Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Halloween fun at Tokyo Disney Sea 2012!!!

So last Friday, October 5, 2012 we woke up at 5:30am and immediately started getting ready to leave our house for Tokyo Disney. I had prepped everything on Wednesday, over night bags, the clothes they would be wearing was laid out on the backs of their chairs in their rooms. So last Friday the boys went to the bathroom. Ran downstairs had 2 yogurts each, the squeeze kind, like Gogurt. And then ran upstairs, brushed their teeth combed their hair and got dressed. I meanwhile checked my email and then brushed my teeth, did my hair ,put my makeup on and put on the clothes I laid out for myself the night before. Popped on my clothes and at around 6:45am we left the house last Friday. Once we hopped on the highway it took a good 1  full hour drive. So yeah we don't live all too close. And if we took the regular roads it would be about a 2 hour drive. @_@  We made a pit stop to 7-11 the boys each got a danish, apple I think. We each bought 1 500ml of drink (four total). To take into Disney. I chose jasmine tea, the boys chose lemon water or orange water. Noboru picked green tea. We smartly parked our car at the hotel versus pay the 2,000 yen parking at Disney. And waited for the shuttle bus from the hotel to Disney. The shuttle was free if you stayed at the hotel. The hotel we stayed at, is pictured.
While Noboru was getting our parking pass I took this pic inside the hotel lobby.
Halloween 2012!
Trick or Treat. I liked the spider pumpkin. And the star pumpkin also.  Their decorations were awesome.
Halloween festival indeed. So anyway, most of the time we head to Disneyland for Halloween. However it's getting so popular that the wait time for rides is growing and growing. Sure most rides have short wait times but the Haunted Mansion for example is always a bit of a wait. So we decided this year let's go to Disney Sea it's less crowded. 
This is a brand new ride that recently opened it's called...Toy Story Mania! The wait time for this ride was 90 minutes all day long, so we rode everything else first that had small wait times. But we did ride this later in the evening.
The seating outside is cool near Toy Story Mania. There's Hamm (aka, Evil Doctor Porkchop!!!) And Wheezy, remember when his squeaker was broken? : )
Mr. Pricklepants and Dolly. All where there!!!
We first filled up 3 buckets with apple cinnamon popcorn. This was delicious! If you've ever had and liked Apple Jacks cereal you'll love this! Yumm!
Also cast members are walking the park with treats. And if you walk up and say...."trick or treat!" She'll give you a treat! Same how we do in America. So the boys loved that! Here is Noah saying..trick or treat! Branden got one first.
And here she is, giving a treat to Noah.
If you have been reading here for  along time, you'll remember how when they were small, I'd carry everything for the boys in the stroller basket. This time, they carried their own stuff. Very light backpacks. But, in Noah's backpack he had 1 pair of jeans in case it got chilly at night, and 1 sweatshirt in case he got cold at night and 1 raincoat in case it were to rain. That's all, and I folded them small. And Noah was a real champ, he carried it the whole day. Branden also carried the same, 1 pair of jeans, 1 sweatshirt and 1 raincoat. They didn't need any of it. @_@ It was just warm enough, go figure. Anyway up until now, Noah has never been tall enough to ride the Indiana Jones ride, in fact there are many rides at Disney Sea he couldn't ride last year.... however this year he can ride them all! So this picture is of Noah entering the Indiana Jones ride for the first time last Friday!!!
If your kids are too small, get these passes anyway and keep them. They let you bump to the front of the line when they finally get tall enough. Branden's old card got us all a fast pass to ride this.
Noah looking around before getting in the jeep on the Indian Jones ride. This was Noah's favorite ride.
This was a different ride, Journey to the Center of the earth. This ride is cool!
Noah enjoying the ride Aquatopia.
Hi cutie pie!
A happy smiling Branden and Noboru!
The boys were so full from the popcorn, or yogurt or danish. Neither wanted to eat lunch. However we said "you gotta try something." We don't want them starving to death or anything, lol. They shared a smoked chicken leg! They both really liked it. In fact Branden loved it!
For lunch Noboru and I had Indian like we usually do. The quality of the food this time.... really went down. The portion of the rice was so tiny. We were both really disappointed with what happened with the Indian food since we last went there. : ( Also, we had been looking forward to their delicious soft serve coconut ice cream. @_@ Imagine our surprise that it was gone and now it's just vanilla. We were disappointed by the coconut ice cream being replaced. Total bummer. So we bought these and didn't let it ruin our day...no way! Branden, Noah and I picked orange and Noboru picked apple.
These were so good. Coconut ice cream would have been nice, but this wasn't bad at all either.
Trick or treat....they did this about 9 times throughout the day and night. This is very fun for the kids!
Branden and Noah got a refill and they picked caramel popcorn. I however picked strawberry.
I like how they decorate for Halloween and how cute the NY Deli looks at Disney Sea. However, given the Indian food lunch disappointment, Noboru said, why don't we leave Disney Sea for a half hour, the Disney mall is the next stop, called Ikspiari. And we can have Kua Aina burger, we've eaten there before. It would be cheaper then eating at Disney Sea and plus you get more volume meaning, bigger portions and it's tastier. We agreed, so we got our hands stamped so we could enter Disney Sea again. And headed to Ikspiari.
This is probably my favorite picture I took from Disney Sea last Friday and it wasn't even at Disney Sea, lol! I like it because you know sometimes you snap a pic of your kids and you think they sorta look like that but...it's hard to capture them completely. This is exactly how Noah looks in real life and how Branden looks in real life. This picture captures them best is what I mean. And dad, I didn't lock this pic down you can double click this one.
We hopped the Disney monorail and 1 stop away was our stop. Like in 1 minute we were there already, lol.
Branden and Noah had their own chicken strips and a large fries they shared, they also shared a huge soda. They were so stuffed afterwards. A bit blurry but you get the idea. ; )
I had the teriyaki chicken sandwich with onion rings and fries. This chicken teriyaki is the best chargrilled and most tastiest flavor. I chargrill my teriyaki at home too but mine doesn't taste nearly as good as theirs! I could eat these forever! They are that good!
We came back to Disney Sea and everyone went to the bathroom before standing in line for Toy Story Mania! 90 minute wait! @_@ And yep we waited.
It's this side of the Tower of Terror, to give you a better idea of where it's located. And see the lights? It's so pretty at night.
Once inside you quickly realize, you are inside Andy's room. All of the things are huge sized, these crayons were way taller then I was. Also notice, some crayons are used and some are not. Crayons scuff marks on the inside of the box like how it would really look.
Okay, here is Andy's coloring book.
Dominoes and blocks.
Barrel of Monkey's. Giant yo yo, Enormous Tinker Toys. Airplane. And see the door? This was such a realistic child's bedroom.
This is a pic of the actual ride. Look very close...see the bed post? You are under Andy's bed for the ride!!!!! This ride is so fun! I was iffy about waiting 90 minutes but I tell ya, it was worth it! This ride rocks! It's THAT fun!
By now it's about time for the fireworks. Wow, we had been there since it opened and we are going to stay until near closing. The boys are chatting while waiting for the fireworks.
It's hard to take pictures of fireworks and also enjoy them too. So, I took one pic and then I enjoyed them.  After this, we rode Indiana Jones one more time. Raising Spirits roller coaster 360 degree loop. And then we had a fast pass for Journey to the Center of the Earth. That was the last ride we rode. We went to the shops real fast and then to catch the shuttle back to the hotel. We were happy but exhausted.
Noboru went to check in and we waited. A lady was making balloon animals for the kids who were staying at the hotel. Lots of tired folks ready to enjoy their stay and get some rest. Us included.
Our room, we had 4 beds. It's super clean, very basic and for us free.
Talk about feeling like Lucy and Ricky. We usually sleep in the same bed. : )  We ran downstairs and in the lobby area there is a Lawson's. Every other family was also in there grabbing food to take back to their rooms. Noboru bought soba. We each picked a drink and the boys and I picked some grape popsicle chips/rocks/pieces (sorry hard to describe) in a cup, they are crushed pieces and so good.
Noah enjoying his grape popsicle pieces.
Branden also enjoying his. Then I had them both jump into the shower wash their hair and bodies and into jammies they went and they went to sleep immediately.
I also had one of these.
Noah dead asleep, you can tell his hair is slightly wet/damp still. But he's zonked out.
Branden is also fresh and clean but he's zonked out too.
I ate my grape popsicle thingy and then I showered. Noboru showered too. We all went to sleep pretty much right away.
They have a bakery buffet at this hotel and the price to eat here is very fair. 500 yen per child. 900 yen for adults. Or 950 yen.
See all the bakery goods? Ever walk into a bakery and think..."gosh it smells so good in here." It smells *good* in this buffet. They keep baking more and more bakery breads. Juice to the right.
A bit blurry but gives you an idea. It's smallish but they keep restocking with warm and fresh baked goods. Pumpkin danish and apple tarts. They had a good variety. And coco sprinkled churros even!
Fresh hot piping butter rolls and the flakiest croissants and they were still hot/warm too. Omelets.
They had a good selection. And the boys filled themselves up good before we left. And Noah wanted to keep his wrist tag on so everyone would know he is indeed tall enough to ride the big rides. : ) Kids! So innocent, so silly!
My coffee and Noah's milk and also apple juice. Noah had 2 full milks and 2 full apple juice. Branden had so many croissants. He enjoyed this place, they both did.
Noboru eating his meal.
On our way out, we bought the boys a wooden key charm.
The view of the courtyard from our bedroom. we all went to pee before leaving the hotel and checking out. Sorry TMI but it's a long drive back to our neck of the woods. Especially since we didn't take the highway home.
These are what we brought back this time.
This is a present for my good friend Rumi who gave me the potatoes the week before. Plus the container she can keep, it's cute like a big Lego. : )  This was bought near the new ride Toy Story Mania.
A keychain/charm for Noah's randoseru. Since Noah's randoseru is caramel brown.
They each got this. Toy Story Mania lunch napkin, to lay your lunch on. It has Hamm, Wheezy, Bulls Eye, Jessie, it has everyone.
Gotta be fair and even Stevens. One for Branden and one for Noah.
These files are used a lot in shogakko. These are 3-D. And of course 1 for each Branden and Noah. Gotta be fair and evens Stevens like I said. Especially now that they go to the same school.
This is what it looks like. And Noah said his class loved it! Branden said the same.
We bought chocolates for ourselves to enjoy later at home.
The wood keitai charm from that machine. Anyway that is the long and short of it ; )...that's our trip in a nut shell. : ) Just letting the boys celebrate the Halloween season with fun and special little ways like this. Disney Sea 2012. : )