Thursday, September 13, 2012

Preparing for tomorrow's undokai and a few other bits and pieces mixed in

Last Friday, Branden brought home a really big list of yet more things we needed to buy for his sewing class. Felt, buttons, some basting thread? I'm not a sew type of person unfortunately so I had zero idea about that.... so we both had to google that one. And a few more things also, a piece of used towel? Towel yes, but a piece of a used towel? Hmmm. Anyway, we decided that last Saturday we'd all go and run to Besia/Cainz to pick up some more jasmine tea. And there is also a huge Daiso/100 yen shop near there too so we'd kill 2 birds with 1 stone. So Saturday first thing, we did after breakfast was head to Besia. It's a 30 minute drive there so not too close but not even close to being as far away as Costco Makuhari is. So we grabbed the huge cart at Besia and first things first we grabbed jasmine tea. We drink this daily most of all, since it has no sugar and it tastes really light and clean.  I was going to pick up 2 cases but Noboru said since the boys have been quite thirsty lately with undokai season underway we should get 3 cases versus 2. I agreed. So 3 cases went into the cart.  And fwiw, we only have 1 and a half case left. @_@ I think it's because of the heat plus with field day/sports day practice is also the reason. Every one's just thirsty lately. : )  Hmm what else did we get, not much.
Paper plates for undokai this coming Saturday and the town undokai October 7th or whenever that is. : ) And cups and chopsticks.
These I picked up at my regular grocery store I usually shop at much clsoer to home. So, I didn't get these at Besia. However, we are definitely gearing up for undokai this coming Saturday.  Also, Noah will be a red hat and Branden will be a white hat. They have asked which team dad and I will cheer for? I said, we will cheer for you Noah! And we will cheer for you Branden! And as far as which team wins, doesn't matter...just have fun! : )  Last year we just cheered for the white hats. Ha ha ha. : ) This year with both boys in the same school and different colored hats we must now cheer for both! Ha ha ha.
Not sure if you can read this...antibacterial foaming soap with moisturizer. It's a freakishly huge amount 1000 ml. And it lasts forever and is around 480 yen it's a really good deal and it smells so good. Sort of like shampoo...sorry horrible description but it smells really good and is super cheap. I love the price. And it's enough to fill the kitchen pump twice and the upstairs pump twice. And a little extra even. So it is a good price for the amount I get.  Moving right along....; )
Wasn't it last year around Christmas or New years when I went into a drug store and they had Downy Bold for like 135 yen a box or something like that?  You know...every once in a while something like that will happen. So last Saturday we were at Cainz and detergent was 143yen a box? 148 yen a box. No more then that though it was seriously shockingly cheap. Noboru gives me monthly shopping money for groceries and the house but he stood there looking at the price and he said....I'll give you a 1000 yen to add to your grocery wallet but get a case of this. The deals too good to pass up. So we just grabbed a case of laundry detergent. 8 in total.
Front of the box and it smells really good.
Should last us quite a long while! : )  Anyway so we left Besia loaded up the MPV with heavy cases of jasmine tea, a case of laundry detergent and huge carton of hand soap refill for the pumps we already have at home. Some utensils and plates for undokai and then headed to the Daiso.
These are what Branden needed by this past Monday.
The list said buttons, I was looking for just regular big plastic buttons but they just had these. Which is fine they're cute they'll work. : )  Shirt buttons, green and yellow cloth buttons, and blue and white checkered/plaid type buttons.
The list also said felt different colors? @_@ Holy cow. So we found a blue pack with different shades of washable felt.
Then the note said he needed some material for practice sewing.
The note also said bobbins. My thought was....wasn't there a bobbin in his sewing kit he got a few months back? @_@ Anyway more bobbins. Oh yes the note also said sewing machine thread in black and white. A very specific list, right?....ha ha ha. : )
This basting thread was the one we were both like...what? But the note said he needed this and it was even highlighted. So check and check.
We don't have a square used piece of towel just hanging around so we figured a chisai towel would be sufficient. : ) It'll work we all agreed and threw it in the cart.  Branden has since started sewing and he is making something to hang on the wall. I can't wait to see what he came up with. : )  And the important thing is he loves his sewing class almost as  much as he loves his cooking class. Hopefully all these sewing things will last a month or two. : )
The thermoses came Wednesday. Branden and Noah took them to school Thursday for the first time. What have we been doing? Just school, Kumon and Noah's swimming. However this evening we will be saving a spot at the school along with a bunch of others, I'm sure. Noboru will be off work Friday, Staurday and Sunday, so he is going with me and that will help me a lot because the last 4 years it's been all me. Walking up the hill with huge leisure sheets with kids in tow. It was hard for me to carry up the folding table and leisure sheet and stuff alone. But this year I'll have help. So that helps me a lot. Tonight I will be prepping for the undokai meal on Saturday, like marinating the karaage tonight. setting the rice cooker and timer on that. Today, I will be going to 2 local-ish grocery stores just last minutes tuff in the city Noah's yochien was in. Branden and Noah are off school next/this coming Monday and Tuesday which makes me happy! After all this extra work they've all been doing it will be nice for them to get to unwind and us as parents too.  So Sunday, Monday and Tuesday will be a day to relax. This coming Saturday we should be at the undokai from around 8am until around 3pm. And Noboru has a Father's club meeting get together after the undokai. There's usually a 2 hour delay for his get together so it's enough time for him to come home with us, we all get unpacked for the undokai we cna all eat and then he leaves.

Alrighty, I better end this post, Noboru wants to head to Trial right now since it's 24 hours open (it's a store here... think half grocery store half Walmart type store. : ) Today we will be running running running all over prepping for tomorrow.  We have to get the cooler box out, chairs out, tent/sunshade out, camping type table out. Hope it's not too melting hot tomorrow. : )  Alright, I better motor.