Tuesday, September 11, 2012

TV Talk, Oprah's interview with Rihanna. Glee's graduation episode and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and a few extras

I know a lot of you reading are in the US. So what has everyone been watching this Summer and recently? Lots of good Fall TV shows and new TV seasons coming up or are already up.  Anyway I haven't talked about what I have been watching over here in a good while so I better update a bit. : )The Rihanna,  interview with Oprah back in August on the OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) channel had been airing commercials for it. And I like Rihanna's music and I remember the whole Chris Brown thing that happened a few years back. I know they're friends again but seeing so many commercials for that particular interview, I couldn't wait to see it. My thoughts? I'm so glad I caught this interview. She loves her family a lot! She actually bought her mother a house and gave her a key at the end of the interview. Oprah helped her surprise her mom. She had a ton of love for her grandmother who sadly passed away not too long ago. She loves the island where she came from. She's just really a laid back person. Then Oprah asked her about Chris Brown. I was sort of expecting she'd ask. Rihanna spoke about how she didn't like how the whole world came down on him. How she made peace with what happened and him. How she said in 1 night she lost her best friend. Hearing her say that got me. : (  Then Oprah asked her, do you do still him? Her answer was yes. And that she will always have love for him but he has a girlfriend and she is single. But anyway....it was a really good interview and I'm glad I watched it.
For those of you in Japan who might not want to read a spoiler don't read the Glee parts ahead. But for those of you in the US. Wasn't last weeks episode great! Most of them graduated. The seniors. Santana graduated. Rachel, Finn, Kurt, Mercedes. Etc etc. It was just a really great episode, one I was looking forward to a lot.
Finn reading his university acceptance letter. Did he get in...did he not?
Finn and Kurt didn't get in. The 3 of them were to each read their letters together. Rachel read hers last and she got in. However she said she'd stay until next year and then the 3 of them could all go together.
Next day or whatever and she gets in Finn's car ready to go someplace else when he tells her. I'm taking you to the train station. And your dad's are waiting for you in New York and you just have to go okay?! It was pretty sad.
They were all waiting at the train station to say good bye to Rachel. A tearjerker of an episode for sure. : (   This weeks episode looks like a good one also.
I like reality TV. I think it's no big surprise. And I know a lot of Americans do too, otherwise these shows wouldn't keep multiplying. Anyway a new show started this Summer called "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" She's a little girl. Her real name is Alana. The whole family has real names and also nick names.  Her dad's nickname is "Sugar Bear" and so on. I didn't quite know what to make of this family at first when I saw the commercials for this. But I admit I was curious because I've never seen a family like that in real life.  See this picture they're all showing us, their fat. : ) Or belly's. I think it was Sugar Bear who said frankly...."we're rednecks" and then one of the other daughters said..."no we're not, because we still have our teeth" @_@ But seriously they are funny and refreshing.  They do not put on airs. And they're really likable. Folks are talking about them online, they're on Anderson Cooper, I mean they're what's current right now.
The mama, June is not married to Sugar Bear. And the other girls have a different father, only Honey Boo Boo is Sugar Bear's biological child.
This caption says it all! The things Honey Boo Boo says. Seriously crack me up.  In the picture below, Honey Boo Boo was given a pot belly pig named Glitzy....read the caption below!
She's got phrases that are quite popular right now and even some ringtones, lol. Instead of recognize. She says..."you better redneckonize" Get it redneck and recognize. lol.  Anyway they are a great little family to watch. They do have a lot of love for each other. And they are so funny.They are very real, honest. A breath of fresh air. And like I said no wonder this show is catching on. It's nice after a busy day for me...of Kumon drop offs taking Noah to swim class. Dinner and homework all getting done. To just sit down after everyone takes their shower and get to watch 30 minutes of this.

What else have I been watching? Still enjoying the new season of the Duggar's. Breaking Amish is also a new one, it's about 5 or so Amish boys and girls, they're all young adults anyway they want to just go out and see the world. However their family's warned if you go, you won't be allowed to come back, you'll be shunned and we won't ever be able to sit down and eat with you ever again. This was sad to me. But they went. I caught the first episode last week. I am also really liking the new reality show that just started called "Married to Jonas" I admit I was expecting to not like this reality show.....Married to Jonas. But I kept an opened mind and one night, I watched it and you know what? I really liked it. It's about Kevin Jonas and he's married to an Italian American girl/lady named Danielle but everyone calls her Dani. I immediately liked Dani and I swear it's not because she's Italian American. : ) I like her because again she's really down to earth.  I didn't know this until I started watching but Kevin's mom is umm, what's the polite way to say this. She's very opinionated, she's very vocal. She has no real boundaries even when it comes to Dani. Dani on the other hand I can relate to because she's a pinch on the shy side,  and out of her 2 other sisters she's the quiet one. She openly admitted saying she was nervous and afraid her in laws were coming to visit them in New Jersey. His family lives in Texas. She told her mom and 2 sisters. her mom and sisters told her...speak up. She asked them to help her cook the meal. And they did. So they helped her cook a beautiful Italian meal. And then her mom and sisters left. Dani was so nervous. And then his parents came. His mom starts taking over Dani's kitchen right away. Saying something about you better put that in the oven or else you will give us salmonella or something along those lines. Dani just does it. I think Kevin's mom doesn't believe Dani cooked it all herself because she says something along the lines of..."wow you look so good and yet you cooked all this by yourself too." @_@  Another episode they went to Texas to visit. And not only did Kevin's mom bring up when she thinks *they* meaning Kevin and Dani, should have a baby in front of about 20 other family members and poor Dani just stood there. But while still in Texas, Kevin's mom said to him and thank goodness Dani wasn't present to hear this. Anyway his mom made, some horrible snarky remark about when they were in NJ and Dani didn't use real cloth napkins she used paper napkins. Insert eye roll here. @_@ Personally I also, like Dani.... use paper napkins, I personally get that completely. Less laundry. See, I get that totally! Sure for Christmas or a special occasion I don't mind pulling out the cloth table mats or cloth napkins, but for everyday use we use plastic easy to wipe down dinner mats and paper napkins! Our dinner time is about sitting down and enjoying the meal as a family unit and enjoying my son's stories and husband's story of the day and them hearing mine. A time of day where we all sort of reconnect and catch up. And growing up in a family very similar to Dani's we had huge Sunday dinners at my grandma's house every Sunday after we'd all get together for church and go back to our houses to change clothes, but yeah every Sunday evening we'd all meet and have dinner together and we also used paper napkins, ever single Sunday! Nice napkins but paper nonetheless. Holidays my grams would whip out the cloth stuff but for regular family meals she used paper.  And besides why all the harsh judgement for, from his mom? I will never and I do mean never pick apart Branden and Noah's future wives. Obviously Kevin will side with Dani and stay even farther away from his mother if she keeps this up. I mean it's just a no brainer. Anyway it's hard not to get pulled into the Married to Jonas show. And like I said, I was fully expecting not to like the show, boy was I wrong. I'm glad I watched it anyway though and kept an open mind. And again, Kevin loves his family, Dani loves her family. They are a great couple together. But when Dani is around her mother in law you can almost see the claws come out from Kevin's mom. You can see it with her behavior, her faces she makes/pulls, her expressions or little backhanded compliments and/or comments. Anyway....

So long story short, I have been enjoying the Oprah interviews and stuff on OWN. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is a light hearted show that will surely give you a chuckle and an excellent way to unwind.  Married to Jonas is such a good one. Am liking the new season of the Duggar's.  And I am eagerly waiting for the season finale of Dance Mom's it looks so good, this week maybe, I think is when it will air! And I am so happy Long Island Medium is back! Also The Locator on the WE channel is really very good also.

Shows I wish would hurry up and come back on the air are. All-American Muslim. I love this show and I love the families on this show! I am also waiting for the Jennifer Love Hewitt show to hurry up and comeback called....the Client List. But I think the Client List won't start until Jan 2013 (?) so I  have a long wait for that still. : )

So what are you all watching and enjoying lately?  I'm also still watching and enjoying Cold Case reruns. That show is always good. Anyway, that's what I've been watching lately. : )

Movies at the theater or DVD''s I'd like to watch. I'd like to take Branden and Noah to see the movie ParaNorman. If I lived in the US I would have taken the boys to see it by now. By the time we get to Guam it will be pulled from the movie theaters for sures. : ) lol. Oh well I'll get it for them on DVD maybe. What else, Hotel Transylvania looks good for the boys also and hopefully we can catch that.  If not dvd city for us. Two movies I'd like to get for myself on DVD are, The Hunger Games and I'd also like to get Ted. Have you seen any good movies lately or rented anything good lately?  Oh yeah, I am also eagerly waiting for the final Twilight to come out also.  The trailers that I've seen online look so good for this.