Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween cupcake fun! And our chicken cutlet dinner last night

Saturday morning, the four of us went for a walk/bike ride through our neighborhood. Noboru and I actually walked and the boys rode their bikes.
I see leaves that have started to fall onto the grass already. That make that Fall time, crunch crunch crunch sound went you step on the leaves. : ) Meanwhile, we are now coming around the bend and going down one of the hills and getting closer to our part/area of the housing community.  The Jinbei boy's house is very near here. Very nice wide sidewalk and a nice Fall day. It's a 20 minute walk around and I always feel better after doing one lap. Treadmill at home too of course, but a lap around the neighborhood is always nice and now that it's Fall the weather is perfect for outside walking. Saturday we just stayed home, relaxed we did go for a walk. But other then that, we watched TV and at night a DVD after we had supper and showers.
Sunday after the boys were finished playing with their friends from the neighborhood. We baked some cupcakes together. Halloween type cupcakes.
Noah's "trying hard" face, he is slowly putting each and every sprinkle on ever so carefully. : ) These kids make me smile.
Branden doing a beautiful job.
Branden and Noah's finished Halloween cupcakes for 2012.
They also each made 1 special one. The one in the center is Noah's. He wanted to make a half and half cupcake. Meaning 2 different kinds of sprinkles. This was the very first cupcake he ate last night. I'm glad the boys enjoyed making these cupcakes with me. : )  Because I had a lot of fun too.
Last night's dinner. This is what everyone had, Noah's portion was a pinch smaller but Branden's was this size also, same as Noboru's and mine. Chicken cutlet/katsu, salad, macaroni salad, steamed broccoli and rice. Noboru, Branden and Noah had miso soup with this also. Tonight's dinner. Chicken chow mein/sara udon with those crispy noodles and lots of veggies and chicken. Tonight's also Kumon night.