Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bits from last week. Homemade tortillas from scratch, homemade banana bread, "date day" with my husband and a few other things

Does this 3DS game and green Nerf cover look familiar? : ) Yep, it was on auction alrighty. An auction that's long over but this was Branden's 3DS. American version. In English and the games for this could be bought from that ship to Japan. Anyway, Branden had been wanting the new 3DS XL (the American name) LL is the name in Japan. I said, you can have one, but let's sell your 3DS first and that way you can put that money towards your new one. Great idea, Noboru said and Branden thought so too. It sold immediately! Like right away. Like hotcakes and funny because Noboru was thinking it wouldn't have sold at all, go figure. We gave them the Nerf cover, the SD card that came with it, they got it all. And because it's been in that Nerf protector it hasn't a scratch on it and also the film cover over the screen means no scratches anywhere either, it was in like new condition. The person who bought it was really happy with it also.  Left us a really really good review also. So that's all done now. : )
I watched the 3 debates between President Obama and Mitt Romney. This pic was taken from the 2nd debate. Candy Crowley was the moderator for the 2nd debate. I watch her a lot on CNN, I like her.
Obama did so well! I was really pleased! I am also happy that absentee voting for us, Americans living overseas is so much easier for this election 2012! I have never missed a vote since turning 18. And I never plan to either.
Last week, my good friend Rumi had given me this while at the plaza one day while we waited for our sons. She said, I know you like dried fruit, like yuzu. I said...yes, I do. : ) I was really happily surprised she knew that and I appreciated it very much. I enjoyed eating this a lot. They were delicious.
Fall is another time to switch that nylon shower towel for us here in our household. I switch them in Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring. I actually try to switch them every 2 months. But at least I get them every season. So the old ones got thrown in the trash last week. And I switched the boys to these. Branden got the one on the left, a green frog sitting in a tub. Noah got the orange one with a bunny wearing a beret. They didn't have the best selection this time around : ) And I picked bright pink. I also bought Noah some face masks for lunch. They cover their mouths when they serve food. And our particular school lets you use any type or design, because at first I was buying the plain white ones specifically for lunch, but when I attend the observation days since even Branden's days, their classmates use all the character ones, so that's why we do too.
Time for the washing machine to get a through Fall cleaning. The bottle on the right. I start the wash just like regular. Not the fast cycle. And pause it after it swishes a few times. I pause it for an hour. To soak and then un-pause it and run it through once. It takes all build up that washer machines can get. Ours is now Fall ready. I did this last week also. And the thing on the left is for bathtubs. It cleans the reheating thing on tubs. It's super clean now. I did that last week also. We will be taking our first bath of the season tonight. I have the bath powder already. : ) So the tub is Fall and Winter ready now! Woohoo!
Last week, Noboru and I went on our weekly lunch date. We go to lunch during the day once a week. It keeps us focused on us as a couple and I like that. However before our lunch date, he wanted to check out Don Quijote.  I said sure! I tried on some Halloween wigs! Noboru was especially fond of me in the neon pink bob. LOL! We bought curry senbei. He was looking for something related to our wifi. But he didn't find it.
Look at that cold gray sky! @_@ Fall weather right?! We went to the Ohsho in the pic.
After lunch we went to Hanamasa. It's close to the Ohsho and also DonQui.
There's also a Starbucks drive thru right near there also. So we went through the drive thru, ha ha ha.
Caramel machiatto for the both of us. Perfect for a chilly willy day, we headed right home after this and we had about 10 minutes to unpack before we both headed to the shogakko together.
We munched these last weekend during movie night.
Hanamasa stuff. Fries (198 yen for 1 kg) hash browns, Noah loves hash browns, we just throw them in the toaster oven. Green beans and broccoli.
Shrimp. Already peeled and cleaned and stuff.
Size 2L, ha ha ha. We had ebi fry last Saturday, Noboru made it for us, he doesn't cook very often but I enjoy it when he does. : )
The day we had our date, picking up the boys at the plaza. See Noah in his bright orange and yellow raincoat. Branden had his raincoat but didn't wear it because he thought it wasn't raining hard enough, lol. He's on the right with blue long sleeve and yellow soccer gym bag design. You can see some mama's chatting under the covered bicycle area and a grandma wearing pink apron pointing to her grandson in the crowd of kids. And you can also see some rain drops on the windshield.
What is this? It's not pizza dough.
If you guessed tortillas, you are right. : )
These are big plates, same plate that held the chicken cutlet and salad the week before this. This is the 2nd time I've given it a shot of making tortillas. My first try, I blogged about, but maybe that was a few years ago? I think they came out better this time and I realized they are pretty easy and they taste yumm.  Granted if I lived in the US and could buy them easily at the store, I'd definitely buy them and not make them, ha ha ha. And I'll still buy some here in Japan. But....I think I'll also make some too every once in a while.
And a cheese quesadilla with a homemade from scratch tortilla, omg really good.
Bananas for....banana bread also last weekend.
3 loaves, and I saved the biggest and best one for my dad (froze it). We meanwhile enjoyed 2 loaves of banana bread here at the house. : )
We bought 2 whole chickens from Hanamasa also last week that we baked. And we had lots of leftovers and a little rice on a homemade tortilla, add some roasted chicken and some mozzarella cheese on top microwaved with a little salt and pepper. So good. The boys enjoyed this for lunch last Saturday.
Monday afternoon 2:10pm, this Monday. I had chopped the chicken for the gratin, stir fried it./skillet fried it and them added the mushrooms. Added the pasta and sauce. And boiled it up, it thickened. And the gratin was now 98% done. All I had to do was put it into a baking dish and cover for a while. I picked up the boys at 3pm. They came home. And I threw this in the oven and by the time Kumon was over and homework was finished dinner was done.
I did uncover it the last 10 minutes and added some frozen broccoli florets and added some white cheese/pizza type cheese found here in Japan at my local shop. I sliced some fresh baguettes of bread and buttered them and we enjoyed this... this Monday.  Okay so that's just a few bits and pieces from last week and weekend and up until this past Monday. This post stops at October 22nd. : ) Anyway that's what we've been up to. Just hanging having movie night with the family. I've been getting more and more Fall ready. You know, just regular stuff, I guess. : )