Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall plans so far

Wow Fall is now underway. And I can start to see it beginning to cool down some temp wise. I see the rice fields color have all changed around our area in Japan and most of the rice has been cut down around here. Also, I see the leaves turning color or have turned color. Last weekend was hot still, but this weekend seems a bit cooler temp wise and today it’s raining, just light and drizzly type of rain but rain sure enough.

We try to keep active in Summer for the boys. But we also try to keep active in Fall. Because there is just so much fun to be had in Fall and the weather is not so melting hot it’s actually a really good temperature to enjoy doing things with the family. What is our family’s plan for Fall so far? Well as you know, we usually go to one of the Disney’s in Fall and go to Hakone in Fall. Here’s the schedule for what’s up so far.

The first week of October we are heading to either Disney Sea or Disneyland. I know which one, but I’ll say after we went. : ) This will be Branden’s “big” birthday present from us. And it’s also a good thing for the boys to both get some Halloween fun in! Seeing all the decorations and whatnot. We do have a hotel reservation already booked. We are using one of the “free 4 nights’ stay coupons we get from Noboru’s work a year. We got 4 new ones this April. And we haven’t used one yet. So we will use 1 of them for that. So after we walk around and play all day long and our feet are just dog tired we can go to the hotel room and take a nice hot shower and watch some TV and then drift into lalaland. We will go to the breakfast buffet the next morning and then we will head home. So since the hotel is free. The only out of pocket for us, will be going to one of the Disney’s. So this trip is coming up shortly and it’s something we’re really looking forward to as a family.

Guam: Last week of October sometime, we will be heading back to Guam as a family. Our reasons for going there is multiple. Reason 1 is because frankly we’re running out of American foods and shampoos etc. and it’s just plain ol’ time for us to go. Reason #2 is Thanksgiving is coming up in November and this is my one chance to get pumpkin pie filling, stuffing, gravy, etc. etc. etc., you know what I mean. So, it’s fair to say my list is written already and I am still revising the list. Reason #3, just some rest and relaxation for our family. We will be staying 3 nights and 4 long days there, so we’ll probably go to at least 2-3 movies while there. We’d also like to get a great big birthday cake for Branden while there, like we did for Noah back in July. Snorkeling, playing along the beach. Sliding down that water slide. Taco Bell, KFC, Sit down Pizza Hut, you know what I will be nice to unwind and just eat things from home. So the hotel is already booked for that also. And the flight for us is free and the hotel we get a very very good discount. So it will be a nicely planned out trip for us. And something we are really looking forward to.

Hakone, first couple of weeks in November sometime we are indeed heading back to Hakone just for 1 overnight stay and a good soak at that fun onsen place. We are also using a "free nights" stay coupon so we are making this trip affordable by using the free hotel night. However, the last 2 years since we started going there, we have been going in October. Last year while we were soaking in one of the rotenburo’s. The Green tea one I think, anyway I said to Noboru, the leaves are all yellow and beautiful and Fall looking, he said, that is true would be nice if we came here when it was a bit cooler next time. I agreed. And so, we decided to try going to Hakone this time in November versus us going in October. Hopefully it will be a bit cooler. Plus, hotel reservations need to be booked for tourists places like that ahead of time. They fill up quickly because the Japanese really enjoy going to these fun types of places too of course. And so when we booked our room last week, there were only 2 rooms left, like the one we wanted. And we took one of them. I’m glad we booked the room in enough time when we did. And when we booked was in September, I imagine by October all rooms will be booked for November already.

Christmas plans? New years plans? As far as right now we only have loose ideas no real concrete, “carved in stone” plans yet. Yes we’d like to do something fun for Christmas. But where? Go where? Hawaii? That’s a definite possibility. Guam? A total 100% possibility. But as far as yet....we have plans from now until November planned yes. But, Christmas (December) and January, not really as of yet...loose ideas yes, but nothing concrete at all. New year’s? Noboru mentioned he'd like to go home to Osaka for New Year’s. Which is totally fine with me...because for Americans New Year’s is really not so hugely important, Christmas and Thanksgiving is a bit more important to us. So, since New Year’s is more his holiday then mine...absolutely I said, whatever you want to do for New Year’s is fine with me. But again...these are just loose ideas in the background and much too early to take form yet for us.  Below are a few miscellaneous pics from the two Disney's and Hakone from years before from our family. You can double click a couple of the pictures down below too. Do you remember these pictures? : )

Disney Sea 2010
Disney Sea 2010
Disneyland 2011
Disneyland 2011
Blast from the past, Disney Sea 2008, not Halloween time though.
Disney Sea 2008

Disney Sea 2008, Noah about to eat his lunch, turkey sub sandwich and fries.
Goofing around Disney Sea 2008, "monkey sea monkey do", Noah copying everything his hero, his big brother was doing! ; ) And what were they doing? While Ultraman moves of course! ; )
Hakone 2010, first trip for our family to go to Hakone, we fell in love with this place! And have made it a a once a year "Fall time" treat ever since!
Very cool baths, we hear they have a garigari one right now, it will probably be long gone by the time we get there though, lol. Oh well it's still an awesome place!
Breakfast at the hotel the next morning they have fantastic breakfasts and amazing juice and the views and trees are breath taking!
Wine much fun this place!
Can't wait to get back here. Anyway, these are some of the things our family has planned already for Fall 2012.