Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer festival fun

Our housing community's Summer festival/natsumatsuri was last Saturday. It would start at 4pm and according to the kairanban would run until 9pm. Noboru couldn't make it this year to the summer festival because he had to work. However the boys and I went and we stayed the entire time, until 9pm! We had a fantastic time. Noah walking to the festival we could hear drums at this point.
Noah ready for some summer festival fun!
Branden ready for some summer festival fun too! : )
There was yakisoba, steamed butter potatoes (yum!) beer, cotton candy, kakigori/shave ice, hot dogs, oden. They also had a snack stand selling candy and toys. Quite a few toy stalls. Not sure if you can see her or not, but the woman working the beer stall way at the back wearing a purple shirt with a white chisai towel around her neck talking to a customer/neighbor. That is the grandma next door. She's the leader this year for our block/street. We think we will be the leaders next year? Either us or the boy next door's mom. But we think it will be us. Which means Noboru or I will have to work this event next year. But also one of us has to keep an eye on the kids. So we will have to decide who works it next year when the time comes. This summer festival is open for everyone. You don't have to live here to enjoy it. All are welcome. People who live in our town who don't live in our housing area come and it's great fun!
We all enjoyed a butter potato, these were delicious!
We had Chiba-kun here for the entire festival. He waved to kids and gave hugs when he first arrived. But at night when they had summer dancing and said everyone please join in. Chiba-kun started doing traditional summer dancing! Chiba-kun rocked the summer dancing! : )
Branden, Noah and I had shave ice each twice. One when we all first got there and one right before we left. Branden was off playing with his friends and classmates so it was hard to get a pic. But I was happy he was off having a great time with friends. Noah and I hung out the whole night though.
We had the dancing groups dance this year again, they were great as always.
We all had a blast, the weather cooled down in the evening and we had nice cool breezes, it was just a really good time, I wish Noboru could have been there and enjoyed it with us, but I know he couldn't. : ) Anyway there you have it, that's what we did last Saturday evening, just enjoying our second Summer festival of 2012. (the first one being at Noah's former yochien.)