Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Branden and Noah's Fall observation day

Tuesday, October 2, 2012 was Branden and Noah's Fall Observation day. There are 2 kinds of observation days at our particular school. One type is the come any time of day and stay as long as you want observation days! These I love and they are my favorite!  The 2nd are the come for the "last class only" type observation day and then stay for about 2 different meetings after that, meaning class meeting (I have 2 meetings in grade 1 and grade 5, since I have 2 kids) plus then stay for the school meeting after that. These I go to anyway but they are my least favorite. Anyway I was glad this was a go anytime you want type one yesterday! Also our particular school has a Spring observation day, Summer observation day and a Fall one and a Winter one too. Ha ha ha. : ) So, anyway yesterday was the Fall observation day. Outside of the one and only first grade class was a painting of undokai. Your child could create any picture that was important to them that helped them think of undokai 2012! Now according to Noah he said this picture is of kids rolling the great big undokai ball around the field. So that is what stood out in his mind and that's cute. That is his memory and what he enjoyed about undokai.
Noboru and I came and watched the entire first class of Noah's. It was math class. Now the Yuka-sensei is Noah's main #1 sensei. But because of the class size (35 kids, I think, if I remember right) they technically have 2 teachers all day long. the other sensei is a man and his name is Hanawa-sensei. He's in the Father's club since all male teachers have to join. : )
Noah doing his math.
Decorated like a first grade class. Their artwork hanging inside the classroom and outside the classroom. Pictures of them on the walls and their diaries displayed on the wall also.
The birthday train on the wall. Chuggachugga chuggachugga choochoo!!! Toot toot! I see July! Typical happy fun classroom!
Noah wearing a yellow shirt of course! Ha ha ha. : ) 4 July birthday's for grade 1!
Noah has 2 of the silliest teachers around! He dresses up, puts on fake glasses and hats. Yuka-sensei ribs Hanwa-sensei. The whole class breaks out in laughter. These 2 teachers you can tell genuinely love teaching!
Since we live in the inaka/countryside in Japan. And are surrounded by rice fields and pure country life! It's 100% acceptable at our particular school, for the kids to bring their bug boxes to school and to collect things during their break time. If you look at this pic closely the box closest to the camera.... it's black with green handle has a mantis in it. : ) Noah being a country kid has a few bug boxes here at home and he brings one of them at least 3 times a week.  He brought a huge spider he caught in his net 2 weeks ago, that he found near the shed to show his classmates. The boys loved it! Knew the type and species of spider! Smart country kids! And then Noah brought him safely back home after school and he set him free in the field next door. Noah also finds mantis at school and brings them home so they can eat the 'bad bugs" he means, pest bugs that eat flowers in hanging baskets type bugs, so he says. ; ) It's a good country life here. And I love the school Branden and Noah get to go to school in.
Pictures on their wall in their classroom. There are so many pictures of all the kids on the walls in this classroom, they know this is "their" class. : )
Noah when he went to the Bokujo for his class field trip in Spring. And the Yuka-sensei, with some goats.
So the first class bell rings and class is over but they get a 10 minute free time. All the kids grabbed their red and white hats and rushed outside. That way any built up energy gets released. Noah and his 2 besties ran directly to the ball area and started practicing their soccer kicks. My gosh Noah kicks so hard and so far!
The field area is huge and they own a lot of land surrounding this school plus it is on a hill. Not a mountain mind you, but it is indeed on a hill, so there are no houses right near the school, there is just nothing near the school. There is a huge empty land buffer zone surrounding our school and I like that! See all the way right of Noboru, there are swing sets, slide, bars you can flip around. Jungle gym type thing. Empty land and the one and only drive way up the hill to the right. No houses to the right. At the back you see trees and behind those again...huge land the school owns.
And in this picture, again, trees, field and behind that they own that land also. Nobody can peek into the school grounds if you look at this pic,there are no roads behind looking at this pic, just hills and trees and bushes type landscape, there is 1 road up to the school but it near the other direction and they can see who is coming and if they belong here otherwise you have to park at the plaza and trek up the side of the hill and that's what we do, it's built in a secluded safe part of town and like I said on a hill. And anyone coming to the school needs to sign in and wear a neck tag with last name so they know who you are and why you are here. See those stairs at the back of this pic that go into the bushes and hill? Again it is just wildlife back there that the school owns.
Some random boys playing in the country school grounds.
Random 1st grader with his bug box..how is he going to spend his 10 minute break? Catching bugs of course!  Go country kids go! ; )
Noah running about with friends! Having fun, meanwhile a "warning" bell rang at this point saying the break was almost done.

Noah waving, he is so happy here! He loves his school! Noboru told me when we were looking out at the kids playing...he said this is a very good environment for both Branden and Noah. I agreed.  Noah came running down the hall about to enter his classroom and we told him, we are off to see your brother now, "you okay? "Yep, I'm fine" he said. And so to the 3rd floor we went. Ready for class #2.
Branden and Saya-chan! You know, I say this all the time but Saya-chan is such a good girl! Her artwork is so excellent. She has such good manners. She's so kind and nice. Her parents are awesome! I really like this girl. Good girl, good girl! Branden meanwhile studying hard! They are just really good pals/friends.
Aha the 5th graders also painted their undokai picture as well. This is Branden's. I fuzzed out the kanji where our last name is in his painting pic. Same when I whited out Noah's last name in hiragana up top somewhere. Anyway....I really liked Branden's painting a lot. He painted the kids who ran in those enormous size pants. That was a fun relay! And he also painted the sun shade in the background. Where the parents stood under. I really think Branden has a real talent with his drawing and painting, someday I'll share a whole bunch of his artwork on here. : )
Branden's teacher is really hands on! He's 26 years old or something like that and married and they just had their first baby. He kept telling the parents please..."walk around the classroom" "you don't have to just stand at the back of the class" His words fell on deaf ears because the parents still stood at the back. I heard him loud and clear, I went and stood near Branden and saw what he was doing. The Jinbei boys mom also hopped on it and walked near her son. And so on. After I had a good look, I then sat back at the back of the class again and enjoyed listening to the class. And Noboru wanted to watch Branden some.  He's a very hands on type dad, I know. : ) The bright side is, at least the boys will remember fondly, "gee dad was always here" "And of course so was mom"
A pinch of a grin from Noboru. He's just so proud of Branden. And Noah too.
Branden's teacher loves to do the interactive TV screen, slides type thing while teaching lessons. The kids seem to like it. Branden was doing math for his 2nd class. We stayed the entire 2nd class. And then we left. We waved Branden good bye. He gave us a dimple smile and we went downstairs.
Back to the first grade yet one more time. Now Noah was doing Japanese. Noah turned around and he saw mommy and daddy standing back there and his face lit up! We stayed for his Japanese class. And then the bell rang. And this time was a "big recess" with 20 minutes of free time for the entire school. Noah grabbed his hat. His 2 besties grabbed theirs. And I said to Noah, "okay so mommy and daddy are going home now, okay?"  Okay! he said. "Now you go and play with your friends and have a really good day and remember mommy loves you lots and lots okay?" Okay...and off he ran with his 2 besties. And down the side of the school and hill we walked to get to our parked car at the plaza.
Tuesday nights dinner/last nights dinner. goulash and fresh baguette bread with butter.  Noboru had 2 huge servings of goulash, he loves this. Branden had a big bowl of it and Noah had a big serving for his size they all love this. Simple but yumm!
I also baked a homemade from scratch banana bread yesterday after I came home from observation day.
Monday nights meal. If you are American you more then likely know what a potato cake is (mashed potato cake) or have had them while growing up. We had mashed potatoes Sunday from the roasted chicken dinner we had. And we had a lot of leftover mashed potatoes. So, I made potato cakes with them Monday evening for supper. My mom used to make delicious potato cakes. She'd even sometimes put corn in hers.
Pork chops from Monday and potato cakes and broccoli. They each wanted another potato cake. So the boys ended up having 3 potato cakes each Monday after Kumon with their supper. Noboru had 4 big potato cakes with his pork chops on Monday. : )
After the boys went to sleep Monday. I watched Family Guy and American Dad on TV.  Roger was in love with Haley.
Stan was trying to sell his car.
Haley was singing at Roger's club.

Anyway, that was Branden and Noah's Fall observation day 2012. And a few extra bits and pieces thrown in there. : )

Today's plan is to get a jump start on packing for Disney. I will throw Noah's duck rain boots and Branden's rain boots in a plastic bag and keep them in the MPV for emergency, if it rains for when we head to Disney. I will also be packing their raincoats and putting them away in my LeSportsac travel bag in the MPV also, just in case. After I publish this, I will get out the Disney popcorn bowls also. And pack an overnight bag for the hotel for after Disney. I just want to get a head start on this. Oh yeah, this coming Sunday we have the town undokai. And it's drizzling rain right now. And the weather for right this second where we live is 69 degrees F right now, so a bit chilly here today.