Friday, August 31, 2012

Arriving in Bangkok,Thailand and our awesome hotel stay at the Holiday Inn Bangkok

Sunday, August 26th our family flew to Bangkok, Thailand via Narita, Japan.  It was an evening flight and we arrived in Bangkok around 11pm at night. So since they are 2 hours behind Japan time wise, so we landed around 1am Japan time. As soon as we exited the airplane, we were surprised by just how enormous the airport was! And believe me, we've been to KIX airport in Osaka before and Noboru said, he thinks this is at least twice the size of KIX, I agree. I felt this is about 3 times the size of DIA (Denver international airport, since I'm from Denver and I have nothing but love for my home state) we've even flown into JFK once, Noboru and I and the boys, We've flown through MN, Detroit....but nothing size wise was even in the realm of comparison to the BKK airport. This airport in Bangkok just was mammoth sized, enormous, ginormous....there's just no other way to describe it! And we only saw the international wing of the airport @_@....I can only imagine how big the entire airport is. It was shocking how big it was. But new airport, modern very busy bustling with people. It was very easy for us to find the immigration area the signs were nice and big and easy to follow.
About to go into immigration. And below is a brief video in our hotel room. It gives you a very good idea of what our room looked like.
We stayed at the Holiday Inn Bangkok. And we loved this hotel. Our flight crew checked in the same time as us and we all had a laugh. We picked the "kids suite" and it was awesome! Our bathroom was really nice, the sink was gorgeous.
Lots of toiletries provided even a loofah. : ) Hair dryer, shower cap, Q-tips, body shampoo, body soap, shampoo, conditioner. Razors, you name it, they had it.
Marble shower area, very clean very nice. Very bright and cheery and comfortable.
They also had a Japanese type shower where you could hold the shower head that was on the wall to the right in the shower and they also had a massive shower head for 2 up above your head so you could take a Japanese type shower which Noboru preferred but the boys showered together and they used the huge shower head for 2 on the ceiling. This was the coolest shower we've ever had/used, we all agreed on this.  And we've stay at many hotels in our lifetime. So that's saying a lot.
Noboru and I had a nice king sized bed so plenty of room to stretch out.
Flat screen TV with cable so we had a ton of American TV channels.
Family pic as soon as we arrived into our hotel room.
The fridge in the corner behind the nice wood door. It was a very nice sized room. We didn't feel crowded a bit.  The opposite was very spacious!
This was the boys room, this was a brightly painted room, three walls were yellow and one wall was green. The colors were happy and perfect for kids. Bunk beds and a desk.
They had their own flat screen TV, and though we were busy sight seeing every single day we were out and about until dark every day. Every night after Branden and Noah showered they would watch and enjoy....Cartoon network, Nickelodeon, they watched Hop one night and Monster House the other night. I meanwhile enjoyed Vampires Suck in our bedroom one night and laughed my butt off. : ) It was funny.
The boys own phone which they didn't need, and their own remote, they were also given. There was a PlayStation that the "kids suites "were given to use for the kids room but they didn't use it. There were kids PJ's hanging in the closet. But they wore their own. : ) And that was a Doraemon and Thomas towel though they used the white ones in the bathroom. But it was still awesome the kids had all this and it was available.
This extra little area is where the boys put their carry ons, on.  We took no check-in luggage and only took carry-ons all of us.
Our bed had a choice of pillows. Two firms and two softs.
Do you prefer firm? Or.....
Soft? Noboru prefers a squishy pillow so he picked soft and I prefer firm. Perfect match we both said with a laugh. : )
A quick good night kiss from mama to each kiddo after they showered after we arrived to the hotel. And to dreamland they went. We also zonked out in no time too after our showers also. Ready and eager to start our first whole day in Thailand the next day and another day after that even! Adventure....ready to begin! Our actual trip with a ton of pics hopefully I'll get up tomorrow. But, I wanted to at least get this part up at least so far. So this post so far.... is of our flight...the airport and the hotel we stayed at. More to come hopefully tomorrow. But the boys start school this coming Monday and so it might  even be delayed until Monday, but I'll try for tomorrow. : )