Saturday, October 13, 2012

First nabe of the season

Friday our family had our first nabe of the Fall season! One thing I really look forward to with living in Japan in the Fall and Winter..... is nabe season. I like that we all eat around the table in 1 communal pot cooking and simmering in the center and we all pull whatever we'd like to eat out of it. It's really fun and I know the kids love this! And so do Noboru and I. Our family favorite is the Cocoichibanya curry nabe, the flavor is yumm. It says on the package to use regular cabbage, which we add, we also add typical things you'd normally find in regular curry like potatoes, carrots and we like mushrooms also. I use chicken breasts and we also throw in chicken meatballs that are found everywhere at grocery stores this time of year. I had all of this prepped Friday in the day before I went to pick up Noah from school. And after we came home from swimming and us 4 were all home, we all closed the blinds and enjoyed supper.
As usual we always switch seats so the boys sit farthest from the pot. Just makes us feel safer. Noah watching daddy serve up something for himself.  Hmm what did he choose for his first serving? That's always fun to see. Noah's favorites are the chicken meatballs and the udon, we usually add udon noodles.
Mr. Dimples enjoying his dinner. And happy the weekend was here! Branden's favorites are the chicken breast pieces and the cabbage, he loves cabbage.  He also looks forward to the udon noodles too.
And as things disappeared from the pot we had more veggies and meat to add. As the pot went down. Dinner time is the perfect time to catch up, and enjoy time together as a family. We had leftovers and we saved it and had ojiya/ sort of like risotto from it for the next day for lunch. It was so good. Nice hot showers and into jammies everyone went and then pop 2 big bowls of popcorn and time to enjoy TV in the living room. Thank goodness for Fridays. : )  And today is Sunday...can't believe the whole week starts all over again tomorrow. Ha ha ha. Oh well, enjoying today and just staying home today for us all here.  Chicken cutlet/katsu for dinner tonight.