Thursday, September 06, 2012

A Costco Makuhari run

The day after we arrived back to Japan from Bangkok, Thailand, we decided to make a trip to Costco in Makuhari. Because we do live quite a drive away it was the perfect time to go with the boys still being on summer break at the time.  We didn't take the toll ways there or back so it was a 2 hour drive there and a 2 hour drive back with the traffic that always seems to be on the roads. So a 4 hour trek to Costco for us. I know I said it before but I'll be so happy once Costco in Inzai/Chiba New Town opens. Phew! @_@ Ha ha ha. We arrived Costco Makuhari around 2pm-ish and it wasn't so busy. We lucked out. We shopped quickly because we knew of the far drive all the way home we had. And were out in no time flat.
Hello Noah! The chisai towel/small towel wrapped around his neck is such a common thing to do or see in the summer here in Japan. ; )
Branden enjoying a pineapple smoothie he shared with Noah for the ride home.
Noboru and our cart of stuff.
I wanted 1 pack of ground beef, Noboru suggested we buy 2 though since we rarely get to Costco. So we bought 2. Meatballs, cheeseburgers on the grill and hamburg a plenty in our future now.
Knowing by the time we'd get home, cooking dinner would be out of the question, so we picked up a cheese pizza to take home for supper that night.
The whole roasted chicken we had the following night.
Pasta sauce.
Popcorn for family movie night at home.
Noboru threw these baby's right in the cart. ; )  He was happy to get these.
Tortilla chips for chips and dip or chips and guacamole. And chips for when we have sandwiches.
4lbs of cheese @_@ We go through a lot of cheese at our house. Homemade mac and cheese baked in the oven, gratin potatoes, enchiladas, tostadas, I mean we use this for a ton of stuff.
Dinner rolls
Corn tortillas for said tostadas and enchiladas
Tiramisu and some delicious cookies that are long gone now.  Anyway that's what we bought last week when we went to Costco. : )