and all thought his lunch was super cool and they noticed his Halloween sticks also. Branden said, Saya-chan said, "omg, homemade cookies!" lol. He gave her one. And he also gave one to his best friend Yuki. Which is good because, I mentioned they should share the cookies with friends.  Branden and Noah are always happy on the days they can bring a lunch from home.
Wednesday I went and took 2 loads of blankets to the laundry mat. Load on the right is every blanket, sheet and pillow case from Noboru's and my bed. The load on the left is every fleece blanket we own for the house. Every fleece blanket we use for the couch, our bed or for the boys rooms. I wanted to get them all clean and ready for when and if it starts to get chilly, still too warm at night to use them for bed still. But good to know they are ready and freshly clean for when it gets chilly.
While the laundry was in the washer at the laundry mat, I ran to the grocery store did a few days of shopping and then came around back to the laundry mat... threw the blankets and fleece blankets in the dryer. And went to sit in my car while the 2 bags of groceries were in the front seat area. The back seat of my little red car was flat and the back seats were down to be able to hold the blankets. Once they were dry in about 15 minutes, I threw the hot blankets into the back of my little red car and drove home. Knocking out the blanket washing and grocery shopping in one trip. Came home, put the 2 bags of food away and then quickly went upstairs made my bed and folded the fleece blankets, vacuumed under the couch cushions which is what's in this picture and then put the couch back together and placed 2 fleece blankets on the couch so the boys can snuggle up on the couch in the evenings now and 1 fleece blanket I folded nicely and put on the bottom of Noah's bed in Noah's room and the other I placed on the bottom of Branden's bed in his room and I folded the big fleece blanket and folded it and put it on the bottom of Noboru's and my bed. After that, I swooshed toilets for like the billionth time in my life, ha ha ha. : ) And called it a day. Did prep dinner of course and did pick up the boys of course too from school. : )
Thursday afternoon my husband took me on a date.  We went to Coco Ichi Curry. Last year between September or October and went until the end of November they sold chicken tenderloin cutlet curry. It was delicious we went there about 5 times between that time frame.  This year when we drove past  Coco Ichi we checked to see if they were doing the same thing this year also and sure enough, they were.  We have gone once so far with the boys. Right when this started. And then the night of the undokai when Noboru went to the Father's Club party, I went through the Coco Ichi drive thru lol. And ordered 2  regular size chicken tender cutlet curry's and 1 half size for Noah. And then this date last Thursday Noboru took me on. So I've been to Coco Ichi 3 times so far for the delicious chicken tender cutlet curry. It goes until the end of November so I'll try and get there a few more times too.  But anyway, that's where Noboru and I went this Thursday, 2 days ago or whatever. ; )
Friday/yesterday found me giving the house a seriously serious deep cleaning.  Mopping the floor, toilet scrubbing (as usual) tub and shower room cleaning though I mostly do this at night before my shower, cleaned out the food pantry, went through the fridge looking for old or expired stuff. Vacuumed the house, dusted the house. I had a full load in the dryer, underwear for everyone, socks, tops and t shirts, long sleeves and sweatpants of every ones and jammie/pj type stuff. And a whole load of towels outside drying which is pictured. I also managed to do 30 minute on the treadmill. And prepped for the nabe in the daytime. I usually get an hour of rest in the day time to watch TV, surf online, but yesterday I really kept busy and didn't have my free time. At 3pm, swung and picked up Noah. At 3:45pm went back and picked up Branden and we quickly drove to swimming school. Noah swam for an hour and a half and then we came home. Noboru came home almost same time as us and we all by then were done for the day!!!! Time for the weekend to begin. Time for me to relax and unwind. The boys to relax and unwind. Noboru's days off are different so his weekends don't necessarily fall on an actual weekend. But....yeah we are all glad the weekend is here. 

Thanksgiving turkey. We ordered our Thanksgiving turkey last week of September. Thanksgiving isn't until November but, Noboru checked the place online we usually order our turkey from and was surprised that all the smaller sizes of turkey were already sold out! @_@ Granted we usually get a 20 pounder. And it was still available but Noboru said..."what if it does become sold out, then what will we do?" Sure we could drive all the way to Costco Makuhari *but* that really is a far as heck drive for us...think about Disneyland/Sea for us. @_@ And I agreed. I said "you know're right." So we ordered our Thanksgiving turkey last week of September, we picked the Sunday before Thanksgiving for our delivery date preference. So at least we can go need to worry. We know now it will come for us. So relief. and I keep wanting to mention this...and I keep forgetting. : )

And finally and I really debated mentioning this on here but....have any of you been keeping up with the story on the little 10 year old girl abducted in Westminster Colorado?  I'm from Colorado, I think that's no real surprise or shocker here. : ) And I have a soft spot in my heart for anything and everything Colorado related. Last week it was a blurb on yahoo news that said "Missing 10 year old girl from Westminster, Colorado." It immediately stunned me and I double clicked the article. The short story of it, a 10 year old little girl was on her way to walk to school, she usually meets her friends down the road and they walk to school together. Safety in numbers and all that you know. Anyway, she never met her friends and she never made it to school. This story bothered me to my core because #1, my oldest son is 10 years old. Sure they're 10, but they're still just kids! My god, if I were living in Colorado she could essentially have been Branden's classmate for crying out loud! It really struck a nerve in me right away. I found myself looking for updates on the girl. Please say she just ran away I thought. Though I doubted it. Please say she's found safe and sound. Colorado folks jumped in and conducted a massive search. And then her backpack and water bottle was found in Arvada, which is very close to Westminster, they are side by side to each other. When her little backpack and water bottle was found on a street, I got a very bad feeling and a pit in my stomach. It didn't look good at this point. I watched via online her parents pleading for her safe return. And I prayed for her safe return myself.  And then...a body was found in Arvada. They said..."not intact" as in dismembered. My god say it's not this girl. Though common sense makes you think well, who else would it be then? And yes this morning when I woke was her. Do you have any idea how close I grew up near this area?  When I went to any movie with my friends, we went to see it at the Westminster Mall or the movie theater in Arvada they were just closest to where we lived. When Branden or Noah would get stuff from Babies r us... our closest location to my family home was the Babies R Us in Westminster. And when they mentioned the park on yahoo news my heart dropped because I know it so well, I could drive there with my eyes closed. I know this area. Arvada and Westminster is a nice quiet suburb area... family area, I'd never imagine it happening there, if that makes sense at all, yet it did. So, yeah this was just all too close for comfort for me. And it bothered me all this week. And this morning when I read Yahoo and read it was indeed Jessica. *sigh* Just really really upsetting. My sincerest condolences to her family. 10 years old is just way too young to die and I still can't make sense of this. I hope they catch the monster who did this and....well I won't say on here what I hope happens to him.  I will be keeping my eyes on this case online. I hope they catch that son of a sucker! That predator. Hurter of children! Okay...I will not end this on a sad note. And I do apologize if I bummed anyone out. It's just kids are innocent you know. And reading stuff like this really pisses me off! Okay...trying now to switch the subject...can I think of anything to switch it to? Hmmm.

Still thinking.  Oh, I thought of something I can throw in here to end this on a less sad note. Ordered Branden 2 other pair of pants from a Japanese company online, 1 tan cargo pants and 1 pair of jeans, they got here already too. So now he officially has 5 pair. (4 jeans and 1 pants) So he's set there. Now all the boys need now are sweatshirts. So almost done with getting ready for the cooler weather. Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Stay safe everyone too, please. : )